The Double ( or More ?) Life of The Fake Heiress Chapter 345

The Double ( or More ?) Life of The Fake Heiress Chapter 345

Chapter 345 

Curtis couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at Wyatt’s intense gaze. What are you staring at me for? What is that address?” 

With a somewhat awkward expression, Wyatt shoved the square box into Curtishands. I just remembered I’ve got something on tonight. You should go see Ms. Mirabella instead.” 

Clearing his throat, Wyatt admitted, I’m feeling a bit embarrassed.” 

With a twitch of his lips, Curtis demanded, Just let it out.” 

Wyatt handed over his phone for Curtis to see. He’d actually contacted Ms. Mirabella’s dad, trying to buy Ms. Mirabella’s new house and then gift it back to her. The thought alone was cringeworthy. Luckily, her father hadn’t caved and sold the house to him

Curtis quietly massaged his temples. This was indeed an extraordinary coincidence

Next thing, Curtis took the driver’s seat, and Wyatt slipped into the back, ready to hide out and play it by ear. As long as he didn’t run into Ms. Mirabella’s dad, everything should be smooth sailing

Two minutes later, Curtis pulled up outside the Davis family’s villa. He had Wyatt text Mirabella. Soon enough, Mirabella stepped out, trailed by a curiously looking Shawn. Spotting them from afar, Wyatt ducked down in the back seat, too embarrassed to get out

Curtis shook his head at Wyatt’s antics and, holding the wooden box, opened the car door. Ms. Mirabella, good to see you,Curtis greeted her with a polite nod

Mirabella returned the gesture. Where’s Wyatt?” 

Coughing discreetly, Curtis explained, “He was suddenly called away for an urgent matter.” 

Oh.Mirabella didn’t seem to dwell on it. Her attention was on the box. What did he want to 

show me?” 

This.Curtis handed over the wooden box with due respect

Mirabella’s eyes quickly scanned the box. She accepted it and opened it to reveal a porcelain bottle, pausing briefly before looking back up at Curtis. What is this?” 

Curtis glanced at Shawn, who had now drawn closer, and was about to speak when his phone vibrated. Checking the message, he suggested, Maybe you’d like to come next door for a moment, Ms. Mirabella?” 

After a moment’s thought, Mirabella handed back the box and turned to Shawn. Dad, I need to step next door for a bit. Do you mind heading back first?” 

Sure, sure, go ahead,Shawn said, rubbing his nose and nodding absentmindedly

Curtis gave Shawn a courteous nod and then turned to Mirabella. Please go ahead, I’ll go start 

Chapter 345 

the car.” 

Okay,she agreed and headed toward the neighboring house

Shawn watched Curtis intently as he got into the car and drove away. It took a moment for him to shift his gaze, contemplating. Curtis had the air of a bodyguard, the kind you could see in corporate settings

Shawn stroked his chin but then realized something was off. They had just moved in two days ago; how did his daughter already know the neighbors? And wasn’t the person who had been eyeing their house from next door? 

Shawn’s eyes suddenly widened with suspicion. Could it be that they had switched tactics, targeting his daughter after failing with him? No wonder the guy was so obsequious it was a charm offensive

Alarmed, Shawn whipped out his phone and messaged Mirabella. [Darling, don’t let them sweettalk you. We’re not selling the house, no matter the price!

The Double ( or More ?) Life of The Fake Heiress

The Double ( or More ?) Life of The Fake Heiress

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/8/2024 Native Language: English
The Double ( or More ?) Life of The Fake Heiress" The prestigious Gilbert family found themselves in the middle of a public farce, they had been raising an impostor as their daughter for a decade!

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As anticipation built for the embarrassment of the fake heiress, Mirabella seemed rather pleased with her impending supposedly 'poor' life. However, her new existence was far from deprived. Her biological parents presented her with limitless riches and undying affection. Her brothers, the influential CEO Emmitt, renowned lawyer Zach, elite medic Nick, and international superstar Leo, showered her with their protective instincts. And just when you thought the plot couldn’t get any juicier, in walks the mysterious boy next door. Filled with secrets and a growing love for Mirabella, he jumps headfirst into this wild romance. Hold on to your seats! A thrilling romantic adventure is about to begin!

The Double or More Life of The Fake Heiress


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