The Unfaithful Mr. Scott ( Melanie Smith ) Chapter 252

The Unfaithful Mr. Scott ( Melanie Smith ) Chapter 252

hapter 252 


Hmm? Didn’t you contact the office? We’re a high–end condominium. For the residents‘ safety, we have to record all the details of the people entering the residence. We hope you can cooperate with us,” said the staff as he handed the list to her.

These are the rules and regulations.”

Melanie was shocked by the sudden news and pushed the staff’s hand away. “I’m sorry, but I don’t know about this renting matter.”

“Aren’t you the owner, Miss Heidi Lean?”

Startled, Melanie answered, “I’m not Miss Lean. You must have mistaken me for someone else.”

The staff looked at the details in a puzzle. Only then did he notice he had gone to the wrong floor.

He had mistaken the 17th floor for the 11th floor.

After the staff apologized for the misunderstanding, Melanie unlocked her door and entered.

However, something struck Melanie once she got into the house.

The staff’s words reminded her of something. Eugene had the right to chase her out of this house.

It made her wonder if Eugene would still let her stay here if she left LeapCo.

Melanie’s mood was down the whole day. Now that she was back, tiredness engulfed her last bit of strength. She sat on the sofa as drowsiness struck her.

It was midnight when the cold breeze struck Melanie. Half of her body was numb. She was unable to move when she tried to get up, and she found herself dazing off on the bed.

It took some time for her to relieve the numbness. Only then did she take out her phone and notice Dylan’s message. She asked Melanie if she could transfer the money tomorrow as the deadline given by the people in Hearth City was next Monday.

Melanie might have already dozed off when Dylan sent the message.

Expressionlessly, she exited the home page and checked her balance.

Her salary for the past few years was high, but most was already spent on Peachie’s medical fees and her grandfather’s nursing home fees.

Moreover, Dylan had greedily asked for a lot before this, and Melanie had little left.

Albert’s medical fees were another burden. Melanie massaged her head, wanting to reduce the pain in her temples.

It was already working hours when she arrived at LeapCo the following day.

However, when Melanie stepped into the building, many still fixed their gazes on her.

She did not care anymore and only wanted to finish her work quickly.

It was the same conference room and the same group of people.

Chapter 252


When Melanie entered, everyone stared at her.

“Melanie, you left so urgently yesterday. Did something happen?” Viola asked as if she represented everyone.

However, Melanie was not in the mood to argue with her and blurted out, “I have a better suggestion than the two methods provided yesterday.”

Just as she spoke, Eugene’s cold gaze fell on her.

He wore a dark suit and showed no expression. After staring at Melanie arrogantly, he said indifferently, “Speak.”

Melanie’s eyelashes fluttered as she looked at the lines on the table. “LeapCo can fire me.”

She smiled bitterly deep down after suggesting that. It turned out it was not difficult to say those words herself–even if she had spent her best years in LeapCo or even if she was the victim…

Her words caused an uproar in the conference room. After all, it was different for Melanie to resign and be fired by LeapCo.

If LeapCo fired her, it would be like saying the video was real.

Eugene sneered and knocked on the table casually as he said, “What a great scheme! Are you planning to get compensation from the company?”

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The Unfaithful Mr. Scott ( Melanie Smith )

The Unfaithful Mr. Scott ( Melanie Smith )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 1/16/2024 Native Language: English
"The Unfaithful Mr. Scott" is a novel by Melanie Smith, delving into the complexities of love, trust, and betrayal. The story unravels the tumultuous journey of Mr. Scott, exploring the consequences of infidelity and the emotional intricacies that follow.

The Unfaithful Mr. Scott ( Melanie Smith )

  The Unfaithful Mr. Scott Webtic Chapter 1 Melanie Smith went to pick up Eugene Scott as soon as the banquet was over. She pushed open the private room door and bumped into a young lady. The young lady was pleasing to the eye. She had fair skin, bright eyes, and straight teeth. Melanie recognized that she was the new intern from the secretary’s office. When Viola Shaw looked up and saw Melanie, she panicked for a moment before she murmured, “Hi, Melanie.” Melanie brought in some of the cold air from outside. She was gorgeous, but she did not smile often, so she looked unapproachable.   Conclusion Well, that’s the review and how to read the novel The Unfaithful Mr. Scott ( Melanie Smith ) Full Episode. This novel is a novel that is suitable to read for those of you who like Romance genre novels. What do you think about this novel? Is it fun to read? Please comment in the comments column below.


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