The Double ( or More ?) Life of The Fake Heiress Chapter 515

The Double ( or More ?) Life of The Fake Heiress Chapter 515

Chapter 515 

Using a Cgrade recipe for a brewing potion was enough to take your breath away

Dane picked up the porcelain bottle beside him, filled it with the pills, and then looked up at his brother. What were you about to say?Asher shook his head. Nothing much, Dane. That concoction you whipped up from the girl’s recipe, does it have a quality grade?He stretched out his hand, aiming to snatch the bottle from Dane’s grip, but came up short

No grade,Dane said flatly, then turned and headed out the door with the bottle in hand

Asher sheepishly withdrew his hand, watching Dane’s retreating figure before muttering, If it’s got no grade, why won’t you let me have a look?” 

Shaking his head, Asher turned his attention back to the workbench, tidying up the medical tools one by one. After putting everything in order, something suddenly clicked in his mind. He had completely forgotten about the matter of the girl concocting twenty pills earlier due to the interruption. Well, it wasn’t anything to fuss over anyway

After leaving the Reeves family, Mirabella didn’t head back to school but hailed a cab straight home

Stepping out of the cab, she stood before the gates of her villa, about to punch in the security code, when she noticed a tall figure in the garden. He was looking up, seemingly inspecting something. The distinguishing long scar running from the back of his head to his ear was unmistakable

Mirabella’s fingers paused on the keypad, and her eyebrows arched slightly. What was this man doing at her home

Sensing her gaze, Curtis, who had been standing with his back turned, faced around. The usual sternness on his face was sharpened, but upon catching sight of Mirabella, it softened into surprise. He hadn’t expected to bump into Mirabella at this time

With a calm demeanor, Mirabella punched in the code, and the gate swung open. She walked through

Ms. Mirabella,Curtis greeted her with a polite nod as she approached

Mirabella stopped before him. What brings you to my place?” 

Just keeping Mr. Donald company,Curtis replied succinctly

Mirabella heared the name Donald, and her eyes briefly darted toward the entrance of the villa, then back to Curtis. Her voice was indifferent, How long has Donald been here?” 

The casual way Mirabella addressed Donald caused a twitch in Curtistemple. She was probably the first to be so brazen

Just arrived a short while ago,he replied

Mirabella hummed in response, then turned to leave

Curtis was puzzled. Ms. Mirabella, you’ve just arrived and you’re leaving again?” 

Mirabella paused her stride. Yeah.” After a moment’s thought, she turned back to ask, Is James around?” 

Used to Mirabella’s direct way of addressing James, Curtis shook his head. No, he’s not.That was precisely why Donald had come 


Upon hearing this, Mirabella turned back around, waved her hand in the air, and called out as her voice trailed off, Then pretend I was 

never here.” 

A bewildered Curtis stood there. He couldn’t shake the feeling that Mirabella had left in such a hurry because she knew Donald was at the Davis family house

What on earth had Donald done to make Mirabella avoid him like the plague


The Double ( or More ?) Life of The Fake Heiress

The Double ( or More ?) Life of The Fake Heiress

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/8/2024 Native Language: English
The Double ( or More ?) Life of The Fake Heiress" The prestigious Gilbert family found themselves in the middle of a public farce, they had been raising an impostor as their daughter for a decade!

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As anticipation built for the embarrassment of the fake heiress, Mirabella seemed rather pleased with her impending supposedly 'poor' life. However, her new existence was far from deprived. Her biological parents presented her with limitless riches and undying affection. Her brothers, the influential CEO Emmitt, renowned lawyer Zach, elite medic Nick, and international superstar Leo, showered her with their protective instincts. And just when you thought the plot couldn’t get any juicier, in walks the mysterious boy next door. Filled with secrets and a growing love for Mirabella, he jumps headfirst into this wild romance. Hold on to your seats! A thrilling romantic adventure is about to begin!

The Double or More Life of The Fake Heiress


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