His Ex-wife’s Comeback ( Nancy and Liam ) Chapter 21

His Ex-wife’s Comeback ( Nancy and Liam ) Chapter 21

Chapter 21 Her Turn 

Upon discovering Liam’s departure, Nancy inexplicably breathed a sigh of relief, but her 

heart sank

She transferred the surveillance footage from the first floor to the computer and observed Liam’s cold and stern face, which had turned dark with anger. She muttered mockingly, T must have quite the talent to make him so angry.” 

Someone like Liam probably had never faced rejection in his life, let alone from her

For the past three years, she had always been the one catering to his moods, but now it was finally her turn to give him a hard time

It was actually a satisfying feeling

Nancy watched Liam as he left in a fit of anger

It was his fault for divorcing her and marrying a flirtatious person

Although Mason was Nancy’s confidant, he had no idea where Nancy had disappeared to in the past three years. Seeing her unusual emotions and the rare act of bringing up the surveillance footage, he couldn’t help but feel puzzled

Is this Mr. Walker? The president of the Northern City Walker Group?” 

Nancy softly replied, Yes.” 

Mason became even more puzzled. Our Smith family and the Walker family are competitors. We have had no cooperation for so many years. Why did Liam come here?” 

In the past three years, no one knew about her marriage to Liam except for her five friends, not even Mason

Nancy had no intention of telling him, especially since she had already divorced Liam

No need to concern yourself with him.” 

Nancy turned off the surveillance and regained her composure. Continuing with our previous topic, there are a few areas in the plan that I think are inappropriate and need to be changed.” 

Liam sat in the car on his way back, his face gloomy


The sky in Southern City wasn’t particularly sunny today, with dark clouds looming. making the mood even more somber. Liam opened the window for some fresh air, lit a cigarette, and alleviated his restlessness

Finn also had a lot of pentup anger and couldn’t hold it in any longer. Mr. Walker, is Ms. Smith really your wife? Could it be a mistake? Ms. Smith is too arrogant and domineering. She doesn’t even hold you in high regard. How could she be your wife? A wife is supposed to be gentle, especially in front of you. She should be as docile as a kitten. Every time you appear, she should come to you with a smile on her face.” 

As Finn spoke, Liam’s mind flashed with Nancy’s smile, bright and dazzling like the sun. blinding his eyes

A spark fell on his finger, causing a slight burning sensation that instantly brought him back to reality. The assistant’s annoying voice entered his cars, and Liam frowned. Shut up!” 

Finn sensed his boss’s overwhelming anger and immediately fell silent

The silence in the car was suffocating

The sound of a ringing phone broke the heavy atmosphere

Liam picked up the phone and answered heavily, Hello.” 

A cheerful voice came from the other end: You sound so down. It seems like things aren’t going well. Did your exwife give you the cold shoulder or slap you in the face?” 

The gloating tone made Liam have the impulse to grab the person from the phone and beat them up

But he needed help at the moment, so he suppressed his anger and asked, How much do 


know about Nancy?” 

I don’t know much. I know about her as mul 

as you do, except that she is the daughter of the Smith family and the newly appointed CEO of Smith Group. I don’t know anything 


Vincent put on the clothes that Nancy had given him. They were the same size but in a different style. He admired his reflection in the mirror, a smirk forming at the corner of his mouth. And your exwife has good taste.” 

Liam thought he was referring to Nancy marrying him, and for some reason, his mood improved. He cleared his throat and said, Can you investigate her for me?” 


Chapter 21 Her rum 

“Who are you investigating? Nancy?Vincent chuckled upon hearing the affirmative response from the other end. Liam, as a longtime friend and comrade, I feel obligated to remind you that regardless of Nancy’s identity, you and she are already divorced. Divorce signifies the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. Besides, aren’t you about to get married again? Why bother thinking about your exwife? It’s inappropriate to have thoughts about two women.” 

Liam’s face, which had just brightened up, turned gloomy again as he listened to these unpleasant words. He abruptly ended the call

Although Vincent’s words were inappropriate, they did serve as a reminder

Whether she was Nancy Morgan or Nancy Smith, they were already divorced and had moved on from each other. There was no need for them to entangle themselves any further. The person Liam loved was Layla, and she was the only one he wanted to spend his life with

Perhaps it was telepathy; Layla’s timely call came through. Her sweet voice sounded, Liam, where are you? I found another wedding dress. Come and see if it looks good or not. The wedding venue is also being decorated. They are so careless. They actually used red roses for the decoration. It’s too flashy. Who still likes roses these days? I asked them to 

think?you change all of them to magnolias. What do 

Liam paused for a moment, then replied, As long as you like it.” 

Hehe, I knew you loved me the most. I also prepared a surprise for you, but I won’t tell. you now. I’ll show you on the day of the weddingOops, I almost let it slip.” 

Layla playfully teased, Then I’ll wait for you to come back. Just the thought that tomorrow is our 

day makes me so happy. I can’t wait for tomorrow to come!” 

Under the excited voice of his soontobe wife, Liam slowly ended the call. However, despite being able to marry the person he loved soon, why did his heart feel heavy and unsettled

A sense of foreboding lingered in his heart

Liam pursed his lips and instructed Finn, Ensure that the security personnel maintain order at the wedding venue tomorrow and deny media access. Also, keep an eye on Madam’s side and ensure there are no mistakes.” 

“Yes,Finn replied respectfully

In the suite, Vincent, who had hung up the phone, chuckled softly. This guy is getting 


angry out of embarrassment. Not bad.” 

With his computer skills, he could uncover even the most mysterious person’s traces and dig up their secrets in no time. However, this time he didn’t feel the need to investigate

When it comes to pursuing a girl, it’s important to gradually understand and strategize. That’s what makes it interesting

Vincent put away his phone, admired himself in the mirror, ran his hand through his hair, and muttered to himself, She’s such a beautiful lady. If you don’t want her, don’t blame me for pursuing her.” 

A graceful lady and a gentleman make a perfect match; even though he wasn’t exactly a gentleman, he still made a good match

Vincent adjusted his collar, rubbed his hands together excitedly, and made a let’s gogesture. Nancy, here I come!” 

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His Ex-wife’s Comeback ( Nancy and Liam )

His Ex-wife’s Comeback ( Nancy and Liam )

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His Ex-wife's Comeback ( Nancy and Liam )" Nancy, obedient and clever, played the role of a virtuous wife for many years, but still couldn't make her husband Liam fall in love with her. Instead, he wanted a divorce for a hypocritical b*tch! 'Fine, let's divorce then. I can live perfectly well without you *sshole.' Nancy erased all traces of herself from Liam's world and disappeared completely.

His Ex-wife's Comeback

When the former couple saw each other again, Nancy had turned herself into the well-known lady of a prominent family and the business partner Liam had always dreamed of. "Want to collaborate with me? But who are you?" Nancy said, looking down on her ex with a cold gaze. 'I don't need any man? I'm already complete on my own,' Nancy thought to herself. Later on his jurney to regain Nancy's favor, Liam discovered to his astonishment that the woman he had once depised was never an ordinary nobody – she was the top hacker, the best chef, the internationally well-known doctor, the master of jade carving, the underground racing champion, and etc.! "How many identities do you have that I don't know about?" Finally, Liam groaned, unable to stand the never-ending 'surprises'. "Far more than you can imagine. Don't tell me you're giving up now, huh?"
His Ex-wife's Comeback


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