Echoes of Unrequited Love ( Hogan Zade ) Chapter 212

Echoes of Unrequited Love ( Hogan Zade ) Chapter 212

Chapter 212 

I had a night when I just played it cool, like nothing happened

Back in the day, I might’ve taken a moment to clear the air with Hogan, but now, it feels like there’s no need to make a fuss about it

It’s just a bowl of soup. If Hogan put his mind to it, this little hiccup wouldn’t even make him 

break a sweat

Why should I bother

Especially now, with the timing being so delicate, if I went out of my way to butter him up, people might take it the wrong way and think I’ve got an ulterior motive or something

I’m better off spending my time on work

But what I didn’t see coming was that Cecilia didn’t keep at me. Instead, the gal went off to Jason’s hospital room

And she brought her mom, Sibyl, along for the ride

When I pushed open the hospital room door, there was Sibyl, ladling out soup for Jason with all the warmth in the world. It was lunchtime, and his little table was decked out with a full 

spreadchicken, fish, you name it. Quite the feast

Seeing me, Sibyl flashed a big grin and came over, chuckling, Ms. March, what brings you here? Hope Cecilia and I aren’t cramping your style at work.” 

You’re looking out for Jasonthat’s something I should be thanking you for,I replied, trying hard to keep my voice even and to keep my discomfort at bay

Then Sibyl went, Ms. March, you’re too kind. You’ve always looked out for Cecilia at the company. It’s only right we come to see Jason, isn’t it?” 

Yep, the motherdaughter duo dropping by to see Jason without giving me a headsuppretty 


Picking up the fish from the table, I calmly said, The wound’s heating up, and the doc’s already warned against eating anything too rich.You forgot about that, Jason?” 

After handing the fish to the nurse, I caught Sibyl and Cecilia’s gaze, who both seemed taken aback

Sibyl was quicker on the uptake; she clapped her hands and said, Hey, look at me, my memory’s just not what it used to be. Ms. March, please don’t be mad. I just wanted to give Jason a bit of a boost, my bad.” 

I forced a smile and said, We appreciate the thought, but the doctor said Jason needs lots of rest.” 

Sibyl paused, probably not expecting me to be so upfront, and then she nodded, You’re right



Chapter 212 

Ms. March. Cecilia, didn’t you have something to discuss with Ms. March? Why don’t you two step outside?” 

Reminded by Sibyl, Cecilia awkwardly pulled a smile and glanced at me timidly, Xaviera, is that okay?” 

I had a hunch that this motherdaughter duo had an angle, so Cecilia’s question didn’t surprise 

  1. me

Out in the corridor, Cecilia fidgeted with the hem of her clothes and gave me a cautious look before murmuring, Xaviera, about yesterdayI was wrong. Can we just let bygones be bygones?” 

With her voice being soft, and her eyes downcast, she was the picture of a wounded little flower

It’s cool, I get it. You’ve been under a lot of pressure lately.” 

I knew Hilary’s type all too well. If she wanted the moon from the bottom of the sea, she’d make everyone around her jump through hoops to fetch it. Time and again, it’s no surprise that Cecilia couldn’t take it

And wasn’t she the one who got splashed with fish soup last night

Cecilia breathed a sigh of relief at my response and mumbled, with her head hanging, Not gonna lie, Xaviera, I’ve been having a tough time lately.” 

I glanced at the young woman and got straight to the point, So what exactly does Director Irwin want to talk to me about?” 

Cecilia looked up, all stunned, and after a moment’s freeze, she said pitifully, “I know you’re great at cooking, Xaviera. I was hoping to learn how to make soup from you.” 

The word soupalmost made me burst out laughing

So that’s what this was all about

The key to making soup is all about the simmer. It takes time with a gentle flame,I said, not calling it out though I’ve seen right through her, But you know how things are at the company right now, Director Irwin. I’m afraid I don’t have the luxury to hold your hand through it.” 

Echoes of Unrequited Love ( Hogan Zade )

Echoes of Unrequited Love ( Hogan Zade )

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Echoes of Unrequited Love ( Hogan Zade ) I've been a loyal follower of Hogan Zade for six years, but it never earned me a second glance from him. After a long separation, that girl smiled and told me, "The one who isn't loved is the third party." He smiled and took her hand.

Echoes of Unrequited Love

  At that moment, I realized all sincerity is just a joke. It wasn't until I chose to let go and get married to someone else that..


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