When the Boss’ Lady Became His Sister-in-law ( Kristin and Garner ) Chapter 153

When the Boss’ Lady Became His Sister-in-law ( Kristin and Garner ) Chapter 153

Chapter 153 

I know you’re capable,” James sneered at Vincent with a contemptuous glint in his eye. You managed to put her behind bars five years ago. What’s stopping you from doing anything else? James looked on indifferently as Vincent downed his glass of bourbon in one gulo and stood up to leave the dimly lit room of the old pub

Alone now, Vincent sat in oppressive silence. Abruptly, he snapped, kicking over the bottles of liquor on the table, his rage turning into a frenzy as he smashed anything within reach

Five years ago, that damn trial had become Vincent’s worst nightmare

For five long years, Kristin had been locked away, and he’d been haunted by dreams of her. He saw her in the courtroom, her eyes filled with despair and resignation as she said, I plead guilty.” 

Vincent had lost control, shouting to withdraw the charges, insisting he no longer accused Kristin. He claimed he had given her the money willingly

But the gavel had fallen, and the judge had pronounced the sentence. All Vincent could do was watch helplessly as the police took her away

Vincent, does ruining me make you happy? If so, then I’ll plead guilty.” 

Kristin, you have to atone for your sins.” 

Vincent, I’m not guilty.” 

Once, Vincent had been Kristin’s salvation. But eventually, he became her personal hell

At Rhett’s apartment

Wrapped in a bath towel, Kristin stood shivering at the bathroom door, glancing around nervously. She stepped onto the bath mat, her bare feet cold against the tile, her head bowed 

in anxiety

Moving into Rhett’s place so suddenly had left her on edge, so much so that she forgot to bring a change of clothes into the bathroom

Twisting her feet together in a fluster, Kristin felt too apprehensive to disturb Rhett

Rhett was clad in a silk robe, talking on the phone by the floortoceiling windows to York

Through the reflection in the glass, he could see Kristin’s discomfort

His breath tightened, and a scratchy heat built in his throat, his body growing warm

Mr. FitzGerald, shall I head back to the office tomorrow? Don’t worry about the shareholder vote. I’ll handle it. Mr. FitzGerald?” 

On the other end of the line, York called out several times, but Rhett didn’t respond


Mr. FitzGerald?” 

Rhett snapped back to reality, his brow furrowing. Go to bed. Don’t call me at night unless it’s urgent.” 

A bewildered York got reprimanded without understanding why. Mr. FitzGerald, didn’t you call me?” 

Without another word, Rhett hung up

York, standing in the dim light of Harborside Haven Airport, stared at his disconnected phone

Lately, Mr. FitzGerald was acting more human than ever, unpredictable, but unmistakably alive. Mr. FitzGeraldSeeing Rhett turn to look at her, Kristin wished she could vanish into thin air

Her nerves made her fair skin flush, resembling a delicate and blooming flower

Hmm?Rhett’s voice was husky, his magnetic tone sending shivers down her spine

He was wearing a dark grey robe that outlined the contours of his muscled chest… 

Already handsome, the dim light only enhanced his devilish features

Kristin, too nervous to meet Rhett’s gaze, felt like her heart was racing out of control

She knew her worth. As a contractual wife, she understood her obligations

IKristin stammered, unsure how to begin

Did you take your medicine?” Rhett approached, his hand reaching out to touch her forehead, his voice deep, revealing no particular emotion yet strangely mesmerizing

Kristin nodded

Relieved she wasn’t feverish, Rhett let out a sigh of relief

II canKristin began timidly, her hands fumbling with the towel, ready to fulfill her duties

Rhett grew hotter, his voice rough and low as he spoke. I won’t touch you tonight, just rest well.” 

Kristin looked down, her ears burning even redder

She always overthought things. Rhett was sober tonight. Did he despise her now

I washed thoroughly.Kristin quivered her voice

Hanging her head, she wished she could bury it in her chest

Rhett inhaled sharply, feeling that any further provocation could lead to something uncontrollable… 

Holding Kristin in one arm, Rhett said in a resigned tone, I’m not a monster, you know. You’re still not well.” 

Chapter 153 

the hairdryer, certain that Rhett couldn’t hear her

Rhett turned off the hairdryer. Hmm?” 

Noit’s nothing.Kristin’s cheeks burned with embarrassment. In a panic, she turned to flee 

But her towel slipped

She hadn’t brought a change of clothes

Her heartbeat raced, tears threatening, Kristin clutched the towel tightly. I’m sorry” 

It wasn’t intentional

As Kristin made to run, Rhett shot out his hand, pinning her against the wall, his voice a husky lure. Beg me, and I might let you go.” 

Kristin gripped the towel, her head bowed. Pleaseplease let me go.” 

Rhett chuckled, ruffling her hair. Get some sleep.” 

Kristin, with a racing heart and a flushed face, slipped into bed, contemplating the sweet relief that suffocation might bring

At the Haywood family’s manor

Adrienne was in tears, while Hertha was dark with suppressed anger

That bastard child of Kristin’s can’t be JamesAdrienne cried, clutching Abigail. Mom, what if James doesn’t believe me?” 

Kristin is cunning, a true vixen.Abigail spoke with gravity. Carter despises deceit above all. If that child isn’t James, we won’t need to lift a finger. Carter will take care of Kristin for us.” 

Mom, let’s secretly arrange a paternity test. I’ll find a way to get some of Jameshair, Adrienne whispered

Hertha glanced at Adrienne. I can help you get some of Summer’s hair.

When the Boss’ Lady Became His Sister-in-law ( Kristin and Garner )

When the Boss’ Lady Became His Sister-in-law ( Kristin and Garner )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/20/2024 Native Language: English
When the Boss' Lady Became His Sister-in-law ( Kristin and Garner ) Five years back, Vincent shockingly broke off his engagement with Kristin in a public spectacle and heartlessly landed her in prison. The day she walked out of the iron bars, he had the audacity to drag her to the hospital and coldly announced, "Ruby's been in a car crash.

When the Boss' Lady Became His Sister-in-law

  She needs a kidney, yours." Kristin, born with a fragile heart condition, knew that agreeing to donate her kidney was akin to signing her own death warrant. Still, Vincent was ruthless in forcing her compliance. On the afternoon of the scheduled operation, her heart tragically gave out and despite desperate attempts, she couldn't be revived. Rumor has it that Vincent, the man who seemed to have wished for her demise, broke down and wept at her graveside for a marathon of three days and nights. Later, when he saw Kristin again in his home, she was holding a five-year-old and had married his elder brother, Rhett, who treasured her like a precious gem. Vincent, in a pitiful state of regret,...


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