Arranged to the Arrogant CEO by LS Barbosa ( Katerina ) Chapter 83

Arranged to the Arrogant CEO by LS Barbosa ( Katerina ) Chapter 83

Chapter 83 


I knew you to be cruel, and I knew you to be a monster, but I did not know that you would be this low, Nikolay.Katerina said, entering my office. I raised an amused eyebrow at her, shaking my head in question as I waited to hear what she was going to tell me

I did tell you that you were going to regret playing this game with me, didn’t I? you chose not to believe me and now you are paying the consequences of it. It is not my fault that YOU underestimated what I would have been willing to do for my” 

You made me sign off my children to you! How the hell did you even do that? I don’t even” 

That is what you get for signing papers without reading them.I said, stopping her. I never did intend to use them against you, but considering that you are trying to play smart with me. I am only going to respond using your own game.” 

You are putting my children on a line against me? I understand your hate toward me and your anger, but I do not understand how a man could be so cold as to use a child against his own mother.She said, looking me in the eye. Do you really have no remorse to me? To the children who have been raised by me for all?” 

Another woman can raise them, any other tutor, educator, and nurse can do the job that you thought you were doing. You just seem to fail to admit that it can happen, and even IF you see that it can, you fear what I can do when I” 

Would you even be able to look them in the eye when they see that you tricked their own mother after YOU cheated on her?She asked, stopping me. Her eyes were fixed on mine for a moment and I nodded

I would be able to look them in the eye just as I am doing today. I am going to be able to raise them without regretting anything that I did.I said, and she took a deep breath. You want a divorce, I told you, I am going to give it to you. But if you think that I am going to give you the children, then you are going to think a thousand times before that happens. I am not going to lose them to a woman like you.” 

It is YOU who did wrong, Nikolay, not the other way around. Since our marriage, since the two of us chose to be together

All I did” 

Do not play victim on me.” I said, and she took a step back. I am not going to explain to you what I did or why I did it. It is not like you married me because you wanted to. The marriage was for an agreement, you never did love me the way that you claimed but you did love what I was offering. See? You got everything that you could have wanted, you gained the money that you lost. I never took anything from you in return, and I was offering you enough for you to be able to save up to be able to hire a lawyer to begin with.” 

I will see you at court. This conversation is not going to lead us anywhere.She said, and I scoffed

I told you, do not play smart with me. You chose to do it anyway, and I merely responded to what you have done.I said, and her eyes widened

YOU told me that you were going to file for a damn divorce. I am not going to bring up the fact that you also put me in a situation where the kids were going to be put to be raised with the damn mistress” 

The mistress that you are referring to is going to be my wife. Whether or not you want to admit that will not concern me 



Chapter 83 

right now. But it is a reality.I said, and Katerina shook her head at me


To think that I ever thought that you loved me.She said, and I frowned. But I give you my word, I am going to be sure that you end up saying what if?and I wish in that court room. Not only will I take everything that you think that you hold dear, but you are going to see everyone around you for who they are. And I am going to be sure that you know, understand, and feel the pain that I am feeling because of you.” 

You really do overestimate yourself, don’t you?” 

No, but you underestimate what a mother would be willing to do for her children.She said, and I smiled

That mother should have been a lot more careful when challenging me, though. And I will admit, she would have been a lot more logical to spend the last night with her children.I said, and she nodded. You know, I am going to come to take them tomorrow, and trust me when I say, the social workers will not take you fighting for the kids lightly when you do. However, as signed in the paper that you gave, you still have three days a week, which are weekends, to see them. You know, I am not that cruel to stop a mother from seeing her kids.” 

I will be sure that you pay for this,she said, looking away from me as if to hide what she was feeling. As for fighting you for the kids, I a mother. And no matter how much you are going to try and deny it, hide it, and even neglect that, even if you do take them from me, there will come a time when they will both come to me, and when that happens, I am going to be sure that they see you for the monster that you were when they were kids.” 

And you expect them to believe you?I asked, ignoring the anger that I was feeling. “With the paper that I have with me against you, with the documents that I can prove to” 

A mother who loves her children is always going to win,” she said, stopping me. Have a good evening, I will be seeing you tomorrow when you pick them up” 

Arranged to the Arrogant CEO by LS Barbosa ( Katerina )

Arranged to the Arrogant CEO by LS Barbosa ( Katerina )

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Arranged to the Arrogant CEO by LS Barbosa ( Katerina ) “Our marriage is nothing but a deal” he said, looking her in the eye.”As long as it helps my family, and ensures that they are our of trouble, I will sign that paper” she said, glaring back at him.*** ***Forced into a marriage that neither one of them wanted.

Arranged to the Arrogant CEO by LS Barbosa ( Katerina )

Nikolay and Katerina found themselves in a deal that they never thought they would be part of… Would their love grow through the marriage? Or would they live as enemies under the same roof?  

Arranged to the Arrogant CEO by LS Barbosa ( Katerina )


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