The Unfaithful Mr. Scott ( Mela5nie Smith ) Chapter 395

The Unfaithful Mr. Scott ( Mela5nie Smith ) Chapter 395

Chapter 395 

When Xander burst into the room, Melanie was standing there, her face deathly pale. She was frozen in place as though she was still answering the call, but her phone had fallen to the floor

The phone screen was still lit, and a voice was coming from the speakers

Are you Albert Lancaster’s family? Please come to Paramount Hospital as soon as possible to take over the deceased’s remains-” 

Xander jerked his head up to look at Melanie, but her face was numb and blank. She felt Xander’s gaze and stared blankly at the phone on the floor. Then she slowly crouched down, picked up the phone, and asked in a trembling voice, Did you call the wrong number? When I went to the hospital yesterday, Grandpa was still fine.” 

Are Ms. Melanie Smith? This is the contact number you left at our hospital 

Melanie had yet to react. She crouched on the ground with her phone in her hand, her eyes filled with 


Hello? Are you Ms. Melanie-?” 

The voice on the phone called her name again, and Melanie slowly came back to her senses. Xander reached out to help her up, but she swayed on her feet and stood up. Then she walked out of the room as though in a dream

Melanie’s mind went blank. The voice on the phone kept playing on repeat in her head

Albert Lancaster? The deceased? Hisremains

Were they talking about Grandpa

He was fine yesterday. What were they talking about? What remains

Melanie went downstairs in a trance. She could not even hear the noises around her until someone 

grabbed her wrist

Xander shouted, his voice deep, Melanie!” 

Melanie blinked and muttered, What’s the matter? I have to go to the hospital now. My grandfather 

is waiting for me. Can we talk when I come back? I’m sorry, but I can’t right now” 

She was already incoherent

Xander’s brow furrowed. He grabbed Melanie’s wrist. You’re not wearing any shoes!” 

Not only was she barefoot, but Melanie was also still wearing her lounge clothes. She followed Xander’s gaze to her feet and nodded woodenly

Xander’s expression was serious. I’ll take you to the hospital.‘ 

When Melanie arrived at the hospital, she did not know how she got in. She almost tripped several 

Chapter 395 

times along the way. It was all thanks to Xander that she did not fall on her face


Her grandfather’s ward was upstairs. He was still there when she went up, but to Melanie’s surprise, George and Dylan were there too

Melanie seemed to suddenly understand something. She looked at George, who was crouching on the ground, and kicked him viciously. Was it you? What did you do, you scumbag?!” 

George was feeling a little guilty at first, but now he stood up and shouted, Hey, my fatherinlaw is dead. What’s wrong with me coming to the funeral?!” 

You’re not needed here. Get out, get out!Melanie closed her eyes. She did not dare to look at the old man lying on the hospital bed now. She could only vent the fear in her heart by channeling it into 


He can’t leave, Miss Smith. He’s the one who unplugged the patient’s ventilator. He can’t leave!The caregiver’s voice cried out suddenly, and Melanie froze

George reacted like a cat whose tail was stomped on. He roared, You didn’t see me do it! I only came in to visit my fatherinlaw!” 

George’s loud protests made him look even more guilty. The terrifying thought was magnified in Melanie’s mind. She did not know where she got the strength from, but she grabbed George by the collar and dragged him out of the ward

Dylan was there too. Melanie’s eyes were filled with a strong killing intent. She stared at Dylan, her voice dark and terrifying. Get lost! You too!” 

Hmph!George suddenly gave Melanie a fierce glare. He had just been forcefully dragged out by Melanie and felt embarrassed, so he decided not to stop acting nice

In any case, Dylan was still her biological mother. He did not believe that Melanie would really abandon her like that

Chapter 396 

The Unfaithful Mr. Scott ( Melanie Smith )

The Unfaithful Mr. Scott ( Melanie Smith )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 1/16/2024 Native Language: English
"The Unfaithful Mr. Scott" is a novel by Melanie Smith, delving into the complexities of love, trust, and betrayal. The story unravels the tumultuous journey of Mr. Scott, exploring the consequences of infidelity and the emotional intricacies that follow.

The Unfaithful Mr. Scott ( Melanie Smith )

  The Unfaithful Mr. Scott Webtic Chapter 1 Melanie Smith went to pick up Eugene Scott as soon as the banquet was over. She pushed open the private room door and bumped into a young lady. The young lady was pleasing to the eye. She had fair skin, bright eyes, and straight teeth. Melanie recognized that she was the new intern from the secretary’s office. When Viola Shaw looked up and saw Melanie, she panicked for a moment before she murmured, “Hi, Melanie.” Melanie brought in some of the cold air from outside. She was gorgeous, but she did not smile often, so she looked unapproachable.   Conclusion Well, that’s the review and how to read the novel The Unfaithful Mr. Scott ( Melanie Smith ) Full Episode. This novel is a novel that is suitable to read for those of you who like Romance genre novels. What do you think about this novel? Is it fun to read? Please comment in the comments column below.


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