The Unfaithful Mr. Scott ( Melanie Smith ) Chapter 693

The Unfaithful Mr. Scott ( Melanie Smith ) Chapter 693

Chapter 693 

When Melanie went back to the office after lunch, she bumped into Lee at the door of the conference room. He was carrying another takeout box

Yvette laughed when she saw him. Are you here to treat everyone to coffee on behalf of Mr. Scott again?” 

Lee cleared his throat awkwardly. The summit is about to end, so Mr. Scott just wanted to express his gratitude. He also hopes that LeapCo will have the opportunity to work with you again.” 

Yvette wrinkled her nose in disgust. Don’t clear your throat into the coffee!” 

The truth was LeapCo’s employee benefits alone proved that Eugene was an understanding boss. At the very least, he earned his employeesloyalty

Lee handed everyone in the conference room a cup of coffee, but he ran out when he reached Melanie. Instead, he leaned into her ear and said in a low voice, Mr. 

Scott said that he would treat you to a meal after the matter with is over. For 

now, you two shouldn’t be seen together.” 

He made it sound as if Eugene was worried about her

Melanie paused. No, that’s not necessary.” 

Lee started to say something, then stopped. He stood beside Melanie, not moving 


Melanie could only look at him. Do you have anything else to say?” 

Lee held his tongue for a long moment before saying, Mr. Scott says you can’t say no.” 

Melanie’s face hardened instantly

Yvette, who was watching from the side, could not stand it anymore. She slammed down the coffee in her hand in disdain and said exasperatedly, What is Mr. Scott playing at? He treated us all to coffee but didn’t get one for Melanie. Instead, he’ll treat her to a meal with or without her consent?! 

Has he been watching too many millionaire soap operas?!” 

Melanie was not too pleased, either. She placed her things on the table and looked directly at Lee. Are you sure Eugene was the one who made you buy this coffee?” 

She knew Eugene’s personality very well. He may treat his employees to coffee. but he would never make such special exceptions in public

Chapter 693 

He always kept work separate from his private life

Even if he knew that Melanie was pregnant and could not have coffee, he would have treated everyone to a different drink instead

Embarrassed, Lee looked at Melanie, not knowing how to explain. Even so, Melanie already understood

She said calmly, Please tell Henry not to do this again. He shouldn’t interfere too much in our private affairs.” 

Lee still felt guilty when he arrived on the first floor. Henry had given him these explicit instructions when he found out about the current situation between Melanie and Eugene

No matter how many times Lee refused, Henry insisted, saying that none of them understood Melanie the way he did- 

Lee composed himself and entered the conference room on the first floor. He looked up to see Eugene sitting in his seat, looking at him impartially.. 

Lee’s heart tightened in his chest. He took a few steps forward and saw Eugene’s cold expression

Before he could even speak, Eugene said flatly, You’re embarrassing yourself.Lee fell silent

As he tried to defend himself, another familiar spoke up. Hello, Eugene.Lee immediately hid the expression on his face and turned to look at Viola

On the other hand, Viola only had eyes for Eugene. She gritted her teeth and forced a barelydecent smile. Eugene, I need to talk to you alone about something. It has to do with Rockwater.” 

The Unfaithful Mr. Scott ( Melanie Smith )

The Unfaithful Mr. Scott ( Melanie Smith )

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"The Unfaithful Mr. Scott" is a novel by Melanie Smith, delving into the complexities of love, trust, and betrayal. The story unravels the tumultuous journey of Mr. Scott, exploring the consequences of infidelity and the emotional intricacies that follow.

The Unfaithful Mr. Scott ( Melanie Smith )

  The Unfaithful Mr. Scott Webtic Chapter 1 Melanie Smith went to pick up Eugene Scott as soon as the banquet was over. She pushed open the private room door and bumped into a young lady. The young lady was pleasing to the eye. She had fair skin, bright eyes, and straight teeth. Melanie recognized that she was the new intern from the secretary’s office. When Viola Shaw looked up and saw Melanie, she panicked for a moment before she murmured, “Hi, Melanie.” Melanie brought in some of the cold air from outside. She was gorgeous, but she did not smile often, so she looked unapproachable.   Conclusion Well, that’s the review and how to read the novel The Unfaithful Mr. Scott ( Melanie Smith ) Full Episode. This novel is a novel that is suitable to read for those of you who like Romance genre novels. What do you think about this novel? Is it fun to read? Please comment in the comments column below.


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