The Love From Vengeance ( Ariel ) Chapter 367

The Love From Vengeance ( Ariel ) Chapter 367



Just when Harriet finished consoling me about the argument with my grandfather, she suggested we go to the bar Anger still simmered within me, but I agreed, needing an outlet for my frustration. We made our way to the nearest bar, the neon lights casting an eerie glow on the sidewalk

Upon entering the establishment, I wasted no time ordering a variety of bottles. I needed something to numb the pain and drown out the echoes of my grandfather’s harsh words

Harriet sat quietly beside me, watching as I downed one drink after another. I could feel her concerned gaze on me, but I ignored it, drowning myself further in the alcohol’s haze

Suddenly, she excused herself, saying she would be back. I barely acknowledged her departure; I was too consumed by my own thoughts to care

ast in my

I continued drinking, turmoil. I felt a presence beside me. It was Daniel and Bryan, and they 

were just staring at me

Luke, what’s going on? Why are you drinking so much?Daniel’s voice cut through the fog of my mind

I shrugged, unwilling to share the pain that gnawed at my heart. I just need to forget about some things,I mumbled, taking another swig from the bottle

Bryan frowned, concern etched on his face. You know drinking won’t solve anything, Luke. You need to 

talk to us.” 

But I remained stubbornly silent, refusing to let them see the turmoil raging inside me. Instead, I drowned myself in another drink, hoping to numb the ache that pulsed through my veins

The weight of my argument with my grandfather pressed down on me, crushing me beneath its suffocating grip. I drank to numb the pain, but with each sip, it only seemed to grow stronger

Daniel and Bryan exchanged concerned glances, but I waved them off, not wanting to burden them with my troubles. Deep down, though, I longed for someone to understand, to see the hurt behind my facade

Harriet returned to the table, her eyes filled with worry as she glanced at the empty bottles scattered around me. Hey, Luke. Can I talk to you for a minute?” 

I turned to her, my vision slightly blurred from the alcohol. What is it, Harriet? My words slurred slightly

I think we should go outside for some fresh air,she suggested, her eyes pleading with me

I shook my head stubbornly. I don’t want to go outside. I want to stay here and drink,I said, pouring another glass 

Luke, please. I don’t want to see you like this. Let’s go outside and talk.” 

Daniel and Bryan exchanged worried glances but remained silent. They didn’t know Harriet, but they 

obviously had a feeling that she was the only one who could calm me down



With a heavy sigh, I got up, stumbling a little. Harriet grabbed my arm to steady me, and we made our way outside. The cool night air hit me, clearing my head slightly

Luke, I know you’re upset about what happened with your grandfather,” she said softly

I took a gulp of my drink, my anger bubbling up. He has no right to control my life like this,I muttered

Harriet nodded, her hand resting on my shoulder. But you can’t let him get to you like this. Drinking won’t 

solve anything.” 

I sighed, feeling lost. I just feel so lost, Harriet. I don’t know what to do.” 

She suggested I take a break from everything and figure out what I want. And I’ll be right here by your side, supporting you,she promised

Her words softened me, and I pulled her into a hug. Thank you, Harriet. I don’t know what I would do without you.” 

She smiled, and as we pulled away, her phone rang. She excused herself, leaving me alone with my thoughts. My friends looked at me sympathetically

Man, what happened with you and your grandpa?Daniel asked, breaking the silence

I sighed, not wanting to delve into it. It’s a long story. But right now, I just need to forget everything and have some fun,I said, pouring another drink

Bryan shook his head. Drinking your problems away won’t make them disappear, Luke. You need to face 

them headon.” 

I laughed bitterly. Easy for you to say. You don’t have a grandfather who wants to control your life.” 

Harriet returned, seeing me drinking more than I should. She suggested we go home, and despite my protests, I agreed to finish our drinks. We drove back, exhaustion washed over me, and I fell asleep in the 


Stirring from the haze of unconsciousness, the throbbing ache in my head reminded me of the mistakes of the night before. Blinking away the remnants of sleep, I found myself sitting in the passenger seat of the car parked in the driveway

My limbs felt heavy and uncoordinated, and the faint memories of last night’s alcoholfueled escapade flooded back to me. I struggled to push myself upright, my movements sluggish and clumsy

Luke, are you alright there?Daniel’s voice broke through the fog of thy mind, his concern evident in his 

brow furrow

I managed a feeble nod, my throat dry and scratchy as I attempted to form words. Yeah, justfeeling a bit rough,I muttered, my speech slurred from the lingering effects of the alcohol

Bryan appeared beside me, offering a steady hand as I stumbled out of the car. Come on, let’s get you Inside,he said, his tone gentle yet firm

With their help, I made my way into the house, each step feeling like a monumental effort. My room seemed miles away, but we finally reached our destination with Daniel and Bryan’s support


Collapsing onto the bed, I let out a heavy sigh. The softness of the mattress was a welcome relief against my aching body. Daniel and Bryan hovered nearby; their expressions were a mix of sympathy and concern. Thanks, guys,I mumbled, my words barely audible as exhaustion threatened to pull me back into the depths of sleep

Daniel laid a comforting hand on my shoulder. Don’t mention it, Luke. Just focus on resting up.” 

Bryan nodded in agreement. Yeah, we’ll take care of everything. You just take it easy.” 

Their reassurances washed over me like a soothing balm, momentarily easing the turmoil that still churned within me. With a grateful nod, I closed my eyes, succumbing once again to the oblivion of sleep, the previous night’s events fading into the distant recesses of my mind

Some minutes later, the door slowly opened, but I didn’t pay much attention as I closed my eyes, wandering back to sleep

I woke up to the sound of the birds chirping and the sun shining through the window. As I slowly opened my eyes, I felt a weight on my chest and saw a woman lying next to me in bed. My heart stopped as I realized that we were both halfnaked

mind I let out a gasp and quickly sat up, causing the woman to stir a little bit. She didn’t wake up, and my wasn’t settled about this one. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I didn’t even know this woman’s name, let alone how we ended up in bed together. My mind was racing with questions and frustration

What the hell is going on?I yelled, my voice filled with intense rage, because this was just so fucked up!” 

The woman sat up immediately and looked at me in shock. She scanned the room, making a confused face, and gasped at that moment

The Love From Vengeance ( Ariel )

The Love From Vengeance ( Ariel )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 1/27/2024 Native Language: English
The Love From Vengeance ( Ariel ) An enthralling and mesmerizing tale of Luke and Ariel, where vengeance and hatred materializes, but love unfolds, overshadowing both. Ariel, after divorcing Luke, returns five years later, transformed and more resilient than ever, fueled by her desire for vengeance. And things turn against her when she is threatened by her accomplice, who says she must marry Luke. Ariel decides to follow through with that, becoming Luke's wife once again, with the intention of ruining his life for good. How will things turn out in this riveting story?

The Love From Vengeance

  ARIEL'S POV "Please slow down; you're going too hard!" I screamed, my eyes squeezed shut in pleasure, while Luke relentlessly pounded into me. He gripped me tightly, showing no mercy as he moved with vigorous force. My moans echoed throughout the dark room, barely visible except for the outline of Luke's figure as he continued to ravage me. "Ohhh Luke!" I cried out, my nails digging into his back. The intensity of his thrusts caused both of us to breathe heavily. But amidst the pleasure, Luke's grip on my neck tightened, choking me slightly. "You little whore, I can't believe you'd go this far, drugging me to touch you!" "I didn't..." I tried to speak, but he cut me off, anger mixing with pleasure in his eyes. He was inflicting pain and bringing gratification at the same time.


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