The Unfaithful Mr. Scott ( Mela5nie Smith ) Chapter 264

The Unfaithful Mr. Scott ( Mela5nie Smith ) Chapter 264

Chapter 264 

“Melanie.” A deep voice sounded. The light was dimand Melanie could not see Eugene’s expression. She could only look toward his voice.

She heard Eugene’s cold voice amidst the noises. “You’re bold now.”

He showed no emotion when he said that, yet Melanie’s grip on Yvonne’s arm tightened.

Yvonne felt the pain and gasped. She looked at Melanie, who answered Eugene calmly, “Is that so?”

Eugene said in disdain, “Who gave you the courage to speak like that? The Solomon family, the York family, or your mother?”

Melanie did not expect Eugene to mock her with her mother.

“Melanie,” Xander interrupted, speaking as usual as he waved his phone. “Oliver is asking us when we’ll be back. He wants to make us supper.”

He had interrupted on purpose to end the topic. As expected, Eugene’s gaze fell on him instead. Xander calmly looked into Eugene’s eyes.

One was cold, while the other was calm.

Xander looked away first and said to Simon, “Happy Birthday.”

Then, he asked Melanie, “Let’s go back now?”

Melanie did not want to stay there longer. She was not crazy enough to let others continually mock her.

Xander nodded upon seeing her response and left as he held Melanio

back at Simon and the others. “Let’s go.”

wrist. He did not look

The warm grip startled Melanie, and she pursed her lips as she followed Xander.

She was holding Yvonne with her other hand.

Simon looked at the three of them leaving and was displeased. He cursed Melanie with a


His friends had watched enough on the sidelines. They comforted him, “Simon, don’t mind. what that woman said. We’ll drink with you. Let’s have some fun.”

Simon was frustrated. “Get lost!”

Eugene was calm, yet his gloomy gaze never left Melanie’s and Xander’s backs.

Meanwhile, Melanie and the other two walked out of the bar.

Xander let go of her and looked at her wrist. “Sorry.”

Melanie shook her head and looked at Yvonne. “Miss Lowry, do you want to go home or go somewhere else?”

Yvonne said, “Aren’t you going back to have supper?”

Frowning, she asked Xander, “You won’t be so stingy not to share a portion of your supper,



Xander glanced at her. “Do whatever you wish.”

He went to get his car, and Melanie waited outside the bar with Yvonne.

Melanie was in a bad mood after encountering Simon. She looked at the streetlights in a dazeYvonne looked carefree as she paced around her. However, it was astonishing that Yvonne could walk steadily even when drunk and with 20cm high heels.

Yvonne was short and needed high heels to make her look tall. She loved wearing them.

She danced by Melanie’s side as she whispered, “Mel, tell me the truth. Have you been in that kind of relationship with Eugene?”

Melanie was startled. “What kind of relationship?”

Yvonne winked. “Were you his mistress?”

The Unfaithful Mr. Scott ( Melanie Smith )

The Unfaithful Mr. Scott ( Melanie Smith )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 1/16/2024 Native Language: English
"The Unfaithful Mr. Scott" is a novel by Melanie Smith, delving into the complexities of love, trust, and betrayal. The story unravels the tumultuous journey of Mr. Scott, exploring the consequences of infidelity and the emotional intricacies that follow.

The Unfaithful Mr. Scott ( Melanie Smith )

  The Unfaithful Mr. Scott Webtic Chapter 1 Melanie Smith went to pick up Eugene Scott as soon as the banquet was over. She pushed open the private room door and bumped into a young lady. The young lady was pleasing to the eye. She had fair skin, bright eyes, and straight teeth. Melanie recognized that she was the new intern from the secretary’s office. When Viola Shaw looked up and saw Melanie, she panicked for a moment before she murmured, “Hi, Melanie.” Melanie brought in some of the cold air from outside. She was gorgeous, but she did not smile often, so she looked unapproachable.   Conclusion Well, that’s the review and how to read the novel The Unfaithful Mr. Scott ( Melanie Smith ) Full Episode. This novel is a novel that is suitable to read for those of you who like Romance genre novels. What do you think about this novel? Is it fun to read? Please comment in the comments column below.


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