The Bride s Revenge ( Marion Cartier And Jameson Royce ) Chapter 446

The Bride s Revenge ( Marion Cartier And Jameson Royce ) Chapter 446

Chapter 446 Get Ready for the Show Tomorrow

After hanging up the phone, Marion glanced awkwardly at Cassie and Nina. I’m so hungry. Can we go eat dinner now, lovely ladies?” 

Nina nodded eagerly. Sure thing! We can eat at the hotel restaurant. Since you have a match tomorrow, JJ, let’s have something simple tonight. I’ll take you both to eat something delicious after!” 

Cassie, standing nearby, snorted. After the match, your JJ might not necessarily go eat something delicious with you!” 

Nina did not catch on immediately. Huh? Why not?” 

Because she’ll be with her husband, of course! Didn’t you hear just now?” 

Marion, feeling uncomfortable with Cassie’s teasing, walked over and tackled her playfully. That’s enough teasing! I’ll throw you into the sea and feed you to the sharks if you keep it up!” 

I’m so scared! If it weren’t for being clever enough to notice all those missed calls, I wonder how you’d explain it!” 

Marion rolled her eyes. Okay, you’re the best! I’m really hungry. Can we have dinner now, Miss Cassie, the greatest in the world?” 

Cassie waved her hand dismissively. Let’s go! Because you’re pretty, I won’t argue with you about stuffing me with your loveydovey talk before dinner.” 

It looked like she really needed to introduce Cassie to a boyfriend soon

Worried about their identities being exposed prematurely, Marion and her companions 

ordered room service for dinner

With a match scheduled for ten o’clock the next morning, Marion planned to sleep early

After dinner, she took a shower and prepared for bed

Just as she lay down, Marion’s phone received a text message. [Miss Cartier, have you arrived in Lester City?

Marion was gobsmacked. Amber was feeling a bit too confident

She threw her phone to Cassie. Cass, take a look!” 

Cassie, engrossed in reading a novel, looked up. What’s up? Did you have a fight with Mr. Craig?” 

Marion sighed. No, it’s another message from Amber.” 

Let me see.” 

Cassie had just picked up Marion’s phone when Amber sent another text. She read it aloud, At tomorrow’s awards ceremony, my friend will be there and says they’ll find an opportunity to help me take off JJ’s mask. Then, we’ll finally know who has been on Prince’s mind all these years.” 

Once Cassie finished reading, she burst into laughter. “Amber is seriously messed up! We ? Who does she think she is to include we? Can I reply to her?” 

Marion nodded. Go ahead.” 

Then, she reached out and stopped Cassie from typing. Forget it. Don’t bother with her. I was just thinking about how to reveal my identity tomorrow. Since Amber has already made arrangements, I’ll go along with it this time!” 

Marion finished speaking, her eyes twinkling mischievously

Cassie caught on, her eyes lighting up, too. You’re right! Hahaha! I wonder if Amber will lose her mind when she sees the face beneath the mask tomorrow

Marion shrugged. I hope she doesn’t lose her mind. I’d rather not be associated with her in front of all those media.” 

Pfft- Hahaha! Marion, you’ve grown up!” 

Marion was not pleased. Haven’t I always been this mature?” 

Yes, yes! Mature Miss Cartier, it’s time for you to sleep.” 

Marion glanced at the time. You’re right! Goodnight!” 

Cassie nodded. Goodnight!” 

She, too, went to bed early. That way, she would be able to fully enjoy the show

The Bride’s Revenge ( Marion Cartier And Jameson Royce )

The Bride’s Revenge ( Marion Cartier And Jameson Royce )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2/14/2024 Native Language: English
The Bride's Revenge ( Marion Cartier And Jameson Royce ) Marion Cartier and Jameson Royce, childhood sweethearts of twelve years, had been together for three years. The union of the prominent families, the Cartiers and the Royces, created a grand spectacle that left Lumina City's socialites envious.

The Bride's Revenge ( Marion Cartier And Jameson Royce )

  However, on the wedding day, amidst the guests and the festive atmosphere, a single phone call led Jameson to abandon the elegantly dressed Marion. His runaway act at the wedding turned Marion into a laughingstock for everyone in Lumina City. Yet, before the laughter could settle, they witnessed Marion posting her marriage to Lucas Craig with a single word caption: [Married.] Following closely was a post from Lucas, who had not shared any updates for years: [Read.]Some claimed Marion had a stroke of luck, one door closing and another one opening up right after. Jameson and Lucas were deemed incomparable by online netizens. Faced with sour comments, Marion consistently responded with grace.Until one day, a daring financial journalist asked Lucas how he evaluated this marriage. Just when everyone expected Lucas to arrogantly mock Marion, he calmly uttered, "You get what you wish for."


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