His Ex-wife’s Comeback ( Nancy and Liam ) Chapter 20

His Ex-wife’s Comeback ( Nancy and Liam ) Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Next Lifetime 

As Nancy listened to Joshua’s confession, her emotions remained unchanged. Only when he grabbed her hand did her eyebrows furrow slightly, and she quickly pulled her hand 


Suppressing the nausea rising in her chest, she asked him expressionlessly, If you knew about Cerci’s evil deeds, why didn’t you report her to the police?” 

Caught off guard by her question, Joshua blinked guiltily and hurriedly defended himself: I was deceived by her appearance too! For these three years, I was completely kept in the dark. I even thought you really fell off the cliff. You have no idea how devastated I was when I thought you were dead. I even developed depression and had to see a psychologist. Cerci took advantage of my vulnerability, used my longing for you, and deceived me into being with her.” 

Just as he was about to continue, the alarm clock rang, startling him.. 

Nancy picked up her phone, turned off the alarm, and said calmly, Time’s leave now.” 

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Joshua was taken aback

He didn’t expect that his meticulously crafted, heartfelt confession would fail to move Nancy

He thought that he didn’t need to finish speaking for Nancy to forgive him for everything. and then she would burst into tears and throw herself into his arms, deeply moved by him. Then, he could successfully win her over

But what is the situation now? Where did things go wrong

Nancy!Joshua became anxious and tightly grabbed Nancy’s hand. Don’t you believe me? I swear, every word I said is true!” 

Nancy coldly shook off his hand, feeling as if she had bugs crawling on her skin even with just his touch, making her have the urge to crush him


put away her phone and saved the recorded audio, looking at Joshua without hiding her disgust

You’ve already been with her, so you’re filthy. Don’t ever appear in front of me again. But you and Cerci are quite a match. I wish you a long and lasting relationship.” 


Joshua was completely bewildered by Nancy’s attitude and was dragged out by the security guards in defeat

It wasn’t until he was dragged to the entrance of the Smith Group that he finally came back to his senses, kicking his legs and shouting loudly, Nancy, you have to believe me, I love you.” 

Liam had just gotten out of the car and was walking toward the entrance of the Smith Group when he saw a man who looked like a dog being thrown out by the security guards. He quickly avoided him

His eyebrows furrowed. The Nancyhe mentioned, was it Nancy Smith

Nancy stood in front of the sink, using hand sanitizer to repeatedly and carefully scrub. the areas that Joshua had touched.. 

After washing her hands, she sprayed some air freshener and instructed her assistant to remove the chair that Joshua had sat on and replace it with a new one. The places that had been tainted by that smelly man were all considered unlucky

Finally, everything was clean

Nancy sat on the new office chair and looked at the latest submitted proposal

The administrative assistant knocked on the door and reported, Ms. Smith, the receptionist said there is a Mr. Walker downstairs who wants to see you. But he didn’t make an appointment; what should we do?” 

Nancy’s long and curly eyelashes trembled, and her eyes, fixed on the proposal, also blurred for a moment

After a while, she said, Tell him I’m busy and can’t see him.” 

The receptionist quickly received the message

Hanging up the phone, the receptionist put on a professional smile and said. I’m sorry. Ms. Smith is quite busy at the moment and doesn’t have time to see visitors. Sir, you can make an appointment first.” 

The latter sentence was a favor she granted him without authorization, captivated by his handsome and flawless face

What? Is she busy?Finn, the CEO’s personal assistant, had been following Liam for a while and had never been turned away. Unable to contain his anger, he approached coldly 


and said. Do you know who Mr. Walker is? How dare you dismiss us like this?” 

The receptionist turned pale with fright and trembled, I know this gentleman is not an ordinary person, but no one dares to defy Ms. Smith’s orders. You saw it earlier; the person before was the son of the Reed Group, and he was still escorted out. If you don’t want to be escorted out, it’s better to register and make an appointment in advance.” 

YouFinn was on the verge of exploding

Liam managed to remain composed and pulled Finn aside, asking the receptionist, When can we meet if we make an appointment?” 

The receptionist not only had a preference for good looks but also had a weakness for deep voices. She couldn’t resist giving him special treatment and said, Sir, please wait a moment. Let me inquire for you.” 

The administrative assistant knocked on the CEO’s office door, gathering the courage to ask, Ms. Smith, the gentleman downstairs, Mr. Walker, would like to make an appointment and asks when you are available.” 

Vice President Mason was discussing a planning proposal with Nancy when he noticed Nancy furrowing his brows. Immediately, he said to the administrative assistant, Do you know how to do your work? Can’t you even handle a simple appointment?” 

I’m sorry, Ms. Smith.The administrative assistant quickly bowed and apologized, cursing her troublesome younger sister in her heart

Nancy’s brows furrowed even more, and she said mercilessly. Tell him in another lifetime.” 

They were already divorced, so what was the point of the meeting

It’s better to not meet at all

Liam, who had patiently waited downstairs for quite a while, received the reply

Liam, who didn’t have a good temper to begin with, got angry

You guys are going too far!Finn slammed the table in anger

Liam grabbed his collar and said, Let’s go.” 

He didn’t have to see her if he didn’t want to. He didn’t care about her at all

His Ex-wife’s Comeback ( Nancy and Liam )

His Ex-wife’s Comeback ( Nancy and Liam )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/1/2024 Native Language: English
His Ex-wife's Comeback ( Nancy and Liam )" Nancy, obedient and clever, played the role of a virtuous wife for many years, but still couldn't make her husband Liam fall in love with her. Instead, he wanted a divorce for a hypocritical b*tch! 'Fine, let's divorce then. I can live perfectly well without you *sshole.' Nancy erased all traces of herself from Liam's world and disappeared completely.

His Ex-wife's Comeback

When the former couple saw each other again, Nancy had turned herself into the well-known lady of a prominent family and the business partner Liam had always dreamed of. "Want to collaborate with me? But who are you?" Nancy said, looking down on her ex with a cold gaze. 'I don't need any man? I'm already complete on my own,' Nancy thought to herself. Later on his jurney to regain Nancy's favor, Liam discovered to his astonishment that the woman he had once depised was never an ordinary nobody – she was the top hacker, the best chef, the internationally well-known doctor, the master of jade carving, the underground racing champion, and etc.! "How many identities do you have that I don't know about?" Finally, Liam groaned, unable to stand the never-ending 'surprises'. "Far more than you can imagine. Don't tell me you're giving up now, huh?"
His Ex-wife's Comeback


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