Wait She’s a Billionaire ( Sheena Lawson ) Chapter 17

Wait She's a Billionaire ( Sheena Lawson ) Chapter 17

Chapter 17 

Was it Howard?Elijah wondered

Elijah frowned and instructed Leon coldly, Keep looking. Send someone to check on Howard too. As soon as you find anything, notify me immediately.” 

Yes, Mr. Lawson.Leon nodded, though his expression seemed reluctant

Seeing that Leon was still there, Elijah was puzzled. Why are you still here? Is there anything else to report?” 

Leon was in a dilemma. He knew it might anger Elijah, but he could not hold back

You’re getting harder to understand these days. You’ve already divorced, yet you’re still concerned about Ms. Sheena while neglecting Ms. Moore, who truly deserves your attention. What’s on your mind?” 

Elijah grabbed the glass ashtray from the table and threw it at Leon’s feet

Get out!” 

Leon wisely stepped back

Elijah lit two more cigarettes

Feeling a little hungry, he got up and opened the fridge, which was filled with all the foods he loved

He stood there in a daze

Suddenly, he vaguely recalled that over the past three years, the first thing he saw when he came home would be Sheena’s eager eyes

She would welcome him with a smile, offer him slippers, and say, You’re back. You must be tired. Are you hungry? I’ve prepared dinner.” 

Yet, he never really looked at her. In the face of the warm meal on the table, he would always make a sarcastic remark and retreat to his room

It was a thankless task, yet that foolish woman would still do it every day

Suddenly, Sheena’s last words before leaving the banquet echoed in his ears

In our three years of marriage, I have done nothing wrong.” 

If that was true, then what was her relationship with Howard

Realizing that he had been thinking about Sheena, Elijah felt oddly irritated. He closed the fridge out of annoyance and went upstairs. He then showered and went to bed

The next morning, the lobby of Angle Group was packed as employees stood in rows, looking at each other, waiting for Howard’s arrival

Half an hour later, Howard appeared at the entrance with Sheena

Sheena deliberately chose a white tailored skirt suit for that day, with her ponytail tied up high, exuding a poised, intelligent, and capable aura

As she appeared, there was a stir among the crowd of employees

The sight of the two was pleasing to their eyes

Howard walked to the center and announced, This is our new talent manager, Ms. Sheena, who will be working with all of you from now on.” 

The crowd applauded

Sheena smiled and nodded, courteously accepting the applause

Then, Howard briefed them on the recent targets and let everyone return to their positions, leaving the talent management team behind

Sue, Sheena is new here and unfamiliar with the operation. Please assist her,Howard named Sue Klein specifically, who was the lead agent in the talent management team. She had wavy blonde hair, bold makeup, and a stunning figure

Sue nodded and smiled warmly. Don’t worry, Mr. Lawson. I will do my best to assist her.” 

After Howard left, her smile disappeared, and she gestured for Sheena to follow her

As Sheena looked over, she coincidentally caught a glimpse of the subtle look of disgust in Sue’s eyes

It would seem that Sue did not like her

Ms. Klein, please address me Ms. Sheena from now on.” 

Sue hesitated for a moment before immediately adopting a respectful attitude

Throughout the morning, Sheena familiarized herself with the company’s materials in her office, and Sue kept bringing piles of documents to her desk, stacking them high

Looking at the pile of documents, Sheena frowned and asked, Aren’t we directly in charge of agents and artists in this department? Why do we have to go through so much information?” 

Sue sneered

These are just some basic information. Once you finish going through this stack, there’s more to come.” 

Then, she mockingly added, It seems that you’re unfamiliar with this position.” 

Sheena did not hide her inexperience and nodded openly, Indeed. This is my first time in this position.” 

Sue was surprised

The position had been vacant since the previous manager’s transfer, and she was the most suitable candidate for promotion. Yet, the company suddenly appointed this bimbo, snatching her position and subjecting her to ridicule from other employees

How could she accept this humiliation

Jealousy and resentment filled her eyes as she looked at Sheena’s stunning face

How did some trash like you, with no experience or education, get into Angle Group? Did you get in by selling your body?” 

Wait, She’s a Billionaire ( Sheena Lawson )

Wait, She’s a Billionaire ( Sheena Lawson )

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Read Online Wait, She's a Billionaire ( Sheena Lawson ) Sheena Lawson gave up everything and became a full-time housewife for love. After three years, she finally realized that Elijah Freeman, her husband, was still in love with his first love. Heartbroken, Sheena decided to get a divorce. "I'm done!" When news broke that a billionaire heiress might have just divorced, many young and handsome CEOS competed to win her affection-each trying to outdo the other. Elijah read the news online, and he immediately called a press conference the next day, begging Sheena to come back."Baby, come back to me!"..

Wait, She's a Billionaire ( Sheena Lawson )

  Chapter 1 That night, Sheena Lawson could not sleep well and felt someone pressing down on her, making it hard to breathe. He started to pant, and then she felt an unbearable pain between her legs. Realizing what was happening, Sheena opened her eyes in terror and saw a man's figure looming over her. "Elijah? I-is that you?" The man who reeked of alcohol grunted a simple response, then continued pounding on her. Hearing the familiar voice, Sheena let out a sigh of relief. As she responded to his advances, she gradually got into the rhythm and could not help but let out a tender moan. > As his movements intensified, Sheena gritted her teeth and endured the pain, completely immersing herself in the act. However, she was also unwittingly


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