Echoes of Unrequited Love ( Hogan Zade ) Chapter 208

Echoes of Unrequited Love ( Hogan Zade ) Chapter 208


Chapter 208 

When the words professionalismpopped out of my mouth, I realized my hands were shaking and even my breathing was all over the place

I guess it’s because I’ve been holding back for too long. Or maybe, I’d rather be the one who were clashing with Hogan right now instead of Timothy

But maybe I’ve been too soft for too long, so when I shielded Timothy and confronted Hogan, I caught a flicker of surprise on his face

Hogan rarely showed his emotions, but for that split second, his panic and astonishment were plain as day to me

And that look lasted for a few seconds

His eyes were glued to me, unblinking, unwavering, as if they were welded onto me

He couldn’t spit out a single word for the longest time

The atmosphere suddenly became oppressively tense; I was cool as a cucumber at first, but within the next few seconds, I could feel the intimidation oozing from this man

Like he was about to chew me up and spit me out

At this moment, Zachary, who had been standing behind Hogan, quickly stepped in and tried to smooth things over, Xaviera, you’ve got it all wrong. Mr. Zade didn’t mean to be late today, and he really couldn’t.” 

Zachary!A roar burst from Hogan’s mouth, and he said icily, I’m talking to Ms. March. Did I ask for your input?” 

Zachary sheepishly glanced at Hogan, then hung his head; it looked like he was mad but didn’t dare to speak up

Of course, I knew Zachary was trying to play peacemaker, but ended up catching Hogan’s flak. I felt a bit guilty about it

I softened my tone a bit and looked at Hogan, “It seems that Mr. Zade isn’t in the best state to listen to our report today. Let’s pack up for now and we can reschedule another time.” 

No sooner had I finished gathering my papers than I heard Hogan’s sneer, Is this all the patience you have for Rainbow Capital? Or do you feel you’ve got more options now and can afford to look down on Rainbow Capital?” 

Hogan was mocking me openly, but what was he getting at? If I had other options, why would I stick around with him

Wallis also tried to defuse the situation with a smile, Mr. Zade got the wrong end of the stick. We’ve always been committed to a serious partnership, and there’s been no” 

I’m talking to Ms. March,Hogan rudely interrupted Wallis, and his gaze fell back on my face

Chapter 203 

Ms. March surely knows best what I mean.” 

Is Mr. Zade suffering from paranola or something?A crisp voice suddenly butted in. Timothy popped up from behind me, looking indignant. I do know a couple of shrinks, want me to introduce you to one?” 

Hogan’s face visibly darkened

I didn’t want the conflict to escalate, so I immediately grabbed Timothy, Just go out with President Lott for a bit, and I’ll be right over.” 

But Timothy was stubborn, pouting, No way, paranola isn’t scary, but when it hits, it doesn’t recognize anyone. I have to stay to protect you.” 

Anyway, I really can’t deal with Timothy’s unreasonable behavior

Seeing that it was futile to reason with him, and that Hogan had already turned as cold as an iceberg, like he would freeze you solid if you get too close, I had to change tack, But if Mr. Zade insists, we could record it and continue with the report.” 

I had barely finished my sentence when Timothy shot me a disgruntled look. I tugged on his sleeve to signal him to keep quiet, but it was too late

No need,the man’s chilling voice weighed heavy on my ears, and I heard Hogan say with finality, I’m afraid this partnership can no longer proceed pleasantly.” 

Chapter 209 

Echoes of Unrequited Love ( Hogan Zade )

Echoes of Unrequited Love ( Hogan Zade )

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Echoes of Unrequited Love ( Hogan Zade ) I've been a loyal follower of Hogan Zade for six years, but it never earned me a second glance from him. After a long separation, that girl smiled and told me, "The one who isn't loved is the third party." He smiled and took her hand.

Echoes of Unrequited Love

  At that moment, I realized all sincerity is just a joke. It wasn't until I chose to let go and get married to someone else that..


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