Wait She s a Billionaire ( Sheena Lawson ) Chapter 945

Wait She s a Billionaire ( Sheena Lawson ) Chapter 945

Chapter 945 

Gabrielle looked at Sheena, puzzled

Sheena, you’re joking, right? Romello couldn’t possibly imprison Mom, let alone inject her with anything. My mom has always been oddtempered and rarely leaves the house. She only reluctantly attends events when Romello insists.” 

Sheena sighed softly, patiently explaining, Isn’t it strange that your mom only listens to Romello?” 

WellGabrielle stared at her blankly

and their She continued, Phoebe and Howard have been dating for over a year, relationship is stable. But at the Nicholls family’s return banquet, she publicly admitted her engagement to the Santos family, acting as if she didn’t recognize me or Howard, only Romello

Think about your mom’s situation. Doesn’t it sound familiar?” 

Gabrielle fell silent, carefully recollecting

Whenever Vanda appeared at formal events, it seemed like she only had eyes for Romello

Gabrielle’s face paled, unable to fathom that Romello could do such a thing

She was shocked

Sheena reached out and grasped her hand again, trying to persuade her

Gabrielle, what Romello is doing is illegal and should be condemned. Helping me once more is also helping the Nicholls family and your mom, okay?” 

Gabrielle trembled violently, still reeling from the horrifying news

WWhat do you need me to do?” 

Find a way to the top floor, locate the drugs Romello administers to your mom, and 

bring them to me.” 

Gabrielle withdrew her hand decisively

I can’t. Romello guards the top floor very tightly, and I don’t stand a chance. He’s the one in charge of the Nicholls family now, and his temper has been terrible lately. If I accidentally expose myself, he’ll definitely punish me. I can’t risk it.” 

Chapter 945 

Sheena tried to reassure her desperately, Trust me, I’ll help you. I won’t let you get hurt. Do you really want to see your mom continue to suffer under his control?” 

II don’t know” 

With tears welling in her eyes, Gabrielle felt deeply uneasy

Vand had never cared for her, and she lacked maternal love, with only her father and brothers providing affection

When it came to Vanda, Gabrielle felt no deep bond

Hence, she could not bring herself to take that step and do the impossible task for Vanda

I can’t do it. I really can’t.” 

Gabrielle covered her head in distress, adding, Phoebe is strong. She climbed to the top floor before, but I can’t. The only way in for me is through the iron gate, and the only keys are held by Romello and the butler. They guard it tightly, and I don’t stand a chance. I’m sorry, Sheena. I really can’t help you! I’m too scared, and I can’t do it!” 

It’s okay. I won’t force you,Sheena reassured her, sighing

Gabrielle shuddered at the thought of Romello’s terror

Don’t worry, Sheena. I’ll keep this secret and pretend I didn’t hear anything. I won’t stop you from doing what you need to do. I just hope I don’t get dragged into this. I’m terrified.” 

Okay,Sheena said, patting her back. Romello wanted you to check on Phoebe, right? Let’s go have a look at Phoebe together. If you don’t, he might come after you again 

when you return.” 

Thank you, Sheena.” 

Together, they went upstairs to the guest room

Phoebe was still asleep, and Riley had given her a sedative, following Yosef’s instructions

Howard stood by her side, having stayed up for two nights straight

His eyes were red, and there were dark circles beneath them

Gabrielle did not feel particularly fond of Phoebe. She glanced at her briefly before leaving

Chapter 945 


As Sheena saw her off, she released the two bodyguards Romello had assigned from the 


Due to Gabrielle’s refusal, progress stalled once again

Sheena made her way to the fourth floor, tending to the babies with Freida


Wait, She’s a Billionaire ( Sheena Lawson )

Wait, She’s a Billionaire ( Sheena Lawson )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 1/24/2024 Native Language: English
Read Online Wait, She's a Billionaire ( Sheena Lawson ) Sheena Lawson gave up everything and became a full-time housewife for love. After three years, she finally realized that Elijah Freeman, her husband, was still in love with his first love. Heartbroken, Sheena decided to get a divorce. "I'm done!" When news broke that a billionaire heiress might have just divorced, many young and handsome CEOS competed to win her affection-each trying to outdo the other. Elijah read the news online, and he immediately called a press conference the next day, begging Sheena to come back."Baby, come back to me!"..

Wait, She's a Billionaire ( Sheena Lawson )

  Chapter 1 That night, Sheena Lawson could not sleep well and felt someone pressing down on her, making it hard to breathe. He started to pant, and then she felt an unbearable pain between her legs. Realizing what was happening, Sheena opened her eyes in terror and saw a man's figure looming over her. "Elijah? I-is that you?" The man who reeked of alcohol grunted a simple response, then continued pounding on her. Hearing the familiar voice, Sheena let out a sigh of relief. As she responded to his advances, she gradually got into the rhythm and could not help but let out a tender moan. > As his movements intensified, Sheena gritted her teeth and endured the pain, completely immersing herself in the act. However, she was also unwittingly


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