The Double ( or More ?) Life of The Fake Heiress Chapter 348

The Double ( or More ?) Life of The Fake Heiress Chapter 348

Chapter 348 

The next day. Mirabella scribbled a list of herbs, snapped a picture, and sent it to Nikolai. She figured it was about time she made a stand or else it would look bad

When Nikolai got the picture of the herb list from Mirabella, he nearly keeled over

He could give those ordinary herbs away for free, but the items on that list were centuriesold rarities, and she wanted a boatload of them all at once! It was downright inhumane

Fuming as he was, Nikolai eventually sent his apprentice off to gather the herbs. A promise made, even through gritted teeth, was a promise to keep

After school, Mirabella planned to head over to Nikolai’s to brew potions and, incidentally, teach the old chap how to make incense. As soon as she stepped out of the school gates, she spotted Jamessleek black car waiting outside

Checking her phone, she saw a message from him on Messenger. Without even reading it, she strode over. The rear car window slid down, revealing Jameshandsome face. Nikolai sent me to pick you up,he said

Mirabella raised an eyebrow, didn’t say much, and got into the car

The car started smoothly, heading towards Nikolai’s residence. James leaned casually against the door frame, lazily glancing at Mirabella. That livestream show you did last week was pretty cool.” 

Mirabella was surprised he had watched it. Despite her recommendations, he didn’t seem like the type to tune into livestreams. She gave him an amused look in response

Wyatt, who was driving, caught their eye in the rearview mirror and chimed in, I watched it too. Even dropped a tip.Making his presence felt was, of course, part of the plan

James spared him a brief glance

You’re gonna be on that variety show more than once, right?Wyatt asked Mirabella

Flicking a strand of hair from her forehead, she replied lightly, Yeah, there are a few episodes. Just a bit part, really.” 

Wyatt chuckled dryly. He recalled the last episode. It hardly seemed like she was just playing a bit part

Thinking of getting into showbiz?James asked nonchalantly

Mirabella shook her head. If I wanted to be in showbiz, I wouldn’t wear a mask on the show.” 

James smiled but said no more

Soon, they arrived at the Reeves estate. Nikolai was already waiting. As soon as they entered, he declared, Let’s have dinner first. We can get to work after.” 

Chapter 3481 

Nikolal’s wife had passed away early, leaving him with two sons. His elder son was working with the Riverdale PharmacistsGuild, and the younger one, Asher, had a knack for medicine and was poised to take over the family practice

Asher was puzzled by his father’s polite and enthusiastic treatment of a teenage girl. He assumed Mirabella was just tagging along with James, hence the special treatment. So, Asher didn’t pay much attention to Mirabella

Nikolai didn’t explain too much to his son. After all, Mirabella’s ability to concoct S+ grade potions at such a young age was something of a toptier secret. Knowledge of her skills becoming common knowledge might do her more harm than good

After dinner, Nikolai led Mirabella to the medicine refining room. He really wanted to observe her technique, but with James still there, it wouldn’t do to leave his guest unattended. So he pulled Asher aside

Pay close attention to her work, Asher. What you learn is up to you,Nikolai said with a stern look

Asher, hearing his father’s words, looked at him in surprise. Dad, you’re letting an outsider into our refining room, and now I’m supposed to learn from her? Have you lost your mind?” 

The Double ( or More ?) Life of The Fake Heiress

The Double ( or More ?) Life of The Fake Heiress

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The Double ( or More ?) Life of The Fake Heiress" The prestigious Gilbert family found themselves in the middle of a public farce, they had been raising an impostor as their daughter for a decade!

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As anticipation built for the embarrassment of the fake heiress, Mirabella seemed rather pleased with her impending supposedly 'poor' life. However, her new existence was far from deprived. Her biological parents presented her with limitless riches and undying affection. Her brothers, the influential CEO Emmitt, renowned lawyer Zach, elite medic Nick, and international superstar Leo, showered her with their protective instincts. And just when you thought the plot couldn’t get any juicier, in walks the mysterious boy next door. Filled with secrets and a growing love for Mirabella, he jumps headfirst into this wild romance. Hold on to your seats! A thrilling romantic adventure is about to begin!

The Double or More Life of The Fake Heiress


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