The Reborn Wife Strikes Back ( Gordon Holmes’ ) Chapter 90

The Reborn Wife Strikes Back ( Gordon Holmes’ ) Chapter 90

Chapter 90 

I was extremely surprised

After all, in the past, I had had to beg Gordon just to have dinner with me once at home, let alone go out to eat together

Even if he did turn up, we would always end up parting ways unhappily

What was up with him today

Why was he inviting me to dinner of his own accord

Alright. Are we going now?I agreed, of course

There was no reason to hesitate

Yeah. Wait for me downstairs. I’ll be down at once,Gordon said over the phone

About ten minutes later, I saw Gordon leave the Holmes Group building. He gestured to tell me not to drive and to get in his Cullinan so we could go together

I handed my car keys to Luke and asked him to drive it back for me. Then, Gordon drove me out to dinner

It was early autumn, and night was falling earlier and earlier. The entire city was soon blanketed in darkness, and the glittering neon lights made Sobrough City appear dazzling as if it were a new

international city

Where are you planning to take me to dinner tonight?I asked

Let’s go to Starlight Cove. They have good ambiance there,Gordon said in a low voice

Starlight Cove was one of the most popular fine dining restaurants in Sobrough City

I had heard that the restaurant was located in one of the landmark buildings of Sobrough City’s central business district. It was on the top floor of Sobrough Tower, and it was a very unique restaurant. It was very difficult to get a table there, but I was sure it wasn’t difficult for Gordon

You know Sobrough City’s restaurants very well, Mr. Holmes,I said pointedly

He understood my meaning, so he laughed and reached out to flick my forehead affectionately

Don’t be so narrowminded, and don’t get jealous over such silly things.” 

Inwardly, I scoffed. I wasn’t jealous

I couldn’t help muttering to myself, but my face split into a grin of its own accord

I just wonder how many women you’ve brought here. After all, you’ve had so many scandals, right?” 

None. An ordinary partner is not worthy of a place like that. Only my official wife has that right.” 

I couldn’t believe that a time had come when Gordon would be the one trying to make me happy

Chapter 90 

His sudden compliment flattered me. 

Every woman loved compliments, and I was no exception. I was immediately in an excellent mood

Alright. Then I won’t hold back tonight! I want to eat the best and most expensive food at Starlight Cove!” 

You can order everything on the menu as long as you can eat it.” 

When Gordon wanted to spoil a woman, he really had no principles

No wonder these women had been throwing themselves at him for all these years. He was so skilled at flirting, and he was generous, too. How could any woman resist

As I thought to myself, my resolve to prevent Sabrina from receiving all this strengthened

I turned my phone on and casually tapped on Instagram. Suddenly, I saw Sabrina post a story

She posted a story of herself holding a large bouquet of flowers as she stood with Nathan. The caption below read, Love is when arguments can’t drive you apart

Look, your Sabby has officially declared her relationship!” 

My mood brightened even more when I looked at the photo and caption. I couldn’t help saying it out loud to sprinkle more salt on Gordon’s wounds

The Reborn Wife Strikes Back ( Gordon Holmes’ )

The Reborn Wife Strikes Back ( Gordon Holmes’ )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 4/22/2024 Native Language: English
The Reborn Wife Strikes Back ( Gordon Holmes' )" I die the day before Gordon Holmes' marriage to his true love.I spent ten years of my life loving him. I gave up everything to be with him, but all I got in return was a bruised and battered heart.But he's not even willing to see me for the last time before my death.

The Reborn Wife Strikes Back

His true love even throws me into the sea to feed me to the fish. When I'm given a second chance at life, divorcing Gordon is the only thing I want to do. Love is nothing compared to my career, and I'm better off loving myself than wasting it on someone who doesn't deserve it. But this time around, the bastard turns a new leaf and follows me everywhere I go."I'm not fucking around with you, Gordon. I swear to God I've given up on you. I'm perfectly fine with getting a divorce at any time!" You went to such lengths to make me yours, Taylor. How dare you refuse to take responsibility now?"My career is all I want to focus on in this life; I can chat up a handsome young man if I want some excitement. Unfortunately for me, Gordon clings to me and refuses to let go. He even forgets about his true love...


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