Billionaire’s Sweet Wife by Joanna Badldwin Chapter 124

Billionaire’s Sweet Wife by Joanna Badldwin Chapter 124

Chapter 124


When Seraphina wake up, she had a hangover. When she opened her eyes and saw the familiar envieument, she was still a linle confused. The thin blanket on her body slid down. There was a faint sweet smell in the air

She wondered if she was sleepwalking. She remembered drinking and celebrating in a private room with Mia and Emily, Then what happened? She seemed to remember his didn’t remember that much

Seraphina wanted to stand up but she was shaking, her head was spinning. She didn’t feel much better till she sat down

“Are you awake!” Dashiell came out of the kitchen and saw her s on the sofa. He wasn’t sure if she was awake at the moment or still intoxicated

“D-Did you bring me back home?” she asked with doubt, massaging her temples with one hand.

“Your assistant brought you back. Dashiell replied with his arms crossed over his chest. He leaned against the door frame and looked at her “I happened to run into you two at the gate of the villa.

Umm. They wouldn’t have been able to get in if they hadn’t run into him.

“Well, thank you” Seraphina said ackwardly.

She didn’t expect her to have a low alcohol tolerance. After all, she never drank much in her memory.

Her parents were very strict and they forbade her drinking. Later, she was with Julian. She didn’t have much chance to drink with people.

She indeed indulged herself in drinking this time. Probably it was because of Henry’s words.

“That’s fine” Dashiell replied, straightening up. He unfolded his arms and walked towards her.

When he stopped in front of her, he knelt and propped himself up on two elbows on either side of her body. “Why don’t you think about how to repay me

Seraphina smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. She looked up at him and sad. “I don’t mind, but I smell like

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Daturli kissed her hard as if to punish her He was not as gentle as before biting her lips

Seraphina cried in pain, frowning Dashiell didn’s fareak the kiss until then. His eyes flashed with anger Do you due

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Chapter 125


His low and deep voice, cauul movements, roguish eyes, and a faint smile on his face all contributed to his visital allure. Seraphina’s heart was pounding in her chest. She was falling for him.

How seductive he was!.

How could anyone in this world be so beautiful! Not to mention that the person was a mant And

Thinking of it, Seraphina was in a better mood. I made her feel proud.

“What smells good? She sniffled and couldn’t help but sneeze, which had ruined the mood.

“It’s a hangover cure. He let go of her hands and rose to his feet. I’ll get sore for you.” he said.

Dashiell had brought Seraphina a bond of hangover cure and placed it in front of her when she sat up. Drink while it’s still hot. Then go back to your room and take a shower.”

“I’m not sleepy anymore!” She muttered in a low voice, stirring the soup with the spoon. “Are you sure this is a hangover cure?”

Although Seraphina had never had hangover cures before, she expected them to taste weird. However, its taste aside, this bowl of soup contained lotus seeds, dried lilies, walnuts, red dates, green plums, and other ingredients she couldn’t identify It looked delicious and smelled good

She wondered, “Is this really a hangover cure?

“I think so,” Dashiell replied. He thought it was okay. At least, it was not a dark cuisine. I made it for the first time. I found the recipe online. Other recipes may not be as tasty. This one should be fine. Fortunately, I have all the ingredients at home, so I gave it a try.”

He took a sip of soup with her spoon as he spoke. “Nothing is wrong with it!” he said seriously, smacking his lips.

Seraphina was so moved that she didn’t know what to say. Dashiell was so considerate!

He not only looked up the hangover cure recipe on the Internet but also considered her preferences and even tasted it for her.

Without saying a word, Seraphina quickly drank up the whole bowl of hangover cure.

It tasted sour and sweet. She felt warm and invigorated after eating it, and her head hurt less.

Tm sorry.” Seraphina said, putting the bowl down.

I thought you were going to thank me again, Dashiell said, looking at the empty bowl with satisfaction.

Thank you, Dashiell, but I have more to apologize to you! I didn’t expect myself to have such a low alcohol tolerance 1 dedot drink much before. I promise I won’t drink like this again I swear to you this is the first and last time I’m sorry for making you worry” Seraphina promised, raising her right hand

Dashiell drew her right hand down and put it on his chest, gazing at her. Tim glad to hear that. I’ll drink with you if you want to drink in the future. But you’re not allowed to drink when lantiot presIL

“Okay” Seraphina nodded, leaning closer to Dashiell

“Take a dower and go to bed. Dashall whispered peeking her forehead.

“No I’m not sleepy at all. Dashar! Have a premature dea that want to tell you” scraplana said coquritally against his

Hah Dadarll asked, wrapping his arm around her shoulder

In the past. I made new perfis based on the tastes and perpectives of ordinary people. All of the product I made wee

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Chapter 124

popular and became a hit. But now I want to try something nove Seraphina sis

This was one of her ideas that grew stronger and stronger in her and. She hadn’t figured it out and was sure whether in was feasible, so she didn’t tell him.

Perhaps she told Dashall now because she was still sfizzy from the wine, or because i

she just wanderli

After thinking for a while. Dashiell asked, “Do you want to make custom-made perfumes

Seraphina stood up and looked at him admiringly. No wonder Dashiell was a big shot in the fashion industry and a fashion icon. Before she could elaborate on it, he had already guessed what she was going to do.

She nodded camously and replied seriously “Yes, I do”

Billionaire’s Sweet Wife by Joanna Badldwin

Billionaire’s Sweet Wife by Joanna Badldwin

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 1/30/2024 Native Language: English
Billionaire’s Sweet Wife by Joanna Badldwin ( Seraphina And Dashiell’s )"  Seraphina uncovered her friend’s affair with her boyfriend and their attempt to steal her hard work, she came up with a daring plan for revenge. Dashiell, an enigmatic and alluring CEO, agreed to her audacious proposal, but with one condition-she must marry him. “Marry you?” Seraphina’s voice wavered with disbelief. “Can I ask why?

Billionaire’s Sweet Wife by Joanna Badldwin

Dashiell’s beguiling smile was laced with mystery as he responded, “You need my help and I need a wife. Fair deal, isn’t it?”Amidst the intricate dance of their strategic alliance, Dashiell’s unexpected tenderness and unwavering support left Seraphina both bewildered and intrigued. How could someone she had only recently met be so deeply invested in her well-being? Yet, as her career ascended to new heights, she found herself increasingly captivated by Dashiell’s charm..  

Billionaire’s Sweet Wife by Joanna Badldwin


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