And The Daddy Is… The Infertile Guy?! ( Vitality ) Chapter 303

And The Daddy Is… The Infertile Guy?! ( Vitality ) Chapter 303

Chapter 303 

Howard didn’t make it home until after eleven that night

Gwendolyn, pretending to be asleep in the sprawling kingsize bed of the master bedroom, heard him arrive. Throughout the day, Marina’s words had festered in her mind, fueling a simmering anger. Determined to give Howard the cold shoulder, she wanted to avoid any chance of his amorous advances tonight

In the dimly lit room, Howard flicked on the soft amber lamp and changed out of his clothes before sitting on the edge of the bed. He playfully pinched her nose, a chuckle escaping his throat, What’s got my little spitfire all riled up?” 

Clearly, he had caught wind of Marina’s complaints once again

Gwendolyn’s eyes snapped open, glaring at him. I’m not,she retorted, her voice husky with a pronounced nasal quality, betraying her upset

Have you taken your medicine?Howard asked, exasperated as he looked at her


Next time, we won’t go in the water,” he compromised

He hadn’t realized just how delicate she could be. Even a summer night’s swim could bring on a chill. His `passions, once ignited, were hard to quell, a common trait among men newly wedded to their appetites

Gwendolyn was about to respond when a sharp pain seized her chest. Clutching at her heart, her face turned deathly pale, and she curled up in agony. A sharp and sudden pain stabbed at her heart, wringing a cry of pain from her lips. But just as quickly, the pain vanished, leaving her in peace


Mr. Chadwick, it’s nothing to worry about. Just a little pain in my heart, it’s common, she said, pulling in a deep breath and examining herself

Howard tucked her under the silk comforter, Next time, don’t wait up for me. You should be asleep by ten. If I’m late, I’ll crash in the guest room.” 

Alright.” Gwendolyn nodded obediently

These inexplicable pains, varying in intensity, had plagued her since childhood. Mr. White assured her it was normal, just the body’s reaction. It wasn’t something to fret over

The human body was a mystery, and there were so many uncharted territories within

She drifted into a deep sleep, unaware that the night would be tumultuous

Bayridge Hospital’s ambulances were all deployed, sirens blaring for hours. The emergency department was a whirlwind of activity, and the Hamilton family had their peace disrupted

The next day

When Gwendolyn returned to work at the hospital, her colleagues in the emergency department were visibly exhausted with dark circles under their eyes

Compared to them, she had it easy. Since she was about to resign, her oncall shifts had been scrapped, and her patient load had lightened



Chapter 303 

Department heads from other specialties had asked her to assist with their rounds, hoping that an exchange of medical practices would spark innovation. Gwendolyn wouldn’t dream of refusing such an opportunity

Walking the wards with these seasoned doctors, she learned countless tricks of the trade and encountered a variety of cases. So her main task each day had become making rounds

Sandra emerged from the oncall room, yawning

Gwendolyn handed her a thoughtful breakfast, Here, your favorite donut.” 

Oh, Gwendolyn, darling, how will I ever cope without you?Sandra hugged her, planting a kiss on her cheek

Gwendolyn smiled softly

Sandra nibbled on her breakfast, recounting the previous night, It was a madhouse. The ER was shortstaffed, so they pulled me in. I spent the whole night surrounded by blood and gore, throwing up in between. Give me a donut and soy milk any day” 

She couldn’t stand the smell of meat anymore

What happened?Gwendolyn inquired

Last night, there was a major accident at Hairpin Curve during an underground street race. One person died on the spot, three didn’t make it after being rushed here, and seven were injured

Hairpin Curve was infamous for its challenging, winding path, also known as Devil’s Elbow. Most drivers would slow down and take it easy. But these folks decided to race there, tempting fate

And The Daddy Is… The Infertile Guy?! ( Vitality )

And The Daddy Is… The Infertile Guy?! ( Vitality )

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And The Daddy Is... The Infertile Guy?! ( Vitality ) Gwendolyn had spent her formative years in the tranquil comfort of the countryside. After her father's untimely death and her mother's swift remarriage, her life took an unexpected detour. As an adult, her calculating mother summoned her back to the urban jungle to take her step-sister's place at the altar. The lucky groom? Howard, the Chadwick family's paraplegic.

And The Daddy Is

Dawn had barely broken on their second day of matrimonial bliss when Howard gave her two options: "Divorce or play the widow. Your call." Gwendolyn, not missing a beat, unceremoniously ripped off his dress pants, running her hands up his surprisingly firm thigh, and boldly announced, "I opt for plan C." Before long, her uncanny ability to heal the sick and restore vitality was causing a stir, gaining her considerable recognition. And Howard, the supposed paraplegic and family embarrassment, turned out to be a stealthy billionaire, whose condi...


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