The Reborn Wife Strikes Back ( Gordon Holmes’ ) Chapter 75

The Reborn Wife Strikes Back ( Gordon Holmes’ ) Chapter 75

Chapter 75 

Was Gordon going to admire the moon with me on the rooftop today

Was this real

I had invited him every year for the last two years, but he always scoffed at it. He simply refused to 

admire the moon with someone like me

This was such a rare occurrence

I regarded him with suspicion inwardly, but on the outside, I agreed, Alright. We can do that.” 

So when Luke dropped us off at Hovilham Residence, we headed straight to the roof

Hovilham Residence was a modern villa. It had been built specially for us by the Holmes family when we got married and was situated halfway up Huntway Hill. According to Bailey, it was a very valuable piece of land with an excellent view. There was a moat in front of it as it was built against Huntway Hill

When we first got married, I had been full of anticipation for a happy life with Gordon. The first day

moved in, I made a little garden on the roof and planted flowers and grass. I even installed a swing and added a uniquelooking round table and two deckchairs

I had imagined that when we weren’t busy, Gordon and I could lie there and enjoy the beautiful view surrounding Hovilham Residence. I had thought that we could admire the view of Sobrough City

However, despite my efforts in decorating the place with such joy, Gordon had never wanted to step foot 


To him, everything I did was laughable and lame

I was very hurt, and after that, I stopped looking after the roof. I had no idea what it looked like now

When Gordon and I pushed open the glass doors that led to the roof, I expected it to be overrun with weeds. However, it was looked after meticulously, and the flowers I planted back then had all bloomed

The entire roof was like a garden in the sky, as exquisite

I came up here at the spur of the moment a few days ago and saw that it was decorated very beautifully

Mr. Wade said that you’re the one who usually attends to it. You’ve put a lot of care into it.” 

Gordon stood behind me. There was a note of approval in his voice 

I felt embarrassed. After all, I hadn’t been up here for about a year 

It must have been Bailey who came up here often to take care of the place and maintain its luxuriant 


While we’re admiring the moon, let’s Gordon

Alright,he agreed readily

prepare some ple, dried fruits and a fruit platter,I said as I turned to 

Chapter 75 

I headed downstairs at once and rummaged through the cupboards to find the hazelnuts, cashew nuts, and raisins that we had bought. I put them on prettylooking plates, then took a few pieces of sliced cantaloupe, a couple of cherry tomatoes, and a bunch of grapes from the fridge. I washed them and arranged them on a fruit platter. Then I took out the ples our parents had given us and told Bailey to help me carry them to the roof

I placed the food on the small, round table. Gordon was already sitting on one of the deckchairs, scrolling casually through his phone

Bailey and I arranged the round table between the two deckchairs. When this was done, I gave Bailey surreptitious thumbsup, which he responded to with a warm smile before returning downstairs

I lay down on the other deckchair and looked up at the sky

The moonlight was unusually beautiful, and the moon hung high in the sky like a giant silver plate. A wisp of cloud obscured half the moon’s face like a veil, and the entire Sobrough City seemed to be clothed in a silver coat. A breeze swept through the roof, bringing with it the fragrance of flowers. It was so calm and peaceful that it felt like time stood still

Gordon and I said nothing. We lay there while the swing swayed softly back and forth. No one wanted to 

break the silence

I received a message on my phone. It was from Hector

Happy Thanksgiving. Do you want to come out for some fun?” 

As expected of a wild partier. He couldn’t even stay home on Thanksgiving. No, I’m admiring the moon at home,I typed back quickly

The Reborn Wife Strikes Back ( Gordon Holmes’ )

The Reborn Wife Strikes Back ( Gordon Holmes’ )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 4/22/2024 Native Language: English
The Reborn Wife Strikes Back ( Gordon Holmes' )" I die the day before Gordon Holmes' marriage to his true love.I spent ten years of my life loving him. I gave up everything to be with him, but all I got in return was a bruised and battered heart.But he's not even willing to see me for the last time before my death.

The Reborn Wife Strikes Back

His true love even throws me into the sea to feed me to the fish. When I'm given a second chance at life, divorcing Gordon is the only thing I want to do. Love is nothing compared to my career, and I'm better off loving myself than wasting it on someone who doesn't deserve it. But this time around, the bastard turns a new leaf and follows me everywhere I go."I'm not fucking around with you, Gordon. I swear to God I've given up on you. I'm perfectly fine with getting a divorce at any time!" You went to such lengths to make me yours, Taylor. How dare you refuse to take responsibility now?"My career is all I want to focus on in this life; I can chat up a handsome young man if I want some excitement. Unfortunately for me, Gordon clings to me and refuses to let go. He even forgets about his true love...


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