Billionaire’s Sweet Wife by Joanna Badldwin Chapter 125

Billionaire’s Sweet Wife by Joanna Badldwin Chapter 125

Chapter 125

Dashiell pondered for a moment before cutting to the chase. “Ina way, you’re still a novice.

Seraphina nodded, acknowledging the truth.

Despite having been in the industry for some time, Seraphina had always worked behind the scenes. Few knew she was a perfumer. Her previous works had been shamelessly claimed by Prosperian Company, and her former reputation and spotlight had been snatched away by Vivian Seraphina was still a newcomer even though she was now working independently and given ample space to showcase her talent by Aroma Delight

She reasoned in her mind. Who are the custom-made perfumes targeting! The affluent and influeritial!

“Such perfumes with exorbitant prices are beyond the reach of ordinary people. Naturally, the clientele of the custom-made perfumes had discerning preferences. They sought out renowned perfumers with a reputation and standing, not only within the fragrance industry but also beyond.

“Can I fit that bill-It’s not just a difficult task but rather practically impossible.

“I understand that I currently lack recognition and prestige. So, apart from winning the annual competition. 1 need to prepare further, Seraphina confided, outlining the rough plan and initial ideas already taking shape in her mind

Dashiell raised an intrigued eyebrow, noticing that Seraphina had moved beyond mere contemplation. “What kind of preparation” Dashiell inquired.

“Recently, I’ve been pondering the creative direction for new creations. I plan to develop two fragrances in advance. Even if they don’t achieve resounding success, they will provide invaluable experience and lessons. Seraphina explained.

“That’s a commendable approach,” Dashiell reflected for a moment before nodding. “But it will be a demanding endeavor

I find immense fulfillment in doing what I love!” Seraphina replied earnestly. The opportunity to pursue her passion was already a source of great joy to Seraphina

With Seraphina’s radiant smile, Dashiell’s mood brightened as well. He reached out, pulling her close, and suddenly swept her up into his arms, heading towards the staircase.

“Hmm Seraphina was puzzled, raising an eyebrow in inquiry.

Dashiell smiled softly and said, “I wholeheartedly embrace your words, and thus.. I believe it’s the perfect moment to indulge in something that brings us sheer delight

Seraphina quickly caught on, and her cheeks flushed

In the eilarace of the night, every moment was indeed worth saboring

“You re late, Vivian whispered, even though there was no one around at this hour. She remumed nervous, fearful of being


Fortunately she was well acquainted with the laboratory’s Layout knowing where the surveillance cameras were positioned

aide, Vivian had made a spesial

Lin survey the area star again. Under the game of trolling, die took the opportunity to Lamaze halfwath the layout, all while making though preparations


It expect das Mãe would be late again

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10:11 Mon, Feb 5

Chapter 125

wrinkled her nose and covered it with her hand, asking, “Did you go out for a drink?”

“You have a keen nose. Mike chuckled dismissively, moving clean to Vivian. Then why don’t you guess what I’ve had for dinner

As Mike approached, the scent of alcohol grew stronger, making Vivian feel queasy. She quickly t and pleaded Mease stop!”

“Are you still feeling shy! Mike teased, reaching out to playfully lick Vivian’s check, “Consider it a training After all, how can a perfumer’s nose not be keen?”


“Enough with the nonsense Vivian’s patience wore that. Time is of the essence, and we must quickly identify the problem Do you remember what you promised me? And can you handle things in your current state?”

Vivian pressed the elevator button, and Mike gave her a meaningful glance, scanning her from head to toe. “Whether I can handle it or not, surely you’re aware, aren’t you?”

Vivian was speechless

Soon enough, they arrived at the laboratory where they conducted research on new products. The door had already been securely locked, and everything inside had been nearly stowed away. Fortunately, Vivian had taken the initiative to gather information beforehand, knowing exactly where the failed samples were stored. She cautiously flicked on the lights, feeling a tinge of apprehension.

In the laboratory, there was only a night guard on duty, ensuring no one else would disturb them. Vivian had made a special arrangement with the guard, informing him that she would be working late and must not be disturbed. She then entered the elevator and descended to the underground garage, awaiting Mike’s arrival

This way, they could ensure they wouldn’t be disturbed and could thoroughly work on the formula and find out its problem.

“Come and see”Vivian turned around, faring the workbench, and presented the small vials she had brought. “These are the recent failed samples, meticulously concocted according to your prescribed formula, with precise measurements. However, something is arms, there are impurities, a taint in the fragrance

Comudering the inputrance of this matter for her fature, Vivian held it in high regard.

“I suspect there may be an issue with one of the ingredients, perhaps the lavender? I believe it may clash with the other ents What are your thoughts After speaking for a while without receiving a response from Mike. Vivian turned around only to fad Mike leating agamit a table half-slumped over it, seemangly lost in shunber

At that traitant, Vivian was overcome

Verian called his name with a low indymani norant matters How could you behave this way


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10:11 Mon Feb 5

Chapter 125

Despite her typically composed demeanor, Vivian’s face nimed crunson at Mike’s words. Yet, she couldn’t comain her anticipation, her gaze fixed intently on his every move as if Mike was holding the key to her bright future!


Billionaire’s Sweet Wife by Joanna Badldwin

Billionaire’s Sweet Wife by Joanna Badldwin

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 1/30/2024 Native Language: English
Billionaire’s Sweet Wife by Joanna Badldwin ( Seraphina And Dashiell’s )"  Seraphina uncovered her friend’s affair with her boyfriend and their attempt to steal her hard work, she came up with a daring plan for revenge. Dashiell, an enigmatic and alluring CEO, agreed to her audacious proposal, but with one condition-she must marry him. “Marry you?” Seraphina’s voice wavered with disbelief. “Can I ask why?

Billionaire’s Sweet Wife by Joanna Badldwin

Dashiell’s beguiling smile was laced with mystery as he responded, “You need my help and I need a wife. Fair deal, isn’t it?”Amidst the intricate dance of their strategic alliance, Dashiell’s unexpected tenderness and unwavering support left Seraphina both bewildered and intrigued. How could someone she had only recently met be so deeply invested in her well-being? Yet, as her career ascended to new heights, she found herself increasingly captivated by Dashiell’s charm..  

Billionaire’s Sweet Wife by Joanna Badldwin


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