The Reborn Wife Strikes Back ( Gordon Holmes’ ) Chapter 86

The Reborn Wife Strikes Back ( Gordon Holmes’ ) Chapter 86

Chapter 86 

At least the atmosphere between was no longer so cold and hostile. At that moment, it really seemed as If Gordon and I were a real married couple who were discussing something

However, the answer he had given me was not at all the one I wanted

If he agreed to let Sabrina have this order, didn’t that mean that they could see each other every day? I could not let that happen, no matter what

But Freya only has a small shop. Apart from the daily flowers that Holmes Group needs, you’ll also need flowers when we have big events or conferences. They also don’t have a professional team. Aren’t you afraid that it’ll drag us down?I said again

Gordon suddenly grabbed my hands. He exerted force abruptly, and I slid off his shoulders and fell into 

his arms

I lost my balance, so I instinctively hooked both arms around his neck while his large hand caught me firmly in the small of my back. He looked down at me, his eyes full of gentleness

After Sabrina regained consciousness, this was the only request she made to me. How could I say no? You know that I don’t like it when I’m in someone’s debt.” 

Gordon hugged me tightly. I had never felt this kind of warmth before

There had been so many sleepless nights when I lay hugging my giant, sixfoottall stuffed brown bear. I had always wistfully thought of how wonderful it would have been if it was Gordon’s embrace instead

Now that I was lying in his arms as he embraced me, I realized that there was no way a stuffed bear could compare with a person. The feeling of being enveloped in a warm hug was indescribable. I felt myself go limp

How many women would survive a move like this from Gordon

He was handsome, rich, assertive, gentle any adjectives could be used to describe this man. All of them would be enough to make a woman fall for him instantly

I couldn’t help but sigh at Gordon’s irresistible charisma. I was still too inexperienced, I would have to practice with at least a dozen young, handsome men before I could raise my resistance to him

Still, I had a mission, and I was determined to persist until I reached my goal

However, with Gordon looking so gently at me while I was in his arms, I was utterly stunned, I couldn’t say anything, and all that was left was the burning feeling in my cheeks

I noticed that you’ve been blushing a lot lately.” 

I was already embarrassed enough, but Gordon tactlessly insisted on exposing me

I wished that the ground would swallow me whole

I immediately looked away and feigned indifference as I said, How many women could stop themselves 


from blushing with what you did? You shouldn’t do something like that in your office. It’ll be embarrassing if we’re seen.” 

He burst into laughter and abruptly pushed me up with the hand on my back. My face was suddenly very, very close to his

He said seductively, We’re already an old married couple. What does it matter if people see us? Why would it be embarrassing?” 

Gordon leaned in closer until his lips were just about to touch mine

I leaned back instinctively, but his hand was on the back of my head, and there was no way for me to 


He closed his eyes, and it seemed as though he was about to lean in. My brain felt like it was depleted of oxygen, and my mind went blank at once

But just as his lips were about to touch mine, there were three knocks at the door, and Landon’s voice rang out

Mr. Holmes, Ms. Baker is here to deliver flowers!” 

The Reborn Wife Strikes Back ( Gordon Holmes’ )

The Reborn Wife Strikes Back ( Gordon Holmes’ )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 4/22/2024 Native Language: English
The Reborn Wife Strikes Back ( Gordon Holmes' )" I die the day before Gordon Holmes' marriage to his true love.I spent ten years of my life loving him. I gave up everything to be with him, but all I got in return was a bruised and battered heart.But he's not even willing to see me for the last time before my death.

The Reborn Wife Strikes Back

His true love even throws me into the sea to feed me to the fish. When I'm given a second chance at life, divorcing Gordon is the only thing I want to do. Love is nothing compared to my career, and I'm better off loving myself than wasting it on someone who doesn't deserve it. But this time around, the bastard turns a new leaf and follows me everywhere I go."I'm not fucking around with you, Gordon. I swear to God I've given up on you. I'm perfectly fine with getting a divorce at any time!" You went to such lengths to make me yours, Taylor. How dare you refuse to take responsibility now?"My career is all I want to focus on in this life; I can chat up a handsome young man if I want some excitement. Unfortunately for me, Gordon clings to me and refuses to let go. He even forgets about his true love...


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