Ex-husband Unmasked He’s a Billionaire? ( Madison Parker and Cameron ) Chapter 319

Ex-husband Unmasked He’s a Billionaire? ( Madison Parker and Cameron ) Chapter 319

Chapter 319 


Roger was trembling violently

This was Cameron’s signal to send them to their deaths

Sure enough, right at that moment, Cameron said, Order, exterminate the Zimmer family.” 

His voice was not loud, but it was extremely powerful. Every single word was like a blow to everyone’s 


No! Mr. Morgan! Don’t kill us!The Zimmer family started begging for mercy hysterically

Countless guns were aimed at the Zimmer family members

Execute them!Cameron waved his hand

No, don’t kill us! II’ll tell you everything!Max wailed. He could no longer take the terror

Tell me!Cameron’s gaze was burning

MMr. Morgan, your mother’s death really has nothing to do with us. The Zimmer family was only in charge of taking care of the aftermath of the incident!Max bellowed

Then, who were the people plotting?Cameron questioned

II don’t know. W-We were not entitled to that information. I only know that back then, among the eight prestigious families of Levin, at least five of them were involvedMax shuddered

Which five families? Why did they kill my mother?Cameron pressed on. Anger was raging in his eyes 

II really don’t know about this. MMr. Morgan, II’ve already told you everything. I beg you, please let us 


You don’t know? I’m sure the Xander family must be involved in this, right?Cameron looked right at Max

Max shuddered. Back then, it was the Xander family that persuaded them to join in on the incident and agreed that they would give the Zimmer family unshakeable power and prestige in the capital

However, he could not say anything further! If not, the consequences would be worse than death

IIddon’t knowMax trembled

You don’t know.Cameron’s gaze was frosty. He had already seen everything in Max’s eyes

Execute them!Cameron barked

No, Mr. Morgan! I beg you! I’ve really told you everything I know! I beg you to let us live! We’re innocent!Max yelled

He really did not want to die

Innocent?Cameron gazed right at Max. Max, do you think I don’t know that you’re lying? Also, fifteen 

force my mother to jump off a building. Have you ever 

years ago, when all the families ganged up to 

Chapter 319 

thought that she was innocent back then?” 

Every word he said was a blow to the Zimmer family, which made them breathe rapidly

This time, he was not going to let them find any more excuses

Cameron commanded, which directly shut their mouths up. Thus, you all should be executed! Execute 


Bang! Bang! Bang! 

Upon Cameron’s command, countless gunshots rang through the air! Blood splattered everywhere, and wails echoed throughout

Roger and his men witnessed everything. They were scared half to death

Cameron looked at the dead bodies of the Zimmer family without any expression on his face

At that moment, a chilly breeze blew by, which made the scene even more ominous. Cameron stood 

straight and looked up at the sky

Mom, did you see? I’ve finally avenged you. I will not let any single one of your murderers go. Right now, it’s the Zimmer family. Next will be the Xander family and the Morgan family. Just wait and see, Mom.

Ex-husband Unmasked He’s a Billionaire? ( Madison Parker and Cameron )

Ex-husband Unmasked He’s a Billionaire? ( Madison Parker and Cameron )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2/29/2024 Native Language: English
Ex-husband Unmasked He’s a Billionaire? ( Madison Parker and Cameron ) Madison Parker says, “Let’s divorce, Cameron. You’re not worthy of me anymore.”Cameron Morgan asks in return, “Are you sure about that?” Why, Madison? Why did you have to do this to me? “Did I not treat you well in our five years of marriage? Why did you have to go sleep with another man behind my back?”

Ex-husband Unmasked He’s a Billionaire ( Madison Parker and Cameron )

Cameron Morgan asked angrily. A beautiful woman in black office wear sat before him in the villa.On the table between them were several photos of her being intimate with another man as they walked into a hotel. “Did you stalk me, Cameron?” Madison Parker furrowed her brow as she stared at the photos on the table. There was not an ounce of regret on her face, just coldness. “If that’s the case, then let’s just divorce.” “Divorce?” A low buzz sounded in Cameron’s mind upon hearing that. He suddenly felt like he might collapse. He had only wanted Madison to give him an explanation for her actions and tell him it wasn’t what he thought it was, even if that may be a lie.

Ex-husband Unmasked He’s a Billionaire ( Madison Parker and Cameron )


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