The Love From Vengeance ( Ariel ) Chapter 181

The Love From Vengeance ( Ariel ) Chapter 181



Standing amidst the engulfing flames, feeling the oppressive heat pressing against my skin, I gasped. for air, the acrid smoke invading my lungs. Panie clawed at my chest, threatening to overwhelm me. And things were even worse. This little kid who I was trying to rescue had been shot by someone, and now he was dead

I was really down; I didn’t know what to do. What was Ariel going to think now? How was she going to live her life, knowing that her beloved son was no more? This was really brutal; whoever did this was so heartless, taking the life of an innocent child, all in the name of what? Vengeance or what

I didn’t even know if I should get out of this building. It was really unbelievable. Yes, he did pass in that direction, the same one his sister went through. There were too many struggles, but he was able to prevail over them. And just as we were about to find our way out, he was shot in the back of his head. A lovely little kid, dead like that. Was I cursed that people right beside me would die? I could remember how I had lost Riley. That moment was really heartbreaking, painful as hell, and it had met depressed, not even looking at the future or what was yet to come

Now this boy was gone; I just shot like that. This murderer was going to pay for this, whoever he or she was. It was really sad, and the pain right now is intense. I could imagine how Ariel was going to be heartbroken by this. All hopes were lost, and now I didn’t even feel like getting out of this building. Since this little kid was dead, I was ready to die here as well. I never imagined this; it was like a movie, a scripted timeline, or something

Everything was shattered, and I didn’t want to be part of this world anymore. I barely knew this child, but the pain that flooded my heart was exhilarating. The fire kept on making its noises, threatening as hell, but could I really be terrified by it? The little kid I tried to save died. And on the other hand, I had no idea where she ran off to. whether she was still alive or if she had been consumed by this inferno. But I hoped that it wouldn’t be so

But at this heartbreaking moment, a flicker of hope ignited within me as I caught a glimpse through the smoke of the approaching firefighters

Their fire trucks, adorned in blazing red, screeched to a halt outside the burning building, their sirens. wailing a symphony of salvation. The sight of them was a beacon of light in the enveloping darkness. I watched with a mixture of relief and awe as they leaped into action, their movements purposeful and synchronized

Their determination was palpable, and their faces set in grim resolve as they armed themselves with tools of battle against the raging inferno. Each firefighter was a pillar of strength, a warrior ready to combat the merciless flames that threatened to devour everything in their path

I couldn’t tear my eyes away as they advanced towards the building, a fearless brigade marching into the heart of danger. In that moment, I felt a surge of gratitude and admiration for their courage and for their unwavering commitment to saving lives at any cost



As they disappeared into the billowing smoke, I whispered a silent prayer for their safety and for their success in quelling the voracious fire that held me captive. And even though my heart was still heavy with sadness, there was a glimmer of hope inside me thanks to the presence of these brave people who risked everything to save those who were in danger

Then I glanced at Lukel, who was no longer breathing. It was a painful look, and I closed my eyes as the firefighters got closer. It didn’t take long before they rescued usactually, rescued me since Lukel was dead. The words were so heavy to vocalize, but it was just reality, and we needed to live our lives, looking forward to the future

One of the firefighters carried Lukel in his arms, unknowingly telling him that the little one had already been dead. The moment Ariel sighted us, she rushed in our direction and went to the man who had a hold of her dead son

Lukel,she blurted, getting a hold of him. My son, I’m so glad you’re alive.” 

I couldn’t say a word. All I could do was just stare at her, because she would eventually have knowledge of her son’s death anyway. Even the man carrying Lukel didn’t say anything; his countenance had changed. And I could tell that he already knew what was going 


Ariel’s face changed immediately. What’s the problem? Why isn’t he saying anything? Is he really dead?She glanced at me, and her eyes went to the wounded part of his head. So it is true.” 

He’s dead, miss. I’m sorry,the firefighter consoled her

Ariel broke down in tears. After some minutes of crying and talking about all sorts of things about her she fixed her eyes on me. She gave me a dark look, like I was the one responsible for his death


So it’s true. You killed Lukel,she told me bitterly

I’m sorry, what now?” 

Don’t lie to me. You killed Lukel; you shot him. Someone told me that, but I refused to believe, but now I’ve seen everything with my own two eyes,she blurted, anger and sadness filling her tone. She was still in tears while talking in this mode

I’m sorry, Ariel. But what are you talking about? Who filled your head with all of those negative things?” 

Liar! You killed my son, all because of what I told you. Isn’t that true?” 

Okay, what the hell is going on here? Why are you saying all this? It doesn’t even make any sense. I would have thrown curses at you right now, but since you lost your son, I’m going to restrain my lips

Ariel slapped me immediately, her glare still etched on her face. I knew you had always had evil in your heart, Luke. But I never knew you would go this far, killing your own son. Yes, Lukel is your son; he was your son. And nowshe trailed off, bursting into tears, and she covered her face with her 


I could still feel the pain on my cheek. Lukel is my son?” 



Yes, he is. You didn’t realize that the whole time? How dumb and heartless you are! But I will make sure you pay for this.” 

I could see the pain in Ariel’s eyes and her tone as well. And this pain was causing her to submerge in anger, to the point that she had to start accusing me for something I didn’t do. I wasn’t the one who killed Lukel. In fact, none of her words even made sense. Who was this scumbag that had blinded her? And funny enough, was she this dumb or stupid to believe what such a person brought out to her? Or did she hate me so much that she was blinded immediately, hearing the whole false shit

The Love From Vengeance ( Ariel )

The Love From Vengeance ( Ariel )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 1/27/2024 Native Language: English
The Love From Vengeance ( Ariel ) An enthralling and mesmerizing tale of Luke and Ariel, where vengeance and hatred materializes, but love unfolds, overshadowing both. Ariel, after divorcing Luke, returns five years later, transformed and more resilient than ever, fueled by her desire for vengeance. And things turn against her when she is threatened by her accomplice, who says she must marry Luke. Ariel decides to follow through with that, becoming Luke's wife once again, with the intention of ruining his life for good. How will things turn out in this riveting story?

The Love From Vengeance

  ARIEL'S POV "Please slow down; you're going too hard!" I screamed, my eyes squeezed shut in pleasure, while Luke relentlessly pounded into me. He gripped me tightly, showing no mercy as he moved with vigorous force. My moans echoed throughout the dark room, barely visible except for the outline of Luke's figure as he continued to ravage me. "Ohhh Luke!" I cried out, my nails digging into his back. The intensity of his thrusts caused both of us to breathe heavily. But amidst the pleasure, Luke's grip on my neck tightened, choking me slightly. "You little whore, I can't believe you'd go this far, drugging me to touch you!" "I didn't..." I tried to speak, but he cut me off, anger mixing with pleasure in his eyes. He was inflicting pain and bringing gratification at the same time.


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