I Love You Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard ) CHAPTER 383

I Love You Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard ) CHAPTER 383

Chapter 383 

Bonnie enjoyed her sleep in the lecture hall when one of her unhappy classmates ratted her out, Professor Christopher, Bonnie’s sleeping during your lecture.” 

He looked at Bonnie and then glanced at the student who complained. He said, You should know how adept she is at computer science. Not even I could do what she did.” 

You’re too humble, Professor Christopher.” 

I’m not acting humble, you little- Ahem!Christopher almost cursed. It’s not a stretch. to say that not even all the professors combined can hack into Pyralis University’s security system. Bonnie, on the other hand, did it with ease. There’s nothing I can teach her. Instead, I wanted to ask her to give me some tips.” 

The students were shocked when they heard that

One student said, Professor Christopher, Bonnie’s still a student. Although she might be outstanding, it doesn’t excuse her from sleeping during lectures.” 

Christopher grew exasperated, saying, You’re all just jealous of her. If you were as good as her, I wouldn’t have cared if you all had an orgy during my lecture!” 

Ding! Ding! Ding

Bonnie’s alarm suddenly rang. She opened her eyes, checked the time, and realized it was almost half past one. Even though it would take her half an hour to get to the film set, she 

knew she could make it there before two

She said, Professor Christopher, I have some matters to attend to. I need to head out for a while.” 

Sure thing, Bonnie. I won’t hold it against you.Christopher sent her out warmly. Can I ask you for some pointers later if I have questions about computer science?” 

Of course you can, professor.Bonnie nodded. I’ll help you when I have time

Thanks a bunch, Bonnie. Travel safe.Christopher was so happy that he grinned, making everyone else in the lecture hall question how the world worked. Moreover, he had something harsh, and the students were unsure if they could get over it

As Bonnie left the campus, Ivor received a call from Floyd, Ms. Bonnie is on her way to the film set, Mr. Ivor.” 

Ivor quickly ended his meeting and left the conference room, looking grim. The top management personnel were stunned as they exchanged glances

Chapter 383 


They wondered what had happened. After all, they had never seen Ivor so stern. He also liked dragging out his meetings but ended it sooner today. Some employees even wondered if the company was going through a financial crisis

Meanwhile, Bonnie wore a historical costume at the film set. Since the male lead’s exwife was an ordinary woman, her getup had to be a little bland. Hence, she only wore a plain hairband. Even so, her alluring looks amazed everyone

Nancy stared at Bonnie admiringly. “Jeez, Bonnie, I think you’re glowing I feel like I’m looking at an angel who fell from heaven. If you had taken the female lead role instead, the TV drama would have been a massive hit.” 

Come on, Nancy. I know I’m not cut out for acting. On the other hand, you’re sincere when you act. It’s a skill perfect for portraying a naive and kindhearted character.Bonnie was not trying to make Nancy feel better. It was just her honest opinion

Suddenly, someone screamed, Oh, no! Orpheus is missing!” 

The director became worried, saying, Where could he be? It’s the only day it’ll rain for the whole month. We’ll have to wait another month to shoot this scene if we miss it. Why are you all standing around?! Hurry up and look for him! Did anyone try calling him?” 

Bonnie took her phone and said, I’ll give him a call.” 

Here I am.” 

She heard a deep voice behind her

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I Love You, Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard )

I Love You, Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/23/2024 Native Language: English
I Love You, Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard ) Bonnie Shepard, a country girl, is the talk of the town. Rumors say she's a loser who loves fighting and fooling around.Her fiancé dumps her, and the esteemed Knight family distances themselves, causing the Shepards no small embarrassment..

I Love You, Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard )

Chapter 1 It was the middle of summer. Inside the Shepard Villa, a young woman sat on an expensive leather sofa, lazily enjoying her bubblegum. Her flawless skin seemed to glisten under the sunlight. She was as beautiful as a work of art. She puffed and blew a bubble even larger than her face. "Bonnie’s just not good enough for me, okay? I'm canceling the wedding!" The man standing in the doorway threw the young woman a disgusted look. Bonnie's mother, Vera Shepard, was alarmed.
I Love You, Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard )


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