Wait She’s a Billionaire ( Sheena Lawson ) Chapter 78

Wait She's a Billionaire ( Sheena Lawson ) Chapter 78

Chapter 78 

When did you figure me out?Aster asked, no longer putting on an act as she used both hands to push the needle toward Sheena’s neck forcefully

Sheena knew she could not hold back with just one hand for long, so she acted swiftly. The car was moving steadily on the road in the suburbs, and she suddenly pulled the handbrake

The tires screeched, and the car lost balance and flipped over. The car crashed through the guardrail and rolled into the grass on the roadside

Sheena only had a minor scratch on her forehead because of the safety airbag, and she quickly got out of the car

Surveying the badly damaged Santana, Sheena clicked her tongue in disappointment. She thought to herself how shortlived her time with this car had been

Seeing that Aster had not come out yet, Sheena opened the door and pulled the fainted girl out

Sheena performed CPR on her, and her consciousness slowly returned

Surprised that Sheena had saved her, Aster asked, Why did you save me? You should’ve killed me for hurting you.” 

Sheena glanced at her coldly, not answering that question directly. Instead, she asked, Who ordered you to do this?” 

Aster instantly fell silent, turning her face away without saying a word

Sheena smirked. Let me guess. Was it Jennifer, or maybe Katie? Or perhapsboth of them?” 

Sheena knew well what Jennifer was capable of, and she could not have arranged such a meticulously planned scheme or hired a highly skilled female assassin with such excellent hiding abilities. Moreover, considering how she suddenly became the Moore family’s heiress, Sheena was convinced those two were likely working together

Aster, however, seemed indifferent. I’ve clearly failed at my task. Go ahead and kill me.” 

Sheena teased, Kill you? That wouldn’t be much fun.” 

Aster looked at her, confused

The suburban night was dimly lit, with only a few streetlights. Yet, Sheena’s eyes seemed to shimmer like the stars, radiating a brilliant glow

Did you put some kind of drug in that syringe? They wanted you to drug me and take me to some location, subjecting me to all sorts of tortures, right?” 

Aster was surprised. She stared at Sheena in disbelief as she wondered how Sheena figured it all out

The woman was a beauty with a brain

Aster remained silent, her gaze fixed on Sheena

Sheena flashed an innocent smile and added, Since they instructed you to do so, then just go ahead and do it.” 



Five minutes later, Aster texted someone

[Mission accomplished. Currently on the way to the abandoned cabin in the suburbs.

Jennifer, who received the message, was thrilled

Finally, that bitch had fallen into her hands, and she could finally pay back the humiliation she suffered

Jennifer’s eyes gleamed with excitement as she immediately texted a certain number

[The person will arrive soon. Bring ten strong men and give her a good beating before following the plan and leaving.

The reply came swiftly, [All is good as long as we’re properly paid.

Jennifer clenched her teeth and transferred another 75,000 dollars. Nonetheless, as long as Sheena was tortured, that much money was nothing! – 

Hardly two minutes after setting down her phone, Jennifer received another message from 


[I think the drug is too strong. She’s not holding up well. Please come over quickly to take a look.

Not holding up well

That was unacceptable

Jennifer wanted that bitch to endure humiliation while remaining conscious! She wanted her to suffer

Wait, She’s a Billionaire ( Sheena Lawson )

Wait, She’s a Billionaire ( Sheena Lawson )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 1/24/2024 Native Language: English
Read Online Wait, She's a Billionaire ( Sheena Lawson ) Sheena Lawson gave up everything and became a full-time housewife for love. After three years, she finally realized that Elijah Freeman, her husband, was still in love with his first love. Heartbroken, Sheena decided to get a divorce. "I'm done!" When news broke that a billionaire heiress might have just divorced, many young and handsome CEOS competed to win her affection-each trying to outdo the other. Elijah read the news online, and he immediately called a press conference the next day, begging Sheena to come back."Baby, come back to me!"..

Wait, She's a Billionaire ( Sheena Lawson )

  Chapter 1 That night, Sheena Lawson could not sleep well and felt someone pressing down on her, making it hard to breathe. He started to pant, and then she felt an unbearable pain between her legs. Realizing what was happening, Sheena opened her eyes in terror and saw a man's figure looming over her. "Elijah? I-is that you?" The man who reeked of alcohol grunted a simple response, then continued pounding on her. Hearing the familiar voice, Sheena let out a sigh of relief. As she responded to his advances, she gradually got into the rhythm and could not help but let out a tender moan. > As his movements intensified, Sheena gritted her teeth and endured the pain, completely immersing herself in the act. However, she was also unwittingly


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