When the Boss’ Lady Became His Sister-in-law ( Kristin and Garner ) Chapter 216

When the Boss’ Lady Became His Sister-in-law ( Kristin and Garner ) Chapter 216

Chapter 216 

Rhett knew Kristin like the back of his hand. Unless he initiated it, Kristin would never willingly spend his money. It was a trait that unsettled him, leaving him feeling on edge, as if he was standing on shaky ground

A woman who didn’t chase a man for his wallet could indeed strip a guy of his peace of mind. It was as if Kristin could vanish at any 


Kristin’s heart pounded as Rhett hang up the phone. She returned to the boutique only to find her friend, Harriet, in the midst of a heated argument with the supervisor

You think you can have wealthy friends looking like that? If you don’t meet your sales targets this month, you’re out of here!the manager spat out

I’ve been servicing all those clients, and you have the nerve to credit their purchases under your name? And now you’re talking about performance assessments?Harriet was not one to back down easily

You’re new here. Those are our regulars; they’re not your clients.” 

Stop fighting, both of youKristin tried to interject, hoping to defuse the situation

Back off! You’re all nobodies!the manager scoffed, eyeing Kristin with disdain. If you care so much about your friend, why don’t you buy a few bags and boost her sales?” 

Kristin paused, rendered speechless by the suggestion

The manager dismissed her with a roll of her eyes, assuming Kristin couldn’t afford it. Her plain appearance and makeup free face, although naturally beautiful, screamed smalltownto the snobbish manager

Can’t foot the bill? Then cut the act,the manager sneered, before directing her attention to a glamorous woman in a slinky dress and stilettos, hanging onto a middleaged man

Oh, Fiona, darling, you’ve finally graced us with your presence,” the manager’s tone turned from sour to sweet in an instant

Kristin was gobsmacked, witnessing such a drastic change in demeanor. Harriet chuckled at Kristin’s expression. Never seen an asskiss in action? They fawn over the rich like they’re their own flesh and blood.” 

Kristin composed herself. What an act” 

Forget about her,Harriet whispered, pulling Kristin aside. That woman with the sunglasses and mask, that’s Fiona, Adrienne Haywood’s cousin. The man with her is Sybil’s husband. Sybil will be here in ten minutes. Just wait for the show.” 

Kristin took a deep breath. What if there’s a fight and you get blamed?” 

Don’t worry about that. I’m here to help you out,Harriet smirked. I’ve even got a friend coming. He’s a streamer with millions of followers. He’s going to accidentallypass by and live stream everything. The scandal will explode online.” 

Kristin hugged her gratefully. Thank you so much. I’ve found a journalist for today too.” 

She needed to turn the Haywood family’s reputation sour before Holcomb made a move on Jack. With resolve, Kristin was determined to protect what she and Rhett shared, even if it was just for a moment

Let’s stick to the script,Harriet winked, giving Kristin the cue to prepare herself

Kristin clenched her fists, her spirit fierce and fiery

Harriet smiled wistfully. Kristin had changed so much since her release. Maybe, it was because she was with the right person. Being with Rhett, Kristin blossomed once more, like a flower that had been carefully nurtured back to life

Kris, I hope you bloom brilliantly again,Harriet said meaningfully. With Rhett’s nurturing, Kristin would surely thrive

Oh, darling, I absolutely adore this bag. That girl in my group just got one more expensive than mine. It’s infuriating!Fiona cooed to the man beside her, pointing to a handbag, worth over a million dollars

He was clearly smitten, spoiling her rotten. Buy it.” 

Oh, my love, you’re the best!Fiona kissed him, and Kristin nearly choked on her drink

Was this the power of a woman’s charm? Kristin wondered if Rhett would respond to her flirtations like that. The thought alone gave her goosebumps. It wasn’t her style

Fiona continued her act, now eyeing a bracelet. Darling, I have an event tomorrow, and I don’t have a single piece of jewelry to wear. People will laugh at you.” 

Just then, Sybil arrived, frozen at the door, staring at the man she had protected with four years of her youth

SybilKristin approached, concerned

The man turned, his face a mask of shock, hastily distancing himself from Fiona. Sybil” 



Sybil slapped him hard. You’ve enjoyed yourself while I was away

Sybil let me explam he pleaded, knowing Sybil had leverage over hom 

Fiona was annoyed. What are you afraid 

Youte nich, shes Inuke. What can she dat 

Sybil hinges at Frona, the two women clashing fiercely 

Spotting an opportunity, the streamer outside started broadcasting live, and the viewership shot up, hungry for the juicy drama that was unfolding 

Comments flew in as viewers recognized Fiona Isn’t that the girl from the new pop group? She’s a homewrecker!” 

The scandal was out, and the Haywood family’s reputation testered on the brink, Kristin’s plan was in motion, and the future was uncertain, but for now, she was in the fight

How dare you! Do you even know who I am? Fiona yelled, her voice laced with hysteria as she confronted Sybil Do you have any idea who my uncle is? The Haywoods, ever heard of them? My cousin Hertha is about to get engaged to Rhett, the CEO of the FitzGerald Grouph 

True to form. Fiona played her family card with gusto

Kristin breathed a sigh of relief, she had worried Fiona might hold back, requiring some crafty provocation on her part. But it proved to be an unnecessary concem

Your cousin is Hertha?Harriet feigned a high pitched shock. The Hertha who’s getting engaged to Rhett? Good heavens! That’s the CEO of the FitzGerald Group!” 

Harriet’s enthusiastic flattery swelled Fiona’s pride. Yes! Now you realize who I am? I demand an immediate apology!” 

Fiona was itching to strike back

Sybil, her eyes reddening, stared at her man, who was caught between a rock and a hard place

Hertha is your cousin, and this is how the Haywoods raised you? To be a homewrecker?Sybil spun around, facing the reporters who had rushed in. Take a good look, everyone! A public figure, playing the role of the other woman, and from the Haywoods no less!” 

Only then did Fiona sense something was amiss. When had so many journalists, especially the recognizable faces from the entertainment beat, crowded into the mall

It meant someone had set this up… 

Not entirely clueless, Fiona looked at Sybil in shock. You planned this” 

She scrambled to disguise herself with a mask and a hat, but it was too late

The Haywoodseducation of their daughters and nieces in the art of being mistresses was already trending online

A pop group member, Hertha’s cousin, a homewrecker, disrupting a family

The Haywoods were under fire; a family unable to produce a decent individual, known for bullying, with parents who turn a blind eye, and a niece who wrecks homes


When the Boss’ Lady Became His Sister-in-law ( Kristin and Garner )

When the Boss’ Lady Became His Sister-in-law ( Kristin and Garner )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/20/2024 Native Language: English
When the Boss' Lady Became His Sister-in-law ( Kristin and Garner ) Five years back, Vincent shockingly broke off his engagement with Kristin in a public spectacle and heartlessly landed her in prison. The day she walked out of the iron bars, he had the audacity to drag her to the hospital and coldly announced, "Ruby's been in a car crash.

When the Boss' Lady Became His Sister-in-law

  She needs a kidney, yours." Kristin, born with a fragile heart condition, knew that agreeing to donate her kidney was akin to signing her own death warrant. Still, Vincent was ruthless in forcing her compliance. On the afternoon of the scheduled operation, her heart tragically gave out and despite desperate attempts, she couldn't be revived. Rumor has it that Vincent, the man who seemed to have wished for her demise, broke down and wept at her graveside for a marathon of three days and nights. Later, when he saw Kristin again in his home, she was holding a five-year-old and had married his elder brother, Rhett, who treasured her like a precious gem. Vincent, in a pitiful state of regret,...


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