Ex-Husband’s Love Dilemma by Jean Oscar ( Cassandra Jackson ) Chapter 84

Ex-Husband’s Love Dilemma by Jean Oscar ( Cassandra Jackson ) Chapter 84

Chapter 84 


Cassandra went quiet for what felt like ages after putting down the phone. It wasn’t until Orlando came back to the bedroom that she pulled herself together

Simultaneously, Michael departed from the hospital, clutching his prescribed medicines. All warmth deserted his handsome face


In the car, the assistant turned to Michael and asked, Heading home, Mr. Collins?” 

Michael let out a hum, closed his eyes, and sank back into the seat

The journey back to his condominium, conveniently close to the office, unfolded in silence. Dismissing the medicines, he swiftly headed for the bathroom to take a shower

Cassandra’s words, creating distance between them, echoed in Michael’s ears. It was just impossible for him to be completely emotionless about it all

He wasn’t blind to Cassandra’s sensible stance. In fact, it was her clear understanding of her desires and 

boundaries that attracted him to her in the first place


Even if she spelled it out for him, his feelings for her weren’t likely to shift

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have stuck around all these years

With a resigned sigh, he muttered to himself, Cassie, you’re truly being harsh on me.” 

Freshly showered and wrapped in his robe, Michael emerged from the bathroom. To his surprise, a woman had entered unnoticed at some point, now lounging on the couch and engrossed in her phone

His face scrunched up as he questioned, What’s the reason for this surprise visit? Didn’t I emphasize the need to stay away at this time? Are you aware he’s growing suspicious?” 

The woman, possessing a visage that could launch a thousand ships and a voice as soothing as a babbling brook, replied, I understand. I opted for the scenic route. No one will notice. You can relax.” 

His stance softened a bit, but he warned, Even if nobody notices, don’t let your guard down, and don’t push your luck. If we’re busted, all our careful planning goes down the drain, got it?” 


Chapter 84 

Yeah, I got it. I’ll tread more carefully next time. By the way, how’d you end up with that cut on your face? What happened?Noticing the injury, the woman rose from the couch and approached Michael, her eyes filled with 


It’s nothing,Michael responded nonchalantly

Don’t you trust me?the woman questioned

I had a minor clash with Orlando,Michael clarified

Why?she asked emotionally

Is it because of Cassandra?the woman continued before Michael could even answer

Michael furrowed his brow and responded, It has nothing to do with her.” 

How can it have nothing to do with her? Besides Cassandra, what else could cause a clash with Orlando? I don’t get it. What is it about Cassandra that draws you in? Why risk our mission for her? Can’t we just include her in-The woman’s words were abruptly cut off

That’s enough,Michael snapped. I’ve said it before, what we’re doing has nothing to do with Cassandra. My relationship with her is irrelevant to our goals. If you won’t even listen to me, then what’s the point of continuing?” 

His expression turned icy, leaving no room for disagreement. The woman reluctantly conceded, I get it. I’ll. follow your lead.” 

Well, it’s getting late. You should head back. Don’t bother dropping by unless it’s something important, got it?” 

Michael said

Yeah, I’ll leave now,the woman responded

Drive safely.Michael walked her to the door, keeping an eye on her as she entered the elevator before closing 

  1. it

Despite that, he remained uneasy and sent her a text. Michael: [Remember my words. Don’t come searching for me on your own. If there’s something, I’ll reach out to you. Understand?

She replied with a simple ok,and only then did he finally set his phone aside, feeling reassured


Chapter 84 


Perhaps influenced by Michael’s actions, Orlando began making it a daily routine to personally pick up Cassandra, as long as his schedule allowed. On the days he couldn’t manage it, he made sure either Taylor or a designated driver was there to fetch her

Cassandra hesitated at first. You don’t need to monitor me every single day, do you?” 

“I’m doing it for your safety. I don’t want anything to happen that could harm our marriage again,” he declared with an air of authority, leaving Cassandra speechless. She could only quietly accept his decision

Well aware of Orlando’s actions, especially observing Cassandra’s lack of resistance, Michael couldn’t help but ask, “Is Mr. Quinn doing this to prevent any misunderstandings between us?” 

No, he might just have too much free time,Cassandra explained. 

Michael also felt her aloofness recently. Unable to hold back, he asked, Cassie, is he stopping us from talking? If so, just tell me, and I’ll keep my distance to avoid causing you any trouble.” 

No, you’ve misunderstood,Cassandra replied

Then, why have you been so distant these days? Cassie, I get you, I know your thoughts. Has Orlando said something to you?Michael stared right into her eyes

Cassandra pressed her lips together and replied, Michael, you’ve got it all wrong. I’m not a toddler. I’ve got my own judgment. And, between us, keeping a bit of distance is kind of necessary. Getting too chummy can lead to some serious misunderstandings. It wouldn’t be fair to your future girlfriend, you know what I mean?” 

Michael chuckled. So, are you matchmaking for me now?” 

Cassandra said solemnly, I’m just saying, in theory. You can’t stay single forever, can you?” 

Why not?Michael asked, squinting. Did I accidentally stress you out and make you unhappy, Cassie?” 

Cassandra shook her head. No, don’t overthink it, Michael. We’re friends. Friends don’t come with pressure or misunderstandings, right?” 

Michael fell into a sudden silence upon realizing he had been friend zoned

Cassandra’s phone rang at that very moment, shattering the awkward atmosphere


Chapter 84 

She glanced at the caller ID on the screen and answered, Hello?” 

I’m here,Orlando said

Huh?Cassandra furrowed her brows slightly


I’m outside your company. Workday’s over, right? Want me to come up and grab you?Orlando’s deep voice came from the other end of the line

Cassandra pursed her lips and glanced at Michael. No worries. I’ll come down in a second,she replied promptly

Alright, I’ll wait for you,Orlando said


After ending the call, Cassandra stowed away her phone and turned to Michael. Michael, I’m leaving work now.” 

Sure, take care,Michael responded

Yep.Cassandra packed up her stuff and left the office

As she stepped outside, her eyes quickly caught sight of a sleek black car parked at the curb. Approaching it, she opened the passenger door and hopped in

Peering through the floortoceiling windows of the 18th floor, Michael could only make out a small figure. Nevertheless, he imagined her expression, likely one of happiness

After securing her seatbelt, Cassandra turned to Orlando. Why are you here so early? Were you absent from work?” 

Ex-Husband’s Love Dilemma by Jean Oscar ( Cassandra Jackson )

Ex-Husband’s Love Dilemma by Jean Oscar ( Cassandra Jackson )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/22/2024 Native Language: English
Ex-Husband's Love Dilemma by Jean Oscar ( Cassandra Jackson ) Looking at the divorce agreement in Orlando Quinn’s hand, Cassandra Jackson knew it was time to wake up from her sweet dream. A dream where she married her crush of ten years.

Ex-Husband's Love Dilemma by Jean Oscar

A dream that was dashed after a year because her husband’s first love, Rebecca Spencer, had woken up from a coma.However, Cassandra was not bitter. Deep down, she knew the truth better than anyone else; Orlando was never meant to be hers. She could only blame herself for being naive and harboring unrealistic hopes of Orlando reciprocating her love. Armed with a determined heart, Cassandra set forth to erase Orlando from her life, even after finding out she was pregnant with his child later. Orlando, on the other hand, started to have wavering thoughts. His mind and heart conflicted with each other.It was a choice between his first love and a girl who had loved him for a decade. Will it be Rebecca or Cassandra?

Ex-Husband's Love Dilemma by Jean Oscar


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