Ex-Husband’s Love Dilemma by Jean Oscar ( Cassandra Jackson ) Chapter 83

Ex-Husband’s Love Dilemma by Jean Oscar ( Cassandra Jackson ) Chapter 83

Chapter 83 

So what if you’re husband and wife?asked Michael. Hearing that instantly reignited Orlando’s anger

He repeatedly punched Michael in the mouth until it bled. His own knuckles were stained with specks of blood, but he couldn’t feel any pain at all

Other people who were about to get off work noticed the commotion. Many of them were too frightened to make a sound. Although they didn’t know what had happened, they knew Orlando

When she saw the altercation, Amelia hurried to Cassandra’s office and exclaimed, Ms. Jackson, something bad’s happening! There’s a fight outside!” 

Cassandra was awakened by Amelia’s shouting. She frowned slightly, feeling a bit confused. Who’s fighting?” 

Mr. Quinn and Mr. Collins,Amelia replied. 

When Cassandra came out of the office, she saw Michael sitting on the ground. Orlando was grabbing his collar and staring at him coldly

Cassandra ran over and asked, Orlando, what are you doing?” 

She pushed Orlando away and bent down to help Michael up. Are you okay, Michael?she asked

I’m fine. Don’t worry,Michael replied in a low voice

Cassandra looked at Orlando again. She frowned and asked, Why’d you hit him for no reason?” 

Ask him what he’s done.” Orlando stared at her with a solemn face, his eyes filled with displeasure

Michael said, Cassie, Mr. Quinn may have misunderstood me. I’m fine. You go with him first, okay?” 

Misunderstood you? Is that how you justify what you just tried to do to her? Michael, if you have the guts to do 

it, why won’t you admit it? What kind of man are you?Orlando shot back. His expression was cold, and he showed no respect for Michael

Cassandra frowned slightly and looked a little indifferent. She didn’t say anything more, but asked Michael’s assistant to accompany him to the hospital and arranged for the others to get off work

When only she and Orlando were left, she asked, Why did you hit Michael? Are you upset because he and I are 


Emergency calls only

Chapter 83 

Orlando frowned and his pupils shrank. His eyes were filled with anger


Without waiting for his reply, Cassandra added, Don’t you think you’re being a little unfair, Orlando? You and Rebecca can stay close and spark rumors that could possibly be taken as facts. Michael and I are just good friends. We’ve never done anything inappropriate, so why did you hit him?” 

So you think of me as this irrational guy who beats people up for no reason, huh?Orlando asked



Orlando glanced at her with a sneer. His deep eyes were narrow and cold, and his handsome face was devoid of emotion

It took a lot of energy and effort to fight against Michael. His movements were a little too strong. His hair was messy and his clothes were wrinkled, but that didn’t make him any less dignified. Instead, he looked even wilder

They looked at each other, and Cassandra was also stunned to hear his question

Orlando continued, If I came just one second late, he would have kissed you. You keep insisting that you two are just friends, and that you only see him as a friend. But does he feel the same way? Just friends? If so, why would he try to kiss you while you were sleeping? Cassandra, do you think a man can stay by your side with no ulterior motives?” 

Cassandra’s eyes suddenly widened. There was an indescribable feeling in her heart, and she felt like something was blocking her throat

She pursed her lips. After a while, she calmly said, Orlando, maybe you misunderstood. He wouldn’t do that kind of thing. He knows my boundaries, so” 

So I wronged him? Do I need to catch him in the act to make you believe me? Cassandra, I don’t know your boundaries, but I absolutely won’t tolerate you cheating on me. You’d better stay away from him, or i’ll personally make you do so.Orlando warned

Cassandra fell silent. She didn’t dare to think about it anymore

There was never a change in the way she saw Michael. She just treated him as a friend, her best friend, because he kept her company and gave her so much support. 

But she truly found it hard to believe what Michael did when she was asleep, and she couldn’t determine if this was the first time or if he had done anything like it before

She stayed silent and didn’t say a word even after getting into the car

The atmosphere in the car was so quiet, they could hear each other’s breathing


Chapter 83 


But she truly found it hard to believe what Michael did when she was asleep, and she couldn’t determine if this was the first time or if he had done anything like it before

She stayed silent and didn’t say a word even after getting into the car

The atmosphere in the car was so quiet, they could hear each other’s breathing

When they arrived at Dustmeadow Mansion, Orlando didn’t immediately get out of the car, and Cassandra remained still. The two of them just sat there in silence

At that moment, Orlando suddenly asked, The person your heart truly loveshave you ever thought about contacting him?” 

Cassandra turned to Orlando

What do you mean?she asked

Have you not gotten over the one you truly love? If you still haven’t stopped trying to find him, maybe I can help you,” Orlando said

Michael’s words kept repeating in his ears. If he didn’t figure out what Michael was really like, he felt that. Cassandra would stay obsessed with that man for life

Cassandra pursed her lips and said lightly, Thank you. But no.” 

Why?Orlando asked


No reasonI just don’t want to.She looked at Orlando blankly and asked, Do you really wish for me to forget about that person?” 

I have no wishes, but I don’t think it’s good for my wife to have feelings for another man,Orlando said

His face darkened, and there was a hint of indifference in his expression

Cassandra said, But don’t you also have another woman in your heart? Is there an inequality between husband and wife?” 

Orlando’s expression became solemn, and his brows furrowed even tighter. He said indifferently, Some things are not what you think they are.” 


Chapter 83 

Cassandra understood the meaning behind his words and responded with the same sentence

He turned his head to look at her. She was frank and didn’t dodge anything. He asked, What do you mean?” 

Whatever you mean, I mean the same,Cassandra said

It was as if they were playing hideandseekneither of them knew the other’s thoughts


But Cassandra truly wanted to tell him that he was actually the person in her heart. She wondered if he would also wish for her to forget about him if he knew how she felt

Cassandra pursed her lips and sighed quietly. She thought, If that’s the answer, then it’s better not to sayanything. I’ll just treat it as a secret, forever buried in 

my heart.‘ 

As for what happened today, Cassandra was also a little conflicted

After dinner, she texted Michael: [Michael, how’s it going? Are you all right?

[I’m fine. It’s just a minor injury. He didn’t cause any trouble for you, did he?] Michael replied

[That’s good. I’m really sorry. Orlando might’ve misunderstood our relationship, so he hit you. I’d like to apologize to you on his behalf.] After Cassandra typed this sentence, Michael called her

Michael asked, Cassie, why are you apologizing for him? He beat me up. You shouldn’t apologize to me, and don’t need his apology.” 

Michael seemed agitated

Cassandra said lightly, Michael, he and I are husband and wife.” 

The words husband and wifesilenced Michael

Then he coldly responded, Yes, I know. I was the one who crossed the line. I’m okay, so there’s no need to apologize.” 

Cassandra pursed her lips, finding it hard to express her feelings

But, if she didn’t do so, what could’ve happened earlier today would still happen. She didn’t want anyone to get hurt because of her


Ex-Husband’s Love Dilemma by Jean Oscar ( Cassandra Jackson )

Ex-Husband’s Love Dilemma by Jean Oscar ( Cassandra Jackson )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/22/2024 Native Language: English
Ex-Husband's Love Dilemma by Jean Oscar ( Cassandra Jackson ) Looking at the divorce agreement in Orlando Quinn’s hand, Cassandra Jackson knew it was time to wake up from her sweet dream. A dream where she married her crush of ten years.

Ex-Husband's Love Dilemma by Jean Oscar

A dream that was dashed after a year because her husband’s first love, Rebecca Spencer, had woken up from a coma.However, Cassandra was not bitter. Deep down, she knew the truth better than anyone else; Orlando was never meant to be hers. She could only blame herself for being naive and harboring unrealistic hopes of Orlando reciprocating her love. Armed with a determined heart, Cassandra set forth to erase Orlando from her life, even after finding out she was pregnant with his child later. Orlando, on the other hand, started to have wavering thoughts. His mind and heart conflicted with each other.It was a choice between his first love and a girl who had loved him for a decade. Will it be Rebecca or Cassandra?

Ex-Husband's Love Dilemma by Jean Oscar


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