The Beginning Of All Sins ( Olivia and Tyler ) Chapter 59

The Beginning Of All Sins ( Olivia and Tyler ) Chapter 59

Chapter 59 

While on their way home, Tyler received a phone call from Naomi. They were still holding hands, but the moment Olivia heard Naomi’s voice, she immediately withdrew her hand, as if shocked

Tyler sensed her nervousness as she pulled away but didn’t look at her. Instead, he gazed down, recognizing her unease

Naomi sounded cheerful on the phone, Tyler, it’s my birthday tomorrow. I’d like to come home to celebrate, what do you say? Staying in the hospital is so dull, and I really don’t want to spend another birthday here.” 

Olivia hadn’t realized that tomorrow was Naomi’s birthday. She clenched her. teeth, trying to shrink into the background as much as possible

Tyler didn’t reach for her hand again, allowing her to sit there quietly. He replied to Naomi, Your health might not handle it. There are many bacteria outside

after all.” 

But Naomi persisted, sounding somewhat coquettish, Just do it for me this one time, Tyler. It’s agonizing being in the hospital. Consider it my birthday wish.” 

He thought for a long time. We should discuss this with your parents.Naomi was wellprepared. They’ve already agreed. They said to ask you.How could he say no to that? After her plea, he agreed, Alright, I’ll make the arrangements.” 

Naturally, Naomi was thrilled with his decision. Great, thank you, Tyler.She continued chatting for a bit before they hung up

Tyler then glanced at Olivia, who was sitting beside him

She asked, IIs it Naomi’s birthday tomorrow?” 

He replied softly, Yes.” 

I can’t believe I forgot.In truth, it wasn’t that she had forgotten. They hadn’t been communicating much, so her birthday had simply slipped her mind

I’ll get her a gift,she mumbled to herself

The moment they had held hands earlier now felt like an illusion

Tyler remained silent, offering no response

The following day, Olivia headed to the mall in the morning to purchase a gift for 

Naomi. She wasn’t quite sure what to get her but ultimately settled on a bracelet after checking out various stores

Almost immediately after, she received a call from Naomi, who asked her to come home. Naomi was dressing up and couldn’t decide what to wear. She wanted Olivia’s opinion

Upon entering Naomi’s room, Olivia found her sitting at her vanity, considering two elegant gowns in red and white. Despite the sophistication of the dresses, Naomi’s frail appearance couldn’t be concealed

Seeking Olivia’s advice, Naomi asked, Should I wear red or white, Olivia?” 

Olivia responded, You’d look better in red.” 

Naomi took her input seriously, saying, I think red is a good choice, but it might be too vibrant.” 

Quick to reassure her, Olivia said, No, you’ll look stunning in red, Naomi.” 

Naomi chuckled after hearing Olivia’s words. Red it is then.” 

Olivia went to the designer to get the gown on the mannequin after Naomi made her choice. However, as Naomi looked down, she spotted a love bite on Olivia’s neck

The smile on her face froze

The Beginning Of All Sins ( Olivia and Tyler )

The Beginning Of All Sins ( Olivia and Tyler )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/29/2024 Native Language: English
The Beginning Of All Sins ( Olivia and Tyler ) Olivia, an illegitimate daughter, didn't care about getting rich or famous. She just wanted to live a quiet life with her boyfriend and spend the rest of her days with him. Her sister, though, had a great life with a loving family and a fiance, Tyler Harris, who deeply cared for her.

The Beginning Of All Sins ( Olivia and Tyler )

   But when her sister got very sick, her perfect life began to fall apart. Her sister asked her for something huge and unexpected: have a baby with Tyler. Olivia was shocked and thought it was crazy, but her father kept telling her she should do it, and she felt like she had no choice but to agree. Then came the night when the expressionless Tyler kissed Olivia, and that kiss marked the start of many troubles. Everyone knew Olivia as gentle and meek, but she was much more than that. Now, stuck in this mess, it looked like everyone else might finally get to see the real her...  

The Beginning Of All Sins ( Olivia and Tyler )


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