The Bride s Revenge ( Marion Cartier And Jameson Royce ) Chapter 450

The Bride s Revenge ( Marion Cartier And Jameson Royce ) Chapter 450

Chapter 450 The LongAwaited Moment 

It was Preston’s first time watching a jet ski race, and he found it surprisingly entertaining

As the announcer read out JJ’s score, Preston instinctively glanced over at Lucas. Impressive, huh, old buddy? First place.” 

He paused for a moment before adding, But hey, just a friendly reminder that JJ might be amazing, but she’s your past. You’ve got a wife now.” 

Lucas shot him a disdainful look. Shut your mouth and contribute something to society instead of spewing nonsense all the time.” 


Preston chuckled, took out his phone, switched to video mode, and filmed Lucas for a few seconds. Then, he aimed the camera at the big screen and panned to the audience seats for a while before saving the video and sending it directly to the F4 group

He waved his phone in front of Lucas. I’ve recorded it. You better treat me well, or I’ll 

send this video to Marion

And if you two end up divorcing, I’ll personally bring out this video to hammer you!” 

Lucas gave a light scoff and did not bother responding to him

Marion sat in the backstage resting area after coming down from the race track

Just then, Ariana and Betty approached her as if nothing had happened. JJ, congratulations! It looks like you’ve clinched first place again this time!” 

Marion glanced at Ariana’s outstretched hand, set down her sports drink, picked up her phone, and sent a message to Nina

Seeing her silent, Ariana’s expression turned sour. Come on. JJ, it wasn’t intentional 


Marion picked up her phone and walked straight out of the resting area

Cassie had sent her several pictures just now, and Marion thought they were closeups of her on the big screen. However, when she opened her WhatsApp, she realized they were photos of Lucas

Lucas was also here

Marion’s hands trembled, and her heart inexplicably raced, feeling an indescribable 

sense of nervousness

The second round of the competition had been going on for over ten minutes now. In about an hour or so, it should be over

This hour was excruciating for Marion. When she heard the announcement of the end of 

the competition, her heart started racing again

After the competition, all the contestants gathered on stage for the awards ceremony and the final group photo

It was already past eleven o’clock, and the sun was blazing. The other contestants looked tired, but Marion, wearing a mask, stood out among them, drawing a lot of attention

Curiosity stirred among the audience as the host announced the first place

This time, it was not Marion but a newcomer from the second group, Mary Jane, who 

clocked in six seconds faster than Marion, securing the first spot. Marion ended up in 

second place

Ariana smirked at Marion. “Looks like you’re not cutting it anymore, JJ.” 

Ignoring Ariana completely, Marion headed straight for the stage

She had been on the winner’s podium many times before, but never had she felt this 


She wondered who exactly Amber had arranged to be there. If they were not present, when would it be appropriate for her to remove her mask

As Marion pondered this question, the host called out her name. What’s on JJ’s mind


not even taking the trophy.” 

Marion snapped back to reality, accepting the trophy from the usher. The host teased her, JJ, not taking first place this time. Any thoughts?” 

The microphone was handed to her, and all eyes were on her. Marion responded coolly, I’m glad. I finally have some competition.” 

It might have sounded a bit arrogant, but coming from JJ, it seemed perfectly normal

With the award ceremony for the top three concluded, Marion frowned

Where was the person Amber arranged

Suddenly, someone bumped into her. Before Marion could react, she felt the elastic band of her mask snap 

The anticipated moment had finally arrived. The mask fell from Marion’s face, and countless cameras pointed at her

The Bride’s Revenge ( Marion Cartier And Jameson Royce )

The Bride’s Revenge ( Marion Cartier And Jameson Royce )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2/14/2024 Native Language: English
The Bride's Revenge ( Marion Cartier And Jameson Royce ) Marion Cartier and Jameson Royce, childhood sweethearts of twelve years, had been together for three years. The union of the prominent families, the Cartiers and the Royces, created a grand spectacle that left Lumina City's socialites envious.

The Bride's Revenge ( Marion Cartier And Jameson Royce )

  However, on the wedding day, amidst the guests and the festive atmosphere, a single phone call led Jameson to abandon the elegantly dressed Marion. His runaway act at the wedding turned Marion into a laughingstock for everyone in Lumina City. Yet, before the laughter could settle, they witnessed Marion posting her marriage to Lucas Craig with a single word caption: [Married.] Following closely was a post from Lucas, who had not shared any updates for years: [Read.]Some claimed Marion had a stroke of luck, one door closing and another one opening up right after. Jameson and Lucas were deemed incomparable by online netizens. Faced with sour comments, Marion consistently responded with grace.Until one day, a daring financial journalist asked Lucas how he evaluated this marriage. Just when everyone expected Lucas to arrogantly mock Marion, he calmly uttered, "You get what you wish for."


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