His Ex-wife’s Comeback ( Nancy and Liam ) Chapter 19

His Ex-wife’s Comeback ( Nancy and Liam ) Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Conflicting 

In the suite, Vincent touched his bruised mouth and hissed in front of the mirror

We haven’t seen each other for so many years, and the first thing you do when we meet is throw a punch at me. Is that how you should behave?” 

He looked at the man sitting on the sofa with a resentful expression, who was as cold as 


Liam pursed his lips and remained silent. His mind was filled with images of Nancy’s recent appearance, and every word she said echoed in his ears

That captivating appearance and those cold and sarcastic wordswas it really Nancy

He fell into deep doubt

beaten Vincent sat across from him, lit a cigarette, and continued to complain, I just got up by your exwife last night, and this morning I got punched by you. I’m really unlucky. I have to ask: You two are quite fierce, a perfect match. So, the question is, why did you get divorced for no reason?” 

Liam raised his eyelids and corrected him coldly, Exwife.” 

He was correcting Vincent’s statement

Vincent almost choked on the smoke and raised an eyebrow at Liam. Why do you care. about your exwife so much? You rushed over here overnight as soon as I mentioned that I was in Southern City? Liam, you’re quite contradictory, aren’t you?” 

Liam frowned, ignoring his gloating mockery, and said coldly. Enough nonsense; who is Nancy Morgan?” 

What. Nancy Morgan? Her surname is Smith, and her given name is Nancy. Nancy Morganis a fake name.” 

Vincent opened a bottle of red wine, poured two glasses, and looked sympathetically at his comradeinarms, who had been deceived for three years. He almost couldn’t bear to tell him, She is the eldest daughter of the Smith Group, Nancy.” 

The name Nancy exploded like a bombshell in Liam’s ear, causing his mind to go blank 

All the details and doubts from these days intertwined and connected, forming a line that 


disappeared and reappeared out of thin air. The pieces finally came together

So this was her true identity

Seeing her exhusband early in the morning, Nancy’s mood was extremely complicated

It became even less pleasant when she saw Joshua in her office, especially when he sat in her chair and affectionately called her Nancywith a smile

Goosebumps covered her body, a result of disgust

Nancy’s expression froze, and she turned to question, Who let him in?” 

I’m sorry, Ms. Smith. We were lax in security. I will handle it immediately.” 

Jasper apologized, then called security to forcefully remove Joshua

Joshua saw the situation and immediately stood up from the office chair. He forced a smile and walked toward Nancy, What’s the matter, Nancy? I just arrived, and you want to 

kick me out.” 

His tone was whiny, imitating a girl’s voice. He didn’t know if Cerci would fall for this act, but Nancy had no other thoughts except for wanting to throw him out

It had been three years, and this man had become even more sleazy

Seeing Joshua about to step toward her, Nancy frowned and said coldly, Stay away from me; don’t get too close.” 

Joshua couldn’t bear her attitude, and his face immediately fell

He was the son of the Reed Group and is now the CEO. Countless young girls threw themselves at him, but Nancy didn’t even spare him a glance

But over the years, he had grown tired of delicate beauties like Cerci and wanted to challenge someone like Nancy, who was tough and spirited

Joshua still had a bandage on his forehead from the day Nancy had hit him with a pebble in the rose garden. However, he seemed to conveniently forget about the pain as he shamelessly approached her

Standing three steps away from Nancy, he couldn’t help but gaze at her stunning beauty, feeling delighted and tempted


The Reed and Smith families had been close friends for a long time, and they had grown up together. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that they were childhood sweethearts. Among the three daughters of the Smith family, Nancy was the most beautiful, even from a young age

People often say that women undergo significant changes when they turn eighteen. Those who were beautiful as children may not necessarily remain beautiful as they grow up.. However, Nancy didn’t lose her beauty; she became even more beautiful. She transformed from a cute and playful child into an exquisite and lively young woman. Just by looking at her, Joshua’s heart was filled with desirea strong impulse to possess and devour her

Nancy, I understand that you have misunderstandings about me. I came here today to explain what happened back then.” 

Joshua spoke seriously, his face stern. His seriousness only intensified when the security guards arrived. I’m being sincere! Everything that happened back then was orchestrated by Cerci. She deceived me!” 

Nancy looked at him coldly, knowing that she couldn’t trust this guy. However, she was curious to hear what excuses he would come up with after blaming everything on Cerci

She waved her hand, signaling for the security guards and assistants to leave. You may leave now.” 

Gracefully, she sat on the sofa and said, You have five minutes to explain everything.” 

Joshua was about to sit on the sofa next to her, but Nancy shot him a sharp glance. Did I ask you to sit?” 

His attempt was left hanging in midair, and Joshua awkwardly looked at Nancy’s cold. expression. He told himself to suppress the desire to possess her completely. Women needed to be slowly appeased

Alright, alright, I’ll stand.” 

Joshua straightened his collar and stood up straight in front of Nancy, ready to talk sweetly. Nancy, it’s been three years, and I’ve missed you so much.” 

No need for nonsense; I don’t want to hear them,” Nancy interrupted

Nancy took out her phone and set an alarm, placing it aside. You have four and a half minutes left.” 

Setting a timer always made people inexplicably anxious. Joshua swallowed his words and 


brought out another prepared excuse to defend himself

Three years ago, it was Cerci who seduced me first! You may not know, but your innocentlooking cousin has always been jealous of you. Whether it’s your beauty or your status as the Smith family’s young lady, she envied it all. Of course, what she envied the most was that you still had my loveIn any case, she used love as an excuse to deceive me into inviting you for a mountain climb, claiming that she wanted to confess her admiration for me and compete with you on equal terms.” 

Speaking of this, Joshua sighed, It’s my fault for being too kindhearted. Seeing how pitiful she was, I agreed to her unreasonable request. But you must believe that I love you! The reason I agreed was to tell her solemnly in front of you that the only person I have ever loved is you, Nancy! But who could have imagined that Cerci would be so treacherous? She used my phone to send you a message, inviting you to go mountain climbing, but in reality, she wanted to lead you to your death. The day I couldn’t go was because she drugged me, and I slept for a whole day. When I woke up, I learned about your supposed death.” 

His eyes were red, and he walked toward Nancy, kneeling in front of her and grabbing her hand

Nancy, it’s a miracle that you’re still alive and have returned to me safely. Can we start over and be together again?” 

His Ex-wife’s Comeback ( Nancy and Liam )

His Ex-wife’s Comeback ( Nancy and Liam )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/1/2024 Native Language: English
His Ex-wife's Comeback ( Nancy and Liam )" Nancy, obedient and clever, played the role of a virtuous wife for many years, but still couldn't make her husband Liam fall in love with her. Instead, he wanted a divorce for a hypocritical b*tch! 'Fine, let's divorce then. I can live perfectly well without you *sshole.' Nancy erased all traces of herself from Liam's world and disappeared completely.

His Ex-wife's Comeback

When the former couple saw each other again, Nancy had turned herself into the well-known lady of a prominent family and the business partner Liam had always dreamed of. "Want to collaborate with me? But who are you?" Nancy said, looking down on her ex with a cold gaze. 'I don't need any man? I'm already complete on my own,' Nancy thought to herself. Later on his jurney to regain Nancy's favor, Liam discovered to his astonishment that the woman he had once depised was never an ordinary nobody – she was the top hacker, the best chef, the internationally well-known doctor, the master of jade carving, the underground racing champion, and etc.! "How many identities do you have that I don't know about?" Finally, Liam groaned, unable to stand the never-ending 'surprises'. "Far more than you can imagine. Don't tell me you're giving up now, huh?"
His Ex-wife's Comeback


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