When the Boss’ Lady Became His Sister-in-law ( Kristin and Garner ) Chapter 158

When the Boss’ Lady Became His Sister-in-law ( Kristin and Garner ) Chapter 158

Chapter 158 

During the Team Gathering

The office was buzzing with the chatter and laughter of the staff

Hey, Mr. Neal, come have a drink, will you? You’re about to be the vice president. You better not forget about us,one colleague joked with a grin

Neal sat at the head of the table, reveling in the attention he was getting

Ah, I’m not worthy,Neal said with a laugh that didn’t quite reach his eyes

If you aren’t worthy, then the rest of us might as well get dismissed,a few others chimed in, provoking laughter from around the table

Mr. Neal, word has it you’re the clear choice for vice president. The CEO has his eye on you and we all back you up. Mr. FitzGerald seems also pretty wary of you. If not you, who else has the chops for the job?” 

Exactly, if you don’t get the spot of vice president, we’re staging a protest!” 

We can’t have any of that, no stirring up trouble among the staff,Neal said with a hand raised for quiet, still smiling

His confidence only grew with the support from his peers

Just then, Rhett walked in with Kristin and York

Everyone was surprised to see Rhett. Mr. FitzGerald? Do you come to our teamgathering 


Jesus, or is that Mr. FitzGerald?” 

It’s really Mr. FitzGerald! Did he come because of Mr. Neal’s promotion?” 

It seems like a done deal now, just waiting for the official announcement.” 

Quiet down, everyone. Mr. FitzGerald has a few words, then he’ll be on his way,York said, trying to calm the crowd

But no one listened to York, and the room remained a buzz of whispers and speculation

Rhett, however, kept his cool, betraying no emotion beyond his usual indifference

Everyone, please!Neal stood up and walked over with a significant smile. Mr. FitzGerald, the floor is yours.” 

When Neal spoke, the staff quieted down

Clearly, they were snubbing York, the CEO’s assistant, but showing respect to their project 


Neal was pleased, which was a subtle power play



Chapter 158 

He knew that making the boss a little wary could work in his favor

Rhett might be talented, but he was just a younger colleague in Neal’s eyes. Now was the time to build alliances, not confrontations

This project has been a real effort from the Investment Division, you’ve all worked hard,Rhett said, his tone serious as he gave Neal a fleeting glance

He had little patience for the selfsatisfied

But Kristin had asked him to play nice, so he grudgingly offered some praise. Mr. Neal’s skills are something I aspire to. Let’s chat oneonone when you have the time.” 

Neal’s smile almost split his face. You flatter me, Mr. FitzGerald. This is the fruit of everyone’s labor.” 

Neal was a crafty one, knowing when to share credit to maintain his influence

After all, there’s a world of difference between one person leaving a job and taking an entire team with them

Enjoy yourselves, I’ve got to get going,Rhett said, eager to leave

Once out of the hotel, his mood was palpable

Kristin followed timidly, heart pounding with uncertainty

This was Rhett breaking his routine for her… 

We should head back to the family estate,Rhett instructed in a hushed tone

Kristin leaned against the car door, sneaking a nervous glance at Rhett

Visiting the FitzGerald family meant facing Vincent, Nicola, Holcomb, and Eve

Rhett didn’t say a word the whole ride, just quietly held Kristin’s hand to reassure her

She hoped York wouldn’t notice

Rhett seemed indifferent to being seen, perhaps even wanting York to witness the gesture

Luckily, York was focused on driving and never looked back

Back at the hotel

Neal excused himself to a quiet corner and called Nicola. Madam, it’s me, Neal.” 

Yes, you’re right. Rhett came to see me and he’s trying to win me over, clearly feeling threatened.” 

Then congratulations in advance, President Neal,Nicola said meaningfully

Madam, without your patronage, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Don’t worry, no matter what Rhett does, I’m on your side.Neal reassured her eagerly


Just remember to be gratefulNicola reminded him with a laugh

Rest assured. I remember all that you’ve done for me. When my family had those troubles, I wouldn’t have made it through without you,Neal said, reasserting his loyalty. I’ll keep working on the CEO. When the time is right, Mr. Vincent will take the reins of the FitzGerald Group 

That’s what I’m counting on you for.Nicola responded

She had high hopes for Neal, a key player she’d positioned with care

If Neal landed the vice president, she would have secured half of the FitzGerald Group for Vincent

What would Rhett’s prowess matter then if his subordinates lacked execution? His days as CEO would be numbered

At the kindergarten

Mr. FitzGerald, Neal is Nicola’s righthand man and your trusted confidant. Are you really okay with letting Kristin fool around like this?Kristin had gone to pick up Summer, and York glanced back at Rhett with nervous eyes. Mr. FitzGerald, you indulge Neal in forming cliques. Did you see his arrogance today? To an outsider, it might seem like Neal is the CEO. I’ve bent over backwards and still haven’t managed to get rid of Neal. Do you think Kristin can handle it?York still had his reservations

Even if Kristin had the chops, Mr. FitzGerald’s trust in her seemed a bit hasty

That’s why you should take a good look at yourself,Rhett snorted

It’s not thatYork fumbled, anxious. I’m just worried, okay? Neal is Nicola’s ace up the 


Then you better keep your eyes peeled and watch closely.” 

Huffing. York got out of the car and opened the door for Rhett

As Rhett was about to step out, the taunting voices of brats echoed from the school gates

Summer has no Daddy to attend Parent’s Day!” 

Summer, the child born out of wedlock!” 

The unwanted child!” 

Milo, the ringleader, was picking on Summer, leading the other kids in a cruel chant about Summer not having a father

After being scared off by Melissa last time, Milo didn’t dare to physically bully Summer anymore and had resorted to verbal jabs instead

Summer, with his little backpack on his shoulders, retorted angrily, I do have a dad!” 

er, where’s your dad then?the other kids taunted


Chapter 158 

Yeah, tell us another one, you fibber.” 

Summer clenched his tiny fists and his eyes reddened, but he remained silent

*Summer.Rhett got out of the car and walked over to Kristin, calling out to Summer

Daddy!Summer instantly brightened his eyes. With excitement, he ran out and flung himself into Rhett’s arms

Milo froze for a second, instinctively taking a step back

He was terrified of Rhett

Milo, why are you running?Rhett’s voice was deep and stern, as if he was the bogeyman coming for naughty children… 

When the Boss’ Lady Became His Sister-in-law ( Kristin and Garner )

When the Boss’ Lady Became His Sister-in-law ( Kristin and Garner )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/20/2024 Native Language: English
When the Boss' Lady Became His Sister-in-law ( Kristin and Garner ) Five years back, Vincent shockingly broke off his engagement with Kristin in a public spectacle and heartlessly landed her in prison. The day she walked out of the iron bars, he had the audacity to drag her to the hospital and coldly announced, "Ruby's been in a car crash.

When the Boss' Lady Became His Sister-in-law

  She needs a kidney, yours." Kristin, born with a fragile heart condition, knew that agreeing to donate her kidney was akin to signing her own death warrant. Still, Vincent was ruthless in forcing her compliance. On the afternoon of the scheduled operation, her heart tragically gave out and despite desperate attempts, she couldn't be revived. Rumor has it that Vincent, the man who seemed to have wished for her demise, broke down and wept at her graveside for a marathon of three days and nights. Later, when he saw Kristin again in his home, she was holding a five-year-old and had married his elder brother, Rhett, who treasured her like a precious gem. Vincent, in a pitiful state of regret,...


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