Wait She’s a Billionaire ( Sheena Lawson ) Chapter 56

Wait She's a Billionaire ( Sheena Lawson ) Chapter 56

Chapter 56 

Sheena chuckled, amused. You should ask him that. He’s the one who called me here.” 

Jennifer was shocked. Why would Eli call you?! If it weren’t for you pestering him, he wouldn’t have spared you another glance!” 

Even though Jennifer said that, she was still doubtful

Sheena took the transfer document from her bag and waved it in front of Jennifer. Take a good look! Your dear Eli transferred this property to my name

With that, she pushed Jennifer aside


Jennifer staggered back several steps before regaining her balance, and her eyes were wide with shock when she realized that Elijah had transferred the mansion to Sheena. Jennifer could not understand why he generously handed over the mansion to Sheena but would not let he would not let Jennifer get anywhere near it


Jennifer was fuming, but she quickly thought of something and glared at Sheena. Is this Eli’s way of compensating you for the divorce? He’s doing this to set a clear boundary with you!Sheena smirked coldly, unfazed by the accusation. Then, she said, This property belongs to me now, Ms. Moore. You should stay away. Otherwise, I won’t hesitate to throw you out.You!Jennifer was enraged. As she watched Sheena get into the driver’s seat and start the car, she continued smugly, You had Howard backing you up, so I couldn’t compete with you in the past. Starting tomorrow, I’ll trample all over you!” 

Sheena glanced at her, not taking her harsh words seriously. Then, she swiftly drove her Santana away, leaving Jennifer in a cloud of exhaust

Choked by the fumes, Jennifer coughed and glared at the shiny green Santana with a malicious glint in her eyes

She was determined to see just how long Sheena could remain so arrogant

Sheena drove back to Howard’s mansion. As she passed a large screen in the commercial district, the news was broadcasting about a car accident involving Hannah Moore of the Moore family. Hannah was in critical condition, and while she was currently stable, she might remain in a vegetative state

Hannah’s parents were shown crying inconsolably

Sheena only spared the news a passing glance before moving on. It was not until three days later that Sheena found herself surrounded by unusually nosy colleagues during lunchtime at the cafeteria

Their animated expressions hinted at heated discussions

Though Sheena was curious about the commotion, she was not much of an internet user and was not into gossip

Ms. Sheena, did you hear the big news this morning?Wendy approached with a tray of food, accompanied by two other friends, and they all sat next to Sheena

What news?Sheena asked

Seeing that she was clueless, Wendy became excited and said, Do you know about the car accident involving the heir to the Moore family, Hannah Moore? Well, just a few days later, the Moore family publicly announced that they’re bringing their youngest daughter, who has been abroad due to illness, back home.” 

Sheena focused on her food as she asked, Why is that so surprising?” 

Do you know who the second daughter of the Moore family is? It’s Jennifer Moore, who’s set to be engaged to the CEO of the Freeman Group!” 

Sheena was stunned

Seeing that Sheena finally reacted, Wendy continued, Everyone is laughing at how bold the Moore family is. While Hannah is in a vegetative state, they’re planning a grand banquet to welcome Jennifer back.” 

The two other colleagues at the table quickly joined the conversation, sharing similar sentiments of disapproval toward the Moore family’s actions. Some even ventured bold speculations that Jennifer’s identity was definitely more complicated than it appeared

The discussion became a flurry of opinions and guesses about the situation, but Sheena listened quietly without participating

Suddenly, she recalled the words Jennifer had uttered at the gates of Ocean Avenue a few days ago. With the events unfolding, it seemed that there was more to Hannah’s drunk driving incident

Sheena could not help but wonder what Jennifer would do now that she had transitioned from being an illegitimate daughter to a legitimate heir

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Wait, She’s a Billionaire ( Sheena Lawson )

Wait, She’s a Billionaire ( Sheena Lawson )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 1/24/2024 Native Language: English
Read Online Wait, She's a Billionaire ( Sheena Lawson ) Sheena Lawson gave up everything and became a full-time housewife for love. After three years, she finally realized that Elijah Freeman, her husband, was still in love with his first love. Heartbroken, Sheena decided to get a divorce. "I'm done!" When news broke that a billionaire heiress might have just divorced, many young and handsome CEOS competed to win her affection-each trying to outdo the other. Elijah read the news online, and he immediately called a press conference the next day, begging Sheena to come back."Baby, come back to me!"..

Wait, She's a Billionaire ( Sheena Lawson )

  Chapter 1 That night, Sheena Lawson could not sleep well and felt someone pressing down on her, making it hard to breathe. He started to pant, and then she felt an unbearable pain between her legs. Realizing what was happening, Sheena opened her eyes in terror and saw a man's figure looming over her. "Elijah? I-is that you?" The man who reeked of alcohol grunted a simple response, then continued pounding on her. Hearing the familiar voice, Sheena let out a sigh of relief. As she responded to his advances, she gradually got into the rhythm and could not help but let out a tender moan. > As his movements intensified, Sheena gritted her teeth and endured the pain, completely immersing herself in the act. However, she was also unwittingly


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