The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Chapter 1

The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Chapter 1

Amara’s POV


I opened my eyes to see the sunlight filtering through the curtains. I raised my head too fast and a splitting headache tore through my skull.


Gosh, how much did I drink last night? A deep groan pulled me from my reverie. I froze.


I finally turned to discover a man in my covers, a man that wasn’t my boyfriend of two years, Kevin. Then it all came back in a rush, my discovery of Kevin cheating, confronting my boyfriend, our break up, Jenna bringing me to a new club… and that was all I remembered.


I looked at the man still softly snoring in my bed and only then did I realise that this wasn’t my bed. Since when did I have a king-size one? I surveyed my environment, a bedroom fit for a lord. I was not in my apartment. Shit!


Panic rushed through me and the thumping of my heart got louder.


But my blood completely froze over when the man turned in his sleep and I saw his full face. He was Lucien Petrov, THE Lucien Petrov, the Alpha of my pack. I had to get out of here.


I carefully pulled the covers away from my still naked body. I swung my legs over the side of the bed and the moment they touched the marble, I breathe a sigh of relief


“Ummm,” A low grumble sounded behind me.


Then there was silence. He had gone back to sleep.


I continued with my escape and was lucky to see pieces of my clothing discarded all around. I put on the pieces of what I saw. I reached the door and stole a final glance at the Alpha before I turned the knob and made a run for it. All the while, I just hoped we had used protection.




I got home after my walk of shame through the town and took a quick shower. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and nearly collapsed from shock. I saw it, my green eyes were amber. My wolf. It was the eyes of my wolf.


I reached in and felt her presence. I had found my wolf. I had been trying to for such a long time but to no avail. Having a wolf in Silverpine pack was equivalent to you having a job or a degree, without it, you were looked down upon.


I wondered what had trigger it finally. I had never been able to awaken the wolf with Kevin. When it comes to finding your wolf, when all else fails, meeting your mate could trigger it.


At the thought, I blinked. Mate? The only man that I had touched after Kevin was… It wasn’t possible, I am an Omega, almost a runt. Being mated to the Alpha was crazy.


Yet at the thought of Lucien, my wolf seemed to get excited under my skin. I noticed a bruise on my shoulder and realised what it was. Lucien had marked me. My breath caught in my throat. I was doomed.




A week later…


I skirted through the crowd of finely dressed first rank as I served  various tables their meal, the atmosphere buzzing with anticipation. Today was the annual Silverpine ball. I liked to call it an excuse for first and second ranks to show off their influence, power and wealth. The other reason was because today the Alpha will choose a mate and the pack’s Luna. The thought made me oddly nauseous, since when did I care?


‘Since you found out that he was our mate,’


Nova replied in my head with a tad bit too much sass.


I rolled my eyes. Over the week, my wolf had grown talkative and I had to say that she was quite the character.


I could hear her giggle at the back of my consciousness.


“Ladies and gentlemen,” Lucien’s voice was like silk over rocks, my heart jumped.


I tried to not look at him, where he sat on the dais but now he had all my attention.


“I’m glad that you all could make it.” His silver eyes scanned the crowd and I could have sworn that he looked right at me.


His broad frame took a lot more space than it should have but that was the power that the Alpha had. He could feel up a whole space with his presence without trying. I gulped.


“It is time for what you have all been waiting for.” He took a pause for effect.


“It is time to announce the new Luna of Silverpine pack and my chosen mate.”


‘He is ours!’ Nova growled.


I hated that she was right but we were not in the old days, politics and hierarchy played a part now.


‘Calm down,’ I soothed but I felt pensive. Something was about to go very wrong.


A tall, gorgeous redhead stepped delicately onto the dais. Rielle Archer, a second rank wolf and the granddaughter of one of the Zeta elders.


My heart beat in tandem to the soft clicking of her red-bottom stiletto heels.


“Rielle Archer, the new Luna,” Lucien’s voice lowered.


“And my chosen mate.” He pulled Rielle close and planted a kiss on her lips.


My blood turned to larva and I felt Nova’s growl revibrate through my whole body. Goddess, help me.


But Rielle was nowhere close to done, she wove her fingers through Lucien’s hair and pulled him for a deep, long, sensual kiss.


Nova growl could have turned my bones to dust but then pain tore through my body.


I fell to the ground as my spine twisted and curved, my skin was on fire and I howled in pain. And just like that the party turned to look at me. Then I understood what was going on, I was turning, Nova was taking over my body.


After the pain subsided, I was on all fours and Nova was running towards the Dais. Towards Rielle and Lucien.


I had no control over my movement, I tried but to no avail.


‘He is mine!’ Nova growled as she pounced on Rielle. I was so dead.

The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups

The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/12/2024 Native Language: English
The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups" After Amara, a seemingly lowly omega is cheated on by her boyfriend, she has a little too much to drink at a party and ends up having a one night stand with the Alpha Lucien of her pack.
The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups
he discovers that she has found her wolf after the encounter and realises that the Alpha is her mate.


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