Echoes of Unrequited Love ( Hogan Zade ) Chapter 209

Echoes of Unrequited Love ( Hogan Zade ) Chapter 209

Chapter 209 

He said his piece and walked away, leaving us staring at his cold shoulder

The very thing I dreaded most happened

After leaving Rainbow Capital, Timothy was still fuming, It’s just about shelling out some measly cash. This dude ain’t playing their game.” 

True to his silverspoon upbringing, Timothy had the privilege to talk big

But when all is said and done, Hogan still holds the purse strings. The way characters are cast is crucial, and without his nod, we can’t even take the next step

It means that the project’s progress is about to get derailed. Again

It was nearly yearend, and if this drags on, next spring’s work plan could be dead in the water

And Hogan is not the kind of guy you can easily sweettalk

I had this nagging feeling of unease

Who knows what kind of drama Hogan’s gonna stir up this time

Wallis saw it too, so he had been on the horn with Zachary for two days straight, trying to pin down the next briefing session. But the answer was the same old song Mr. Zade’s calendar is packed, and they’ll have to push it back

They’re showing us the back of their hand, clear as day. What do we do? If we don’t sort this out, we won’t be able to enjoy the holidays.” 

I twirled my pen, without saying a word

Passing by the break room, I bumped into Cecilia, who just went back from outside

She’d been burning the candle at both ends these days. It looked like she was taking care of Hilary at the hospital

As I passed the front desk, I heard her telling Zora, I’m clocking out early today. If President Lott asks about it, you know what to say, right?” 

She sounded pretty cocky

And according to what Zora said, Cecilia’s been coming and going without so much as a leave slip

She acted like she owned the place

Before this, she would’ve followed procedure to the letter

As Wallis had already started grumbling about it, I reckon if this keeps up, the rest of the crew will start to get ticked off

At that moment, Zora flashed an awkward smile and glanced my way, before she called out like 



Chapter 209 

I was her lifeline, Xaviera, Director Irwin got held up, and she asked me to give you and President Lott the heads up.” 

Cecilia hadn’t left yet. Hearing this, she shot me a couple of glances and quirked her mouth, Oh, Xaviera, you’re in the office? Wasn’t it the buzz that you and President Lott were heading to Hogan’s to report on work? How’s that going?” 

Right then, I got why this girl was so full of herself

I figured that the wellinformed Cecilia must’ve caught wind of our snub at Rainbow Capital, and here we were, at a standoff with Hogan. The only person who could talk to Hogan was her, Cecilia

This plot seemed all too familiar

I remember when Wallis and I, the supposed bosses, had to call Cecilia and beg her to intercede on our behalf

But this time, I wasn’t about to do that

Director Irwin must be in the loop,I said, trying to keep my cool, Mr. Zade’s giving us the cold shoulder. What do you suggest?” 

Cecilia flicked her pretty nails and gave me a sidelong glance, Xaviera, aren’t you the one with all the answers? Do you need me to sweettalk Hogan?” 

I smiled slightly and said, Sweettalk? Absolutely.” 

But Xaviera, you know Hogan. He’s a man of principle. If I go to him now, it might” 

Sweettalk’s a must,I cut her off before she could finish, and my gaze landed on the young lady’s face, You’ll have to tell Mr. Zade, if we keep stalling like this, it might throw a wrench in your graduation defense next year.” 

Echoes of Unrequited Love ( Hogan Zade )

Echoes of Unrequited Love ( Hogan Zade )

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Echoes of Unrequited Love ( Hogan Zade ) I've been a loyal follower of Hogan Zade for six years, but it never earned me a second glance from him. After a long separation, that girl smiled and told me, "The one who isn't loved is the third party." He smiled and took her hand.

Echoes of Unrequited Love

  At that moment, I realized all sincerity is just a joke. It wasn't until I chose to let go and get married to someone else that..


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