Wait She s a Billionaire ( Sheena Lawson ) Chapter 379

Wait She s a Billionaire ( Sheena Lawson ) Chapter 379

Chapter 379 

Seeing Elijah’s puzzled expression, with a faint touch of surprise in his eyes, Sheena explained, You mentioned that regular ointments don’t work for injuries caused by the S40 corrosive agent. This box is a specialized ointment I had someone buy yesterday. Use it for the subsequent dressing, and it should speed up the healing.” 

Elijah glanced at the ointment in his hand. Though she did not say it, he knew this ointment was only available in the war lab, probably arranged through Corey. It did have a decent curative effect, but since he harbored the S404 biochemical virus, this ointment would not be effective for his injuries

Thank you. This is the first gift you’ve given me since the divorce,Elijah expressed, thumb gently caressing the ointment box. His eyes were slightly red, and miraculously, the pain from his wounds seemed to diminish

It doesn’t count as a gift. This time, you got hurt for me, so consider it my compensation. AlsoSheena paused, smirking as she added, If we’re counting actual gifts since the divorce, it would be the bankruptcy of the Freeman family, your employment contract, and the modified 023.” 

Elijah stopped fiddling with the ointment box. Suddenly, he no longer felt moved

Sheena enjoyed watching his expression freeze. She smiled mischievously as she fetched Nathaniel’s confession from the desk. Then, she read it carefully, and her face gradually turned grim

Nathaniel is saying that Barrett was the one behind the bar and chemical- splashing incident?” 

Barrett Lawson, her fourth uncle, was a laidback member of the Lawson family with no ambitious plans. She had considered her third uncle, Victor Lawson, among those who might harm her, but Barrett had not crossed her mind

Elijah nodded. Although Nathaniel might not have fully disclosed everything, he was clear on the details and the communication process. Barrett’s son works in the National Affairs Bureau, and Nathaniel feared him. It makes sense that he followed Barrett’s orders to steal the chemical from the lab.” 

Sheena sat on the nearby small sofa, silent for a long time. Then, she shouted angrily, I won’t let Barrett off! Tomorrow, I’m going to Svelton to settle scores quietly!” 

After all, Barrett had chosen such malicious means, wanting to injure her face. She would not rest until he experienced the same

She looked up, recalling Elijah’s injuries. You’re still injured, so stay in the 

mansion and take care of yourself. This time, you’re not allowed to come with me


Elijah was contemplating how to find an excuse not to go when Sheena decided for him

Airight. I’ll stay in the mansion, waiting for your return.” 

As Elijah spoke those last few words, his voice gradually faded, but Sheena did not notice. She was still earnestly studying Nathaniel’s statement

Damn it, Barrett! You’re so good at hiding yourself!” 

It sounds like you’re quite familiar with him. Have you visited the Lawson family before?Elijah raised an eyebrow

Although he had already figured out that Sheena was likely the heiress of the Lawson family, she had never brought it up herself. Suddenly, he felt like teasing her

Upon hearing his question, Sheena met his gaze and raised an eyebrow herself. I’m not familiar with him, but I am with Howard. Perhaps it’s because Howard treats me too well, attracting the jealousy of those Lawson family people, causing them to harm me.” 

Oh.Elijah pursed his lips, suppressing a smile

When he looked up, he found Sheena observing his expression

Quickly, he acted upset. Why are you telling me all this? I don’t think Howard has treated you that well.” 

Sheena rested her chin on her hand, her tone slightly playful. So, you’re feeling jealous again?” 

Elijah lowered his head, not answering her question, and mumbled, I’m going to make breakfast.” 

Only when he turned to leave did he manage a helpless smile

Sheena also chuckled, and once he was gone, she went over Nathaniel’s statement again, preparing for tomorrow’s trip to Svelton

While Elijah was preparing breakfast, Gabrielle intentionally woke up a bit earlier

Wait, She’s a Billionaire ( Sheena Lawson )

Wait, She’s a Billionaire ( Sheena Lawson )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 1/24/2024 Native Language: English
Read Online Wait, She's a Billionaire ( Sheena Lawson ) Sheena Lawson gave up everything and became a full-time housewife for love. After three years, she finally realized that Elijah Freeman, her husband, was still in love with his first love. Heartbroken, Sheena decided to get a divorce. "I'm done!" When news broke that a billionaire heiress might have just divorced, many young and handsome CEOS competed to win her affection-each trying to outdo the other. Elijah read the news online, and he immediately called a press conference the next day, begging Sheena to come back."Baby, come back to me!"..

Wait, She's a Billionaire ( Sheena Lawson )

  Chapter 1 That night, Sheena Lawson could not sleep well and felt someone pressing down on her, making it hard to breathe. He started to pant, and then she felt an unbearable pain between her legs. Realizing what was happening, Sheena opened her eyes in terror and saw a man's figure looming over her. "Elijah? I-is that you?" The man who reeked of alcohol grunted a simple response, then continued pounding on her. Hearing the familiar voice, Sheena let out a sigh of relief. As she responded to his advances, she gradually got into the rhythm and could not help but let out a tender moan. > As his movements intensified, Sheena gritted her teeth and endured the pain, completely immersing herself in the act. However, she was also unwittingly


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