Billionaire’s Sweet Wife by Joanna Badldwin Chapter 126

Billionaire’s Sweet Wife by Joanna Badldwin Chapter 126

Chapter 126

Vivian’s lack of a keen sense of smell and natural talent, coupled with her neglect of honing her

in her abilities. Nonetheless, she possessed a rudimentary understanding of the fundamental pre allowing her to lend a hand aside.

It couldn’t be denied that that Mike, when carnestly engrossed in his work, presented an exemplary pl professionalism

With utmost care, he dropped the distilled essential oils into the mixture, supplemented by a few additional inga followed by stirring and melding, before finally placing it on the shelf to mature, awaiting the forthcoming outcome.

In total, there were three test tubes, each representing a distinct attempt. In Mike’s own words. In the end, there will undoubtedly be one that aligns with our anticipations. And who knows, there might even be an unexpected, delightful surprise.

“Are you suggesting a resemblance among them? Vivian inquired

Raising an eyebrow, Mike extended his hand to lift Vivian’s chin. “You’re not entirely slow, are your

Avoiding Mike’s touch, Vivian replied, “However, a mere resemblance serves little purpose. No age would purchase two strikingly similar fragrances. Naturally, they would select their favorite, rendering the other one a redundant waste.”

“It’s not like that! It’s the survival of the fittest! The one chosen by the masses becomes a sensation, while the other, akin to a replica, can be offered at a considerably lower price. Just imagine the lucrative profits, Mike smirked meaningfully.

Vivian widened her eyes. “Isn’t that akin to creating counterfeit versions of our own products?!”

During the process of concocting perfumes, the elimination of certain flawed specimens that failed to meet the desired effect was inevitable. However, it was the first tige Vivian heard from Mike that they could be preserved.

Indeed, the allure of crafting imitations could be enticing due to the potential profits. Nevertheless, no reputable establishment would stoop to such practices, for it would be akin to tarnishing their own reputation

“Oh, we don’t talk in that way! When others imitate your work, it’s piracy. But when it’s your own creation, there’s no question of impropriety!” Mike paused briefly, his laughter laced with mockery. Moreover, you have engaged in such activities before. How did you acquire those products from Prosperian Company? Surely, you must have some inkling right?”

Mike’s words struck a chord deep within Vivian, unearthing a secret she had fervently hoped to bury

“Stop talking nonsense!”

Although Vivian knew it wasn’t a significant matter, being confronted like this felt as if she had been stripped bare, leaving her displeased “Prosperian Company’s products are the embodiment of my hard work. They have nothing to do with counterfeits or piracy”

Teare le about their connection. What concerns me is that you have not fulfilled your promise to me! And.” Mike turned to face Vivian his hands naturally encircling her burly “You’ve been avonling me for quite some time!”

As Mike approached, his presente overwhelmed Viviam, making

cult for her to catch her breath

Vivian’s body incoluntarily tensed up Tve told you that you should wait for the right time.

The proo impatient waiting! Vivi, are you playing games with per Mike spoke while his fagers slowly slid under Vivian’s clothes, gliding up along line sk

Huff Gang for air Vivian graded Mike’s hand. Mop! The the laboratory

Hearing lar words, Mike glanced around the surroundings sheely surveying the area before bin gare locked onto her ber

10:11 Mon, Feb 5

Chapter 126


Before Vivian could even breathe a sigh of relief, she suddenly felt her body become weightless as Mike forcefully lifted her and placed her on the table behind her.

Tve never tried it in the lab before!” Mike smirked mischievously, his lips drawing closer to fingers accurately found the clasp of her bra from behind, and with a click, it came undone

Vivian panicked. She remembered what the doctor had said and quickly used both hands to pl really can’t!”

“You can’t?” Mike’s once smiling face quickly turned uncertain, and his expression darkened. Vivi, are y me! Don’t forget, you won’t be able to make it without my help!

“No!” At this moment, Vivian dared not provoke Mike. It’s not that I evaded you intentionally, but that…

Gritting her teeth. Vivian resolved to be forthright. I am pregnant, which is why I cannol…”“

A glimmer of surprise flickered in Mike’s cerulean gaze, but he swiftly deduced, “Mr. Brown’s?”

Vivian nodded. The doctor warned me of my deteriorating physical condition and strictly forbade me from sexual

OWL difficulties: intercourse. I am not offering excuses. I too yearn to be with you… but you understand, I face my

ime, his

Upon hearing Vivian’s words, Mike finally released his grip, his interest waning. “So, you will soon give birth to a child?

Vivi, I believe that as a woman of the new era, you know what holds greater importance for yourself. But, you have chosen the conventional path of marriage and motherhood. Once you have a child, your professional longevity as a perfumer will reach its end.”

Mike shook his head, as if feeling pity for her.

Vivian came off the table and said hurriedly. “That is not entirely accurate. Who said that women cannot pursue their careers after marriage and motherhood? I am well aware that within our industry, the esteemed master perfumer Vera. having given birth to a child, immersed herself in her career again and has ascended to near-legendary status.”

In the industry, the name of that master perfumer Vera was well-known. Mike nodded in agreement, refraining from retorting. Instead, he pointed out the fact sharply. “You’re right. Vera not only made a triumphant return after becoming a mother but also got divorced and raised her child single-handed. However…

He paused and went on. “Are you her?”

Vivian didn’t know what to say

Shefaltered, unable to conjure a retort before Mike continued. In terms of the sense of smell, knowledge base, adeptness bane operations, and years of experience in the field, what do you possess that can rival Vera’s Just because she can accomplish it does that guarantee your success as well

They aaga Vivi You sight believe that you could be like her. But sell me how did you ascend to your current position Lan jou honestly say you put where you are totally on your own

Mike and loving Vivan feeling astoundly humed

why do you have to say such hand

gay possible hate everything our desires her as backing tune and viscess, I believe you del

Unday Mil’s words were at yet they lendemable ping Visas y ad

Vistas fell into also found the whighly decided to keep this chihi

Billionaire’s Sweet Wife by Joanna Badldwin

Billionaire’s Sweet Wife by Joanna Badldwin

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Billionaire’s Sweet Wife by Joanna Badldwin ( Seraphina And Dashiell’s )"  Seraphina uncovered her friend’s affair with her boyfriend and their attempt to steal her hard work, she came up with a daring plan for revenge. Dashiell, an enigmatic and alluring CEO, agreed to her audacious proposal, but with one condition-she must marry him. “Marry you?” Seraphina’s voice wavered with disbelief. “Can I ask why?

Billionaire’s Sweet Wife by Joanna Badldwin

Dashiell’s beguiling smile was laced with mystery as he responded, “You need my help and I need a wife. Fair deal, isn’t it?”Amidst the intricate dance of their strategic alliance, Dashiell’s unexpected tenderness and unwavering support left Seraphina both bewildered and intrigued. How could someone she had only recently met be so deeply invested in her well-being? Yet, as her career ascended to new heights, she found herself increasingly captivated by Dashiell’s charm..  

Billionaire’s Sweet Wife by Joanna Badldwin


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