The Killer Queen ( Noella Briony ) CHapter 272

The Killer Queen ( Noella Briony ) CHapter 272

Chapter 272 

Palmer raised an eyebrow inquisitively

Grandma, if you didn’t want Noella to come over, you wouldn’t have even suggested it. Isn’t this a bit like wanting your cake and eating it too?” 

If Helen truly didn’t wish for Noella’s presence, there was no need for her to express a desire for her to visit, only to quickly shoot down the idea herself

Helen glanced up at her grandson. What are you staring at? If you weren’t so useless, wouldn’t I have a granddaughterinlaw by now? Get out of my sight!” 

Helen’s temper was notoriously foul, and she was difficult to get along with, often delivering proud and biting remarks. Even among the Pollack family’s grandchildren, few could claim a close relationship with her

Understanding her nature, Palmer didn’t take offense and left the room with Elara

Palmer rubbed his temples. Elara, if you want to come, then come. If not, no worries. Grandma can be quite difficult, and I wouldn’t want her to give you a hard time.” 

Jacob nodded in agreement. Yeah, her temper has gotten even worse these past two years. Last time I visited, she insisted on having fried chicken and Coke, and there was no stopping her.” 

After a moment of thought, Elara said, I’ll come over with Noella tomorrow to see how things are. If it feels off, Noella and I will just leave.” 

The idea of facing Helen alone did indeed intimidate Elara slightly

Palmer’s thoughts drifted to Noella’s charming face, warming his heart. His expression softened considerably

Noella received a message from Palmer on her phone

[My grandma’s back. Would you mind checking up on her health?


Palmer stood before his study window, his gaze intense as he looked across at the lit window opposite, where Noella was likely reading

After sending Elara home, Jacob stood behind Palmer, looking at his nephew who was in prime condition

Following Palmer’s gaze, which was fixed on Noella’s room without even a glimpse of her in sight, Jacob joked halfseriously, Real fallen for her, huh?” 


I thought you’d call off the engagement.” 

Given Palmer’s personality, Jacob was sure he would not easily accept an arranged marriage and had braced himself to see Palmer confront the Schnabel family to call it off. Yet here he was, treating his little fiancée like a treasure, with all the softness in his eyes almost melting away

Uncle Jacob, I thought she and 1 were just ships passing in the night, but then I realized, I can’t live without her.” 

From the day she saved him in Northstone, the image of this girl had been indelibly etched into Palmer’s mind

Jacob, holding a glass of wine, remarked, This girl doesn’t seem easy to court.” 

Palmer’s eyes were filled with determination as he looked toward that window, his gaze filled with desire

It’s okay. I’ll make sure she has eyes and heart only for me!” 

The next morning, Noella, rubbing her sleepy eyes, opened her door only to see Palmer standing there. She promptly closed the door, leaving Palmer outside

Why was he here so early in the morning! 

Assuming it was Elara, she had rushed to the door in her pajamas and bare feet

After being shut out, Palmer rubbed his nose helplessly, his mind filled with the image of Noella in her justawoken state

She was adorable even then

Unfortunately, his fiancée didn’t give him more opportunities to lie in with her. Palmer found himself looking forward to seeing her justawakened face every day

When the door opened again, Noella, now fully dressed, simply walked past Palmer and headed downstairs. She didn’t even spare him an extra glance, clearly seeming a bit miffed



Chapter 2IL 

Palmer followed behind, a warm smile curling at his lips. It turned out watching someone be grumpy in the morning could be quite amusing. Perhaps it was also because it was her doing all these things that made everything she did endearing to him

Throughout their walk downstairs, Noella ignored whatever Palmer was saying

I’ll go get Grandpa. You can go ahead and have breakfast.” 


Sitting down at the breakfast table, Elara handed Noella a glass of warm water. Noella, didn’t Palmer come to get you? Where is he?” 

He went to ca!! Grandpa Sexton. Next time, don’t let him come up.” 

Elara chuckled mischievously. Did you two have a fight?” 

No, I’m just not a morning person, and he talks too much.” 

Noella wasn’t inclined to chat first thing in the morning, yet Palmer kept talking nonstop. He was asking if she slept well, if she dreamed about him… 

She wasn’t sure if she didn’t want to answer because she was a morning person or simply because she didn’t want to talk to him. But the thought of opening the door to see Palmer first thing made Noella realize she might not be averse to it after all

Elara, trying to stifle her laughter, said, Alright, next time we won’t let him bother you!” 

Seeing Noella expertly remove Palmer from the block list on her phone, Elara’s smile widened even further

It seemed Palmer had been blocked quite a few times by Noella

Way to go! That’s my sister!” 

Noella explained, He kept messaging me while I was working. It was distracting.” 

After finishing her work, Noella would forget to remove Palmer from the block list

Elara was nearly in stitches

Who would have thought the aloof and proud flower, the decisive and swift helmsman of the Pollack Group, could be so chatty

Just imagining that scenario had Elara in fits of laughter

But this does show that he really likes you!” 

Noella, eating her breakfast, merely smiled faintly at the comment, feeling a sweetness she couldn’t quite name

After breakfast, Noella and Elara headed over to the neighboring Pollack Mansion

Helen had just finished her breakfast, comfortably nestled in her garden rocking chair, engrossed in a good read and occasionally strumming her guitar, acknowledging their presence with a mere nod

Entertain yourselves, don’t bother me.” 

Noella had been forewarned about the old lady’s temper but chose not to take it to heart

Closing her book, Helen serenely played a melody on her guitar, then practiced her vocal scales, belting out a piece of classic soprano piece

Listening to the song, Noella suddenly remembered Old Mrs. Pollack was the celebrated singer Helen from the last century. Back then, Helen’s fame had swept the nation, captivating fans from coast to coast

As a child in Glen Village, Noella remembered her grandmother speaking fondly of her favorite singer, Helen. It was hard to believe she was Palmer’s very own grandmother. But time had altered Helen’s features so much that Noella initially failed to recognize her

Elara was utterly amazed, clapping until her hands turned red

Grandma! You’re absolutely amazing! But how on earth did you end up with Grandpa Sexton? It just doesn’t add up!” 

Helen offered a rare smile. For the simplest reason he was wealthy, and I was in need. So, we married!” 

Come here, let me have a look at you!she called Noella over

Understanding the cue, Noella approached Helen, allowing those sharp, discerning eyes to scrutinize her. With a raised eyebrow, Helen cut straight to the point. Do you really plan on marrying Palmer?” 


The Killer Queen ( Noella Briony )

The Killer Queen ( Noella Briony )

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/13/2024 Native Language: English
The Killer Queen ( Noella Briony ) For years, Noella has been the human shield for the true heiress of the Lambert family, Briony - treated poorly and cast out of the house as soon as she came of age.

The Killer Queen ( Noella Briony )

Rumor had it that Noella lost her fortune and fell from the wealthy 


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