Ex-husband Unmasked He’s a Billionaire? ( Madison Parker and Cameron ) Chapter 318

Ex-husband Unmasked He’s a Billionaire? ( Madison Parker and Cameron ) Chapter 318

Chapter 318 

MMr. Morgan, pplease don’t kill meMax’s eyes widened. His face paled

In front of absolute power, he had no urge to resist

Max, you should know what I want to ask you about.Cameron looked at Max with an electrifying gaze

Max shuddered and begged, Mr. Morgan, I really don’t know anything about the incident back then! I was rude to you before, but my grandson has lost his life because of this. I beg you to have mercy on my family

I promise I will move out of your mother’s villa right away. I will never appear in front of you ever again!” 

Mercy?Cameron chuckled without any warmth in his heart. Max, it was not as if I have never given you all a chance, but what did you all choose instead?” 

Mr. Morgan, we were stupid and blind! Please forgive us!Max was sweating profusely. He slapped himself while saying, “Mr. Morgan, please forgive us! We were wrong to do that!!” 

The other family members also knelt and prostrated themselves before Cameron

Wrong?Cameron looked at them begging for their lives, but his gaze was still equally icy. Let me ask you all, if I have no power or authority today, am I going to just be at your mercy? Also, Dakota’s family! How are we going to settle that?” 

It’s all Kelvin’s stupid idea! He has his eyes on your girlfriend. It has nothing to do with us!The Zimmer family quickly shifted the blame

Nothing to do with you all?Cameron’s gaze turned colder. All of you allowed it to happen. Didn’t you?” 

IIt was all Grandpa’s doing! It has nothing to do with us!They shifted the blame to Max. At times like 

that, they no longer cared about anyone else but their lives

You bastards!Max was instantly so furious his face turned green. He quickly looked at Cameron and begged once more, It’s my fault, Mr. Morgan. I was too arrogant. I hope you’ll look the other way! I’ll be willing to be at your beck and call!” 

Then, he immediately crawled over to Cameron’s feet to express his loyalty

Beck and call? You are not good enough!Cameron kicked Max away. He said icily, I’m going to ask you once more. Who are the people involved in my mother’s death?” 

WWereally don’t know!The Zimmer family was on the ground prostrating and trembling

Max, you’re the head of the family. They might not know, but I’m sure you do, right?Cameron’s shot Max a cold gaze

Chills ran down Max’s back and he shuddered

II ddon’t know anything about it, Mr. Morgan,Max denied it immediately

Chapter 318 


You really don’t?Cameron’s gaze burned into Max’s soul

II rreally don’t know! The incident back then has nothing to do with the Zimmer familyMax lowered 

his head

Is that so?Cameron’s gaze turned even icier. If that’s the case, I don’t think the Zimmer family has any 

need to exist on this earth anymore.” 

Then, he grabbed a gun from one of the generals and fired six shots into the air

Bang! Bang! Bang

Bang! Bang! Bang

The Zimmer family was frightened half to death by those shots, but they still looked at Cameron in 


Was Cameron planning to let them go

Only Roger knew the meaning of those six shots. At that moment, his body trembled violently

This was Cameron’s signal to send them to their deaths

Ex-husband Unmasked He’s a Billionaire? ( Madison Parker and Cameron )

Ex-husband Unmasked He’s a Billionaire? ( Madison Parker and Cameron )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2/29/2024 Native Language: English
Ex-husband Unmasked He’s a Billionaire? ( Madison Parker and Cameron ) Madison Parker says, “Let’s divorce, Cameron. You’re not worthy of me anymore.”Cameron Morgan asks in return, “Are you sure about that?” Why, Madison? Why did you have to do this to me? “Did I not treat you well in our five years of marriage? Why did you have to go sleep with another man behind my back?”

Ex-husband Unmasked He’s a Billionaire ( Madison Parker and Cameron )

Cameron Morgan asked angrily. A beautiful woman in black office wear sat before him in the villa.On the table between them were several photos of her being intimate with another man as they walked into a hotel. “Did you stalk me, Cameron?” Madison Parker furrowed her brow as she stared at the photos on the table. There was not an ounce of regret on her face, just coldness. “If that’s the case, then let’s just divorce.” “Divorce?” A low buzz sounded in Cameron’s mind upon hearing that. He suddenly felt like he might collapse. He had only wanted Madison to give him an explanation for her actions and tell him it wasn’t what he thought it was, even if that may be a lie.

Ex-husband Unmasked He’s a Billionaire ( Madison Parker and Cameron )


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