I Love You Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard ) CHAPTER 384

I Love You Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard ) CHAPTER 384

Chapter 384 


Bonnie turned and looked at the man behind her, only to notice him wearing his mask. She wondered why he already had his mask on when they had not even started shooting

In the plot, the male lead was the cursed child of an angel and a demon. His face was hideous and resembled that of a hellspawn’s. The villagers were terrified of him, and even kids 

stoned him

The main character then wore a mask to cover his hideous face. However, fortune smiled upon him when he eventually found Freya, who looked past his shortcomings and fed him. Moreover, she healed him with her herbs. As time passed, they fell in love

The director asked, Where’d you go, Orpheus?” 

Orpheusdeepened his voice, saying, I had a stomachache and went to the toilet.” 

Huh? What’s wrong with your voice? You sound weird.” 

My throat’s a little sore, but I’ll be okay. I’ll just drink some water, and it’ll pass.” 

Oh, okay then. Hurry up and prepare for the shooting. It’ll start raining soon.The director looked at the cloudy sky and said, Here, let’s go through the scene we’re about to shoot.” 

Orpheus, you pin Bonnie to the ground and kiss her.” 

I thought there weren’t any kissing scenes.” 

Bonnie looked at Orpheuscuriously, thinking, I can’t explain it, but something seems off about Orpheus today.” 

Didn’t I write it on the script that it’s a fakeout? Your enemies will appear before you can kiss her. Freya will then shield you from the arrows and die. As she draws her last breath, she’ll remove your mask and reveal your face

To the audience’s surprise, you’ll be hideous and goodlooking. You’re so stunning that no one can ever compare to your looks. It turns out the aforementioned curse subjected you to a cruel fate. The woman you love more than life itself is destined to die before you,the director rambled on

Understood.Orpheus nodded

It’s good I’m here today, or Bonnie will come close to kissing Orpheus. Damn it!” 

Meanwhile, Bonnie kept staring at Orpheusand then pointed toward the paddy field. She said, It’s about to start raining. Let’s go.” 

Chapter 384 


All right then.” 

When the duo reached the paddy field, the director yelled, Action!” 

Orpheuspinned Bonnie to the ground. The girls who were watching the scene blushed, but no one knew he stuck one of his hands behind Bonnie’s head

Her eyes widened as she stared at the eyes underneath the masks. Moreover, Orpheusfirm chest reminded Bonnie of someone. As Bonnie was shocked by the realization, Orpheuslowered his head and motioned to kiss her

Thumpthump! Thumpthump! Thumpthump

Bonnie felt her heart pounding and increasing in speed. As their lips drew closer, Orpheusstopped

Huh?Bonnie was surprised. If it were Ivor, he would’ve never passed on a chance to take advantage of me. What made him stop?‘ 

Splendid work! Well done, you two!The director was thrilled. All right, prepare the 


Everything was in place when an arrow suddenly flew at them. Bonnie instinctively pushed Orpheusaway


The arrow embedded itself in her. The director could see the emotional shifts in 

Orpheus’seyes through the monitor. It seemed like Orpheuscould not believe his wife was dying. He had fallen into a boundless abyss and drowned in anguish

I Love You, Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard )

I Love You, Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/23/2024 Native Language: English
I Love You, Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard ) Bonnie Shepard, a country girl, is the talk of the town. Rumors say she's a loser who loves fighting and fooling around.Her fiancé dumps her, and the esteemed Knight family distances themselves, causing the Shepards no small embarrassment..

I Love You, Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard )

Chapter 1 It was the middle of summer. Inside the Shepard Villa, a young woman sat on an expensive leather sofa, lazily enjoying her bubblegum. Her flawless skin seemed to glisten under the sunlight. She was as beautiful as a work of art. She puffed and blew a bubble even larger than her face. "Bonnie’s just not good enough for me, okay? I'm canceling the wedding!" The man standing in the doorway threw the young woman a disgusted look. Bonnie's mother, Vera Shepard, was alarmed.
I Love You, Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard )


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