When the Boss’ Lady Became His Sister-in-law ( Kristin and Garner ) Chapter 218

When the Boss’ Lady Became His Sister-in-law ( Kristin and Garner ) Chapter 218


Chapter 218 

Kristin found herself anxiously biting her lip, mulling over the card Rhett had given her 

Could she splurge on a handbag? He wouldn’t mind, would he

She stole a glance at the display case, then at the price tag

Forget it. A handbag for over thirty grand

Way too terrifying

What a loser, the supervisor sneered, catching Kristin’s hesitation and shock. Everything on display here is just regular stock, and if you can’t afford that, you’ve got no right standing here.” 

The supervisor pointed towards a private showroom. See that? Don’t even dream of stepping foot in there in your lifetime.” 

Unless you’re dropping a cool million in our store, you don’t get to see what’s inside

Don’t look down on people,Harriet chimed in, indicating that the supervisor was crossing the line

Im looking down on her? If she can afford this thirtythousanddollar bag, I’ll bark like a dog,the supervisor rolled her eyes. If you can’t buy it, then scram and stop dragging our store’s reputation through the mud.” 

Security came in to clear the area, ushering out the journalists and onlookers

Fiona’s bodyguard and company representatives arrived, escorting her away

Once Fiona left, the reporters followed suit, chasing after the story

I’m about to finish up here, wait two minutes for me, and I’ll take you out for some good eats,Harriet patted Kristin’s head sympathetically

She looked like the type that was easy to bully, no wonder she was picked on wherever she went. Because Kristin just seemed too easy to push around. Even a luxury store supervisor dared to bite at her

Kristin nodded, waiting in place for Harriet

You’re not going anywhere, we have a meeting at noon!The supervisor deliberately blocked Harriet, determined not to let her off work. About letting your friend hang out in the store without buying anything, you’re going to need to explain that to the manager.The supervisor said smugly. The manager will be here any minute.” 

Sure enough, the manager had arrived

Harriet, I’ve heard you’ve been leaking client confidentiality, allowing the press to swarm our guests and causing negative publicity?The manager’s voice was stern and displeased. As salespeople, no matter if it’s a mistress or a fling, we only care about performance! How are you going to compensate for the damage to the store?” 

It wasn’t Harriet’s doing, the man’s wife is my friend, and I was the one who called her over.Kristin spoke up angrily; she wasn’t an employee of the store

The manager, a woman of great poise dressed in highend custom fashion, looked every bit as expensive as she sounded

She sized Kristin up in her heels. You’re a customer of ours?” 

Customer? Manager, this person couldn’t even afford a pair of our earrings,the supervisor said mockingly

If you’re not a customer, how do you plan to compensate for the damages you’ve caused to our store?the manager asked angrily

I was unaware that we’ve reached a point where my wife couldn’t afford to shop here?Rhett’s voice was low and intimidating as he entered the store

Everyone paused, turning around in shock at Rhett’s arrival

MrMr. FitzGerald.Kristin rushed over nervously, gesturing for him to be careful with his words in public… 

Boss?The manager snapped back to reality, not quite catching what Rhett had just said

Rhett pulled Kristin into his embrace, his intentions clear

The supervisor went pale with fear

Rhett? The Rhett FitzGerald of the FitzGerald Group? Wasn’t he supposed to be engaged to someone from the Haywood family

After the initial shock, the supervisor/still looked disdainful, always quick to label others as mistresses, yet here she was, just another 

secret lover

Harriet, according to Krispreferences, whatever she likes, don’t worry about the price, make sure the latest designs are delivered to our home regularly,Rhett said, effectively crediting the sales to Harriet




18 on and one at the Whe why to tay hak What foot 

Preko ned for many bags, 1 dont even, dont cay baga Kitati muckly waved her hands

pet namwe set play invened 

A whed in the These bags went worth the money, why don’t you just give me the cash instead

het was a bit of a phen 

he chocked looking down at Aston who looked up at him so adorably Didn’t I give all my money over to you?” 

nked to my main account there’s no spending limit, you can use it as you please,Rhett said, ruffling Kristin’s 

hat, then placed at Hamet Finished work? Let’s go grab some dinner

Jumping with 

cementdinner with the boss

the manager were too scared to speak, especially the manager, who approached anxiously. Mr. FitzGerald, my gies, this was all a misunderstanding. I had no idea.. 

it seems you need to brush up on your management skills and improve your judgment when it comes to selecting your staff, Rhett advised the manager hinting at who should stay and who should go

The supervisor was terrified, unable to speak to Rhett 

Hamet rolled her eyes talk about judging a book by its cover

At the FitzGerald Group headquarters 

Holcomb sat in his office with a scowl, scrolling through the news on his phone

Chairmanit’s all over the major platforms, the headlinesthey’re all talking about the Haywood familyit’s tough to suppress.” 

The FitzGerald Group’s PR and the Haywood family’s PR working together can’t suppress it?Holcomb was shocked. Does Rhett know bout this

Apart from Rhett, who else could have the clout to leave the PR of both the FitzGerald Group and the Haywood family at a loss

The Bryce family’s involvement?Holcomb massaged his forehead. Was it James

Look, its not that simple, this whole circus of entertainment reporters, social media influencers, and internet trolls it’s a massive rowd, spread across the globe. Trying to tackle them one by one is like playing whackamole at a state fair. They’re not just on lifferent platforms; they’re everywhere, and they’re not afraid of us or the Haywoods. There’s gotta be some heavy hitter backing hem….The assistant said

No one person can pull this off,” Holcomb said. Looks like we’re up against more enemies than we thought.” 

Whoever was stirring up this mess wasn’t working alone.” 

We found some traces. Seems like ByteSpark Technologies is involvedThey’ve been rising like a rocket these past few years. They on’t go headtohead with the FitzGerald Group, but they’re climbing the ladder way too fast.” 

olcomb stood up and peered out the window. ByteSpark TechnologiesDig deeper. I want to know who’s really pulling the strings ehind their capital moves.” 

e had to be careful. ByteSpark Technologies was now a serious threat to the FitzGerald Group’s dominance in the business world

What about the press conference at 3:30 PM?the assistant asked, wiping sweat from his forehead

Cancel it! We’ll wait until the Haywoodsmess dies down before we do anything,Holcomb snapped, clearly irked

fter lunch, Rhett drove Kristin home

he had been preoccupied with thoughts of taking on the Haywoods, having barely slept a wink last night

/atching Kristin doze off in his arms, Rhett’s lips curled into a smile

Mr. FitzGerald, the Haywood scandal has blown up,one of his people reported

hett raised an eyebrow, quite pleased. “My wife’s idea.” 

ristinshe wasn’t just a box full of surprises; her intelligence stirred a deep sense of tenderness within him

he was so smart, yet she had spent years enduring grievances and bullying in silence


She thought 

at fault, abellys bying to alone

Ha latest powe must have been for him as 

en Rhen found the Bible under Kristin’s pois, he realized her 

saw herself as a sinne 

of forbearance were not just because she lacked a strong backer 

Decieving someone else’s life for twenty one years, enjoying wit that she shouldn’t have a sinner. But Kristin detened so much better 

she didn’t realize sha 

Met dont pre your faith in God, trust in me,Rhett whispered hoarsely, gently tracing the contours of her face


When the Boss’ Lady Became His Sister-in-law ( Kristin and Garner )

When the Boss’ Lady Became His Sister-in-law ( Kristin and Garner )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/20/2024 Native Language: English
When the Boss' Lady Became His Sister-in-law ( Kristin and Garner ) Five years back, Vincent shockingly broke off his engagement with Kristin in a public spectacle and heartlessly landed her in prison. The day she walked out of the iron bars, he had the audacity to drag her to the hospital and coldly announced, "Ruby's been in a car crash.

When the Boss' Lady Became His Sister-in-law

  She needs a kidney, yours." Kristin, born with a fragile heart condition, knew that agreeing to donate her kidney was akin to signing her own death warrant. Still, Vincent was ruthless in forcing her compliance. On the afternoon of the scheduled operation, her heart tragically gave out and despite desperate attempts, she couldn't be revived. Rumor has it that Vincent, the man who seemed to have wished for her demise, broke down and wept at her graveside for a marathon of three days and nights. Later, when he saw Kristin again in his home, she was holding a five-year-old and had married his elder brother, Rhett, who treasured her like a precious gem. Vincent, in a pitiful state of regret,...


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