The Love From Vengeance ( Ariel ) Chapter 177

The Love From Vengeance ( Ariel ) Chapter 177



Sir, we have terrible news,Jack told me. I couldn’t help but wonder what he was talking about at the 


Terrible news? What terrible news?I asked out of curiosity. Now my mind was racing, and I couldn’t even guess what the information would be

It’s your company, sir.” 

Come on, tell me what’s the problem.” 

The building’s on fire,Jack vocalized

What did you just say?” 

was told that the building is on fire, and I’m on my way there right now. But I’m close, and I can see the building on fire from here. Sir, you better come to see things for yourself.” 

Okay, I’ll be on my way,

told him, and then our conversation ended

What’s that? Anything wrong?Randy asked

You don’t have to worry. Just be a good boy and stay home with your brother, okay?” 


He nodded, and I ruffled his hair before leaving

I burst into my car and began to drive. This news was really shocking. Is my company on fire? A building that my grandfather put in a lot of effort to establish. Now someone would want to ruin it? Who was that person who even had the nerve to set that place on fire? I just hoped the information Jack gave me wasn’t certified

With my head filled with so many thoughts and worry, I reached my destination after driving for minutes. And I was not happy with what I saw. The building was on fire, just as Jack had told me

I quickly got out of my car, walking past the crowd that stood there. I approached Jack

Sir, you came,he told me

What’s going on? How did this happen?” 

I don’t know, sir. I was informed just the way I informed you.” 

This isn’t good. Call the firefighters, or something.” 

We’ve done that, sir. And they’re on their way.” 

I drove my hands through my hair, letting out a sigh. This was something I never expected. Whoever did this was so heartless. And if I ever got to know who such a person was, I swear on my 

grandfather’s grave that I would make such a person pay


Mr. Reynold, Mr.Reynold,” one of my workers approached me. It’s actually a nice thing that you’re here,he told me, trying to catch his breath. I didn’t know where he was running from, be 

clear to see that he was doing that before he got adjacent to me right now

We have a problem, sir. Things aren’t right around here

Of course I can see that. You think I’m blind? I don’t know what’s happening to my company at the 


Oh, right. I know that, but two little children are in the building” 

I gave him a confused face. Two little children are in the building? What were they doing there?” 

I don’t know. But I was informed. Some people saw them stepping inside before the building begen to burn. They also told me that they saw this man wearing all black who was right behind the kids. But they couldn’t see his face.” 

That must be the person responsible for this,I said lowly, and then glanced back at my worker. So you’re telling me right now that there are two little kids in that building?” 

Yes, sir. And I believe we have to save them.” 

Well, who’s going to volunteer to go inside?I looked at Jack forthwith, and he quickly turned his face away. You have no idea if I wanted to increase your payment. But the thing here is that I don’t want to. I just want to ask if you can go in there and save those kids.” 

I don’t think I’ll be able to handle that, sir. The fire right there is a tough one.” 

Oh really?” 

Yes,Jack replied with a nod

What if it was your little sister in there? Your wife, or any of your blood? Will the fire still be tough?I questioned him

I believe the firefighters will do their job.” 

I can’t wait for those guys. I don’t even know why they’re taking such a long time.” 

So what’s the decision then? You’re going in?” 

Yes,I answered

Don’t you think it’s dangerous? You might die while trying to save them.” 

Then so be it,I responded. I’m going to try my best to save those children, even if I have no idea who they are. If I were in their shoes, I’d want someone to come rescue me. So that’s what I’m about to do. I’m about to rescue them.

I still think this is too risky. You know, we can wait till the” 

Not another word, Jack. I’ve made up my mind. I’m going straight to that building.” 



Good luck, sir,Jack said. I nodded before walking away from him

I made my way to the building, jumping through the entrance and not turning back to look at anyone, although I could hear some people yelling at me to not go inside. I wasn’t going to follow anyone’s advice in this situation. I was just doing what I felt was right, and indeed, this was right

The intense fire raging inside the building was a sight to behold. The flames danced and flickered, casting an eerie glow on the surrounding area. The crackling sound of things burning and the acrid smell of smoke filled the air, creating a sense of chaos and destruction. The fire seemed to have a life of its own, consuming everything in its path with an insatiable hunger. It was a powerful force, engulfing the building in a fiery inferno that showed no signs of slowing down

The dreadful heat radiating from the flames was almost suffocating, as if it were trying to escape t confines of the building and spread its destruction further. It was a terrifying and mesmerizing display of nature’s power. Could leave onlookers in awe and disbelief at the intensity of the fire burning inside the building. And it did, because I noticed some people’s faces back there


Now, I could only imagine where these children were. The fire has ruined so many places in this large building that I could barely discern the directions. I move my hand through my hair, trying to decide where I was going to start off. I wasn’t going to give up. I wasn’t going to back out now. Those children, whoever they may be, must probably be praying to God right now to let them out of this horrific situation. And I was going to make sure their prayers got answered

I looked left, and I glanced right, putting on the armor of courage, letting the boldness take over, tossing away all fear, ready to make a move. The fire was indeed frightening, but I shouldn’t let the terror wash all over me. I needed to get this done. And I hoped those goddamn firefighters would show up any time soon

The fire made a thunderous sound, causing me to tremble right where I was standing. I moved a little bit backwards, and my eyes were closed after that. The moment I opened them, I took a deep breath. and quickly moved forward

The Love From Vengeance ( Ariel )

The Love From Vengeance ( Ariel )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 1/27/2024 Native Language: English
The Love From Vengeance ( Ariel ) An enthralling and mesmerizing tale of Luke and Ariel, where vengeance and hatred materializes, but love unfolds, overshadowing both. Ariel, after divorcing Luke, returns five years later, transformed and more resilient than ever, fueled by her desire for vengeance. And things turn against her when she is threatened by her accomplice, who says she must marry Luke. Ariel decides to follow through with that, becoming Luke's wife once again, with the intention of ruining his life for good. How will things turn out in this riveting story?

The Love From Vengeance

  ARIEL'S POV "Please slow down; you're going too hard!" I screamed, my eyes squeezed shut in pleasure, while Luke relentlessly pounded into me. He gripped me tightly, showing no mercy as he moved with vigorous force. My moans echoed throughout the dark room, barely visible except for the outline of Luke's figure as he continued to ravage me. "Ohhh Luke!" I cried out, my nails digging into his back. The intensity of his thrusts caused both of us to breathe heavily. But amidst the pleasure, Luke's grip on my neck tightened, choking me slightly. "You little whore, I can't believe you'd go this far, drugging me to touch you!" "I didn't..." I tried to speak, but he cut me off, anger mixing with pleasure in his eyes. He was inflicting pain and bringing gratification at the same time.


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