The Bride s Revenge ( Marion Cartier And Jameson Royce ) Chapter 448

The Bride s Revenge ( Marion Cartier And Jameson Royce ) Chapter 448

Chapter 448 What A Drama Queen 

As soon as Lucas made his entrance, Amber finally mustered a satisfied smile. Marion was nowhere to be seen, probably having chickened out from facing reality

That was okay, though. Amber would shove that reality right in her face

Amber glanced at Lucas sitting in the VIP seat, raising her eyebrows involuntarily. On the big screen, JJ, in a red and black racing suit, was holding a helmet in her left hand and wearing her usual purple floral mask. The face hidden for a decade would be unveiled today

After the opening ceremony, all the contestants went offstage to prepare

The jet ski race was divided into male and female categories, with twelve women split into two groups for the morning competition. Due to the larger number of male participants, their race was scheduled for the afternoon

The weather in Lester City today was exceptionally good, and with it being the weekend, the venue was packed

The camera on the big screen turned to the calm sea, its surface shimmering like crystal. Then, it cut to the crowd, which was buzzing with excitement

Preston noticed a familiar face in the audience and could not help but nudge Lucas beside 

him. “Isn’t that Cassie? Your wife’s bestie?” 

Preston spoke and instinctively scanned the audience, and sure enough, he quickly spotted Cassie. This was getting interesting

Is Marion here, too?He asked

Lucas glanced at him but did not say anything. If it were not for his curiosity about who JJ 

really was and what they looked like, he would have left by now

Preston found Lucas quite boring. He e was itching to find Cassie

Meanwhile, Cassie spotted Preston and naturally noticed Lucas, too. Her hand holding the mini flag froze midwave. Oh my gosh! This just got real!She exclaimed

Nina, standing nearby, puzzled, asked, What’s going on


Cassie gestured toward the VIP area. Do you see that handsome guy in the white shirt over there?” 

Not too far away, Nina strained her eyes to get a clear look at Lucas’s face. At first, she did not recognize him. Wow! He’s really handsome! Are you interested?” 

Hearing her question, Cassie shivered, Me? No way! Take a closer look at who that man really is

Squinting, Nina found his face increasingly familiar. After a couple of seconds, it clicked, Isn’t that JJ’s husband?” 

Worried that others might overhear, Nina instinctively lowered her voice as she spoke

Cassie snorted. Yeah! Isn’t it thrilling?” 

Nina had just found out that Marion had joined the race without informing her husband and that Lucas had no idea JJ was Marion. Now, seeing Lucas in the audience and 

thinking about the moment JJ would unmask after the race… 

It was about to get exciting

While they chatted, the contestants were already riding their jet skis out to sea

After settling into her position, Marion subconsciously glanced around. However, she was too far away to see anything clearly

Lucas probably had not come, right

She did not know why, but she both wanted him to be there and also hoped he had not

Ugh, she really was a bundle of contradictions

Ladies and gentlemen, the race will begin in five minutes.” 

Lost in thought, the referee had already begun reminding them that the race would start 


Marion snapped out of her reverie and focused on the flag in the referee’s hand

Five minutes later, with the sound of the gun and the waving of the flag, the calm sea erupted into waves as one jet ski after another leaped into action

Cassie and Nina stopped gossiping and focused intently on Marion on the big screen

The Bride’s Revenge ( Marion Cartier And Jameson Royce )

The Bride’s Revenge ( Marion Cartier And Jameson Royce )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2/14/2024 Native Language: English
The Bride's Revenge ( Marion Cartier And Jameson Royce ) Marion Cartier and Jameson Royce, childhood sweethearts of twelve years, had been together for three years. The union of the prominent families, the Cartiers and the Royces, created a grand spectacle that left Lumina City's socialites envious.

The Bride's Revenge ( Marion Cartier And Jameson Royce )

  However, on the wedding day, amidst the guests and the festive atmosphere, a single phone call led Jameson to abandon the elegantly dressed Marion. His runaway act at the wedding turned Marion into a laughingstock for everyone in Lumina City. Yet, before the laughter could settle, they witnessed Marion posting her marriage to Lucas Craig with a single word caption: [Married.] Following closely was a post from Lucas, who had not shared any updates for years: [Read.]Some claimed Marion had a stroke of luck, one door closing and another one opening up right after. Jameson and Lucas were deemed incomparable by online netizens. Faced with sour comments, Marion consistently responded with grace.Until one day, a daring financial journalist asked Lucas how he evaluated this marriage. Just when everyone expected Lucas to arrogantly mock Marion, he calmly uttered, "You get what you wish for."


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