The Unfaithful Mr. Scott ( Melanie Smith ) Chapter 112

The Unfaithful Mr. Scott ( Melanie Smith ) Chapter 112

hapter 112 


The rich were always bold.

Everyone agreed when someone suggested a bet.

Simon smiled and asked, “We have to have something to bet on, don’t we?”

Someone suggested, “Let’s bet on money?”

One of them rejected it, saying, “That would be boring.”

The beautiful woman Simon had his arms around smiled and said, “Why don’t the loser run naked? That’d be exciting.”

She was joking, but the group felt it was a good idea and agreed.

Melanie was behind Eugene, trying to remain unseen and unheard of.

However, she couldn’t prevent others from speaking to her even though she tried to remain


A woman in a pink mini skirt approached her as she whispered, “Are you new here or are you one of those women kept by them? Why haven’t I seen you and this man before? Are you friends with Mr. Jein?”

Melanie’s brows knitted together. She realized this woman might be a “caddy girl“.

Not getting a response from Melanie annoyed that woman. She snorted. “Hey! I’m asking you questions.”

Her strong perfume assailed Melanie’s nostrils, and she stepped back. Just as she was about to answer, she heard waves of laughter from those people.

She looked over and saw a young man with glasses handing his name card to Eugene. “Mr. Scott, this is my name card. I’m Kellen Jein. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Eugene nodded elegantly and took the name card. Melanie took it over naturally.

Kellen was startled to see Melanie and looked at Eugene. “Mr. Scott, you’re lucky.”

Melanie was uncomfortable with the remark and gaze. She looked at the ground and hid behind Eugene.

Eugene asked calmly, “Aren’t we playing?”

Kellen retracted his gaze from Melanie. “Of course, we’re playing.”

Eugene grunted. “Let’s begin, then.”

“Wait. Mr. Scott, I thought you didn’t bring a partner, so I didn’t mention it before this.” Kellen lifted his eyebrow.

Melanie’s heart skipped a beat upon hearing the word ‘partner‘. She had a bad feeling rising in


Kellen said, “I think playing golf alone is boring, and it won’t be as fun if just the guys play. Why don’t we let the women play?

Chapter 112


“The rule is simple. Two people will form a group, and the woman will swing the club. However, the result will have to be shared by both.”

After Kellen spoke, he asked Eugene, “What do you think, Mr. Scott?”

Melanie stood behind Eugene with a straight face. “I’m sorry. I don’t know how to play golf.”

“You can ask Mr. Scott to teach you. I didn’t say he can’t help you. The rules are that you have to swing the club.”

Melanie understood what was going on there. They were trying to make this a sexy game.

However, there was nothing sexual between her and Eugene.

She looked at Eugene, thinking he would reject her. However, Eugene pondered before agreeing readily, “Okay.”

Melanie was taken aback. Eugene turned around, looked at her with a frown, and asked indifferently, “What are you waiting for?”

Despite her reluctance, Melanie heard Eugene scoff and whisper in a voice only they could hear, “Kellen’s father is the president of Velour Group. Otherwise, why would I agree to such a boring game?”

Melanie blinked and understood Eugene was trying to get Kellen to be part of his connections.

Someone was urging them to play. Eugene’s voice was calm. With raised eyebrows, he spoke in a gentler voice, “Melanie, come over here.”

Melanie hesitated for a second before approaching him.

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The Unfaithful Mr. Scott ( Melanie Smith )

The Unfaithful Mr. Scott ( Melanie Smith )

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"The Unfaithful Mr. Scott" is a novel by Melanie Smith, delving into the complexities of love, trust, and betrayal. The story unravels the tumultuous journey of Mr. Scott, exploring the consequences of infidelity and the emotional intricacies that follow.

The Unfaithful Mr. Scott ( Melanie Smith )

  The Unfaithful Mr. Scott Webtic Chapter 1 Melanie Smith went to pick up Eugene Scott as soon as the banquet was over. She pushed open the private room door and bumped into a young lady. The young lady was pleasing to the eye. She had fair skin, bright eyes, and straight teeth. Melanie recognized that she was the new intern from the secretary’s office. When Viola Shaw looked up and saw Melanie, she panicked for a moment before she murmured, “Hi, Melanie.” Melanie brought in some of the cold air from outside. She was gorgeous, but she did not smile often, so she looked unapproachable.   Conclusion Well, that’s the review and how to read the novel The Unfaithful Mr. Scott ( Melanie Smith ) Full Episode. This novel is a novel that is suitable to read for those of you who like Romance genre novels. What do you think about this novel? Is it fun to read? Please comment in the comments column below.


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