Echoes of Unrequited Love ( Hogan Zade ) Chapter 211

Echoes of Unrequited Love ( Hogan Zade ) Chapter 211

Chapter 211 

I guess it’s about time to hit him where it hurts

True to its name, a soft spot is a soft spot. The moment I squeezed it, there came Hogan’s call immediately

It was already sixthirty in the evening, and I was at home, whipping up some soup for Jason

As soon as I hit the answer button, Hogan’s icy voice came through the earpiece, Xaviera, you’re really upping your game.” 

His tone was steady, but his manner of speaking was just as brusque as ever

If I’m not mistaken, Cecilia must have spilled the beans about our chat earlier today

I calmly stirred the soup in the pot, watching the steamy vapors rise, as I said, Mr. Zade, if you keep praising me like this, I might just get dizzy from all the flattery.” 

Playing the good girl isn’t so hard, it seems

Oh, trying to feed me a line again?Hogan scoffed coldly, Didn’t you consider how I’d react when you set me up using Cecilia?” 

I did,” I replied evenly, but Mr. Zade, what I said was true, wasn’t it?” 

So now you’re too tough to even agree to a small favor?Hogan’s voice suddenly fluctuated and rose a notch, “Let’s see if your two backers can really hold up the sky for you!” 

With a snap, Hogan abruptly hung up

I stared at the darkened phone screen and zoned out for a moment, not even sure what Hogan’s socalled small favorwas

But judging from his tone, he seemed pretty steamed

No matter what, anger is still a sign that there’s room for negotiation

After some thought, I ladled the soup into a thermos and drove off to the hospital

What I didn’t expect was that just as I stepped out of the hospital’s parking lot, I heard that sweet, soft voice of Cecilia’s, accompanied with a hint of sobbing

I thought I was mishearing things, but when I looked over in confusion, I actually saw Cecilia

And there was Hogan, who had just hung up on me, along with a plainly dressed lady

Oh, that’s the nanny Hilary had hired at Mountain Villa

Only, the scene looked a bit off

There was an inexplicable damp spot on Cecilia’s white wool coat, right over her heart

The poor girl’s face was streaked with tears, as if she’d suffered quite the wrong. 



Chapter 211 

Hogan had a stern look, and when his gaze fell upon the nanny’s face, she nervously explained. The lady said the flavor of the carp soup wasn’t right.” 

It’s not auntie’s fault.Cecilia jumped in. It’s on me; it’s my fault for not getting the soup to taste as auntie likes it. But if Xaviera were here, it’d be different. Seeing auntie eat so little all day, I just feel so bad.” 

I hadn’t even taken a step forward when I heard my own name

Then Cecilia added, Why don’t I give Xaviera another call? Auntie is always so fond of her, and Xaviera surely won’t ignore us.” 

The words ignore uspiqued my curiosity

No need for that.Hogan cut off Cecilia’s suggestion sharply, adding, She’s the last person to 


Suddenly, I remembered Hogan’s words on the phone about a small favor;after piecing it together with the conversation just now, I couldn’t help but smirk

Looking at the soup in my hand, I pondered

Turns out that I was the one being set up

Echoes of Unrequited Love ( Hogan Zade )

Echoes of Unrequited Love ( Hogan Zade )

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Echoes of Unrequited Love ( Hogan Zade ) I've been a loyal follower of Hogan Zade for six years, but it never earned me a second glance from him. After a long separation, that girl smiled and told me, "The one who isn't loved is the third party." He smiled and took her hand.

Echoes of Unrequited Love

  At that moment, I realized all sincerity is just a joke. It wasn't until I chose to let go and get married to someone else that..


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