When the Boss’ Lady Became His Sister-in-law ( Kristin and Garner ) Chapter 155

When the Boss’ Lady Became His Sister-in-law ( Kristin and Garner ) Chapter 155

Chapter 155 

Since breakfast, when she had made pancakes and scrambled eggs for Summer, Kristin’s 

mood seemed subdued

She was distracted, lost in her thoughts

Rhett glanced sideways at Kristin and spoke with a concerned voice. Are you feeling alright?” 

Kristin quickly shook her head. I’m fine” 

Her worries were all about Garner

Kristin was selfaware enough to recognize the boundaries of her relationship with Rhett. There was a line that could never be crossed. But Garner was emotionally untouched

Once upon a time, Garner had a crush on a girl, but after Ruby publicly accused him of being a creep and mistreating her, that budding romance was over before it even began

Since then, Garner remained alone, living a simple life with Summer. In the past five years, no one had dared to set him up with anyone. Those who were interested backed off as soon as they learned about the kid

Garner didn’t seem to want anyone either. He had grown accustomed to solitude, with only Summer and his mother who was still in prison as his cares in the world

In truth, Kristin’s five years in prison were just as torturous for Garner, one trapped within the walls, the other confined by them from the outsid 

Pull over here, please,Rhett instructed the driver to stop by the curb

The driver, a little surprised, quickly obliged

Rhett stepped out and bought a latte from the coffee shop by the road

A shocked Kristin followed. Mr. FitzGerald, do you like lattes? Next time, I’ll grab one for you.” 

He handed her the latte. It’s for you.” 

Kristin clutched the latte, stunned

For her

Her eyes moistened, and she lowered her head, following Rhett back into the car

I’ve noticed you like coffee sweet,Rhett guessed, assuming Kristin had a sweet tooth

Kristin didn’t respond. It was just that life had been so bitter that she craved sweetness

Because after that day she had taken the medicine, Rhett had said, whenever life felt too bitter, she should have a piece of candy

Thank you, Mr. FitzGerald.” 

Chapel 155 

At the FitzGerald Group

Kristin entered the company alongside Rhett as his executive assistant, a sight the staff had grown used to

Good morning, Mr. FitzGerald,employees greeted Rhett

He nodded, ever so slightly

Kristin wasn’t imagining it. Rhett’s demeanor changed the moment he entered the office, his aura chillingly aloof

The contrast between Rhett at home and at work was stark

Kristin, a moment, please,York called her aside before they could enter the elevator

Rhett frowned. It’s not yet office hours. What do you need her for?” 

York looked puzzled. Mr. FitzGerald, you’ve had your breakfast, but we haven’t, so I thought I’d take Kristin for a bite.” 

Kristin felt awkward and had eaten already with Mr. FitzGerald

She’s busy.Rhett said curtly, shutting the elevator doors

York was left outside, dumbfounded. Mr. FitzGerald was quite the taskmaster,he thought

Poor Kristin.” 

York sighed, feeling increasingly that Kristin deserved better. He resolved to be kinder to her, especially since others, like Nicola, had been downright malicious, once trying to harm Kristin with sulfuric acid

Inside the elevator, the air was tense

Kristin stole a glance at Rhett, puzzled by his sudden mood

Mr. FitzGerald,she whispered

Stay away from York,Rhett was firm

Kristin was confused. York is nice. We work together. I can’t just avoid him

She didn’t grasp Rhett’s meaning

I meanRhett started, then paused, clearing his throat instead of continuing

He knew York too well. The man’s compassion was selective, typically reserved for attractive women. After badmouthing Kristin, now he seemed to be her advocate, even warning Rhett not 

to overwork his staff. Clearly, his intentions were not pure

Mr. FitzGerald, here’s the schedule for the week,Kristin said, presenting a tablet to Rhett once. they were in his office. The partnership with Harborside Haven has been a success. There’s a celebration dinner tonight. Will you attend?” 

Rhett drummed his fingers on the desk. He rarely attended company social events


Kristin knew this but asked anyway, perhaps hoping he’d make an exception just this once

If possible, it would be great if you could break tradition and attend, maybe even give Neal from the Investment Division a shoutout in front of the executives and project team. It would boost his morale,Kristin said softly, her voice carrying a plea

Rhett considered for a moment, then nodded. Alright, arrange it.” 

Holcomb had called him earlier, insisting he come home tonight, mentioning Nicola would be cooking

Was this an attempt at an apology, or a way to evade responsibility

After the event, join me back at the house?Rhett sought Kristin’s agreement

Sure,she replied. Whatever you think is best, Mr. FitzGerald.” 

Rhett sighed inwardly. Her approach to him was strictly professional

Don’t worry about tonight, whatever happens. I’ll be there,Rhett reassured her

He wouldn’t let the incident with Nicola and the sulfuric acid go unpunished

Kristin gripped her hands tightly, nodding

At the kindergarten

Summer was engrossed in his math class when a teacher called out his name from outside the 


Summer slipped quietly out of the classroom and approached his teacher with a respectful gaze. Did you need to see me for something?” 

Sweetie, your hair’s gotten so long without a chance to trim?The teacher said in a soft voice

Summer shook his head and refused, Uncle Garner says it’s still not long enough to need


Let me give it a little trim for you,The teacher suggested, taking Summer’s hand and leading him to the office

But you should have my mom’s permission to cut my hair.Summer said cautiously, resisting the idea of his teacher cutting his hair

It’s just a little off the ends, it’s no big deal,the teacher coaxed gently

No, I can’t. Uncle Garner says our body and hair are gifts from our parents. We shouldn’t let just anybody cut our hair,Summer insisted

Summer, be a good boy,the teacher said, clearly losing patience and reaching for a few strands of Summer’s hair

Summer quickly dodged. If my hair gets too long. Mom will take me to the salon. I don’t need a haircut from you.” 


Chapter 195 

Alright then, I’ll just tidy it up a bit,the teacher said with a smile, putting down the scissors and waving Summer over

Summer approached, still suspicious

You’re pulling my hair,he winced as he felt strands being tugged from his scalp

It seemed like the teacher had pulled out several hairs

Oh, sorry, Summer! I didn’t mean to. There were some knots. I was just trying to help sort it out,the teacher said with a smile, fumbling with Summer’s hair and then dismissing him back to class

Summer returned to the classroom, confusedly glancing back at his teacher

Looking at the strands of hair in her hand, the teacher slipped them into a small plastic bag. Ms. Haywood, I’ve got the hair with follicles from Summer. I recommend sending them for testing within two weeks to ensure accuracy, as the results could be compromised if we wait too long.” 

On the phone, Hertha’s voice was a bit hoarse. You’ve done well. Bring the sample to me.” 

Summer’s hair with follicles was secured. Now it was up to Adrienne to play her part

But deceiving a child was one thing, pulling the wool over James would be quite another.

When the Boss’ Lady Became His Sister-in-law ( Kristin and Garner )

When the Boss’ Lady Became His Sister-in-law ( Kristin and Garner )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/20/2024 Native Language: English
When the Boss' Lady Became His Sister-in-law ( Kristin and Garner ) Five years back, Vincent shockingly broke off his engagement with Kristin in a public spectacle and heartlessly landed her in prison. The day she walked out of the iron bars, he had the audacity to drag her to the hospital and coldly announced, "Ruby's been in a car crash.

When the Boss' Lady Became His Sister-in-law

  She needs a kidney, yours." Kristin, born with a fragile heart condition, knew that agreeing to donate her kidney was akin to signing her own death warrant. Still, Vincent was ruthless in forcing her compliance. On the afternoon of the scheduled operation, her heart tragically gave out and despite desperate attempts, she couldn't be revived. Rumor has it that Vincent, the man who seemed to have wished for her demise, broke down and wept at her graveside for a marathon of three days and nights. Later, when he saw Kristin again in his home, she was holding a five-year-old and had married his elder brother, Rhett, who treasured her like a precious gem. Vincent, in a pitiful state of regret,...


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