Ice-Cold Ceo Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward ) Chapter 322

Ice-Cold Ceo Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward ) Chapter 322

Chapter 322 

The people in the pictures attached to the post are Theresa and her boyfriend. They have confirmed their relationship in public. Those present can prove that I’m telling the truth

So, who is Theresa’s boyfriend? According to the information I’ve collected, the man is called Thomas 

  1. 2005. Smith, the director of a private hospital and a successful man in society

Theresa, the genius of our university, looks ordinary and always dresses simply. Her junior, who admires her talent, has secretly expressed his affection for her

However, she refused him coldly, saying that she just wants to study and has no intention of falling in 


At that time, we simply believed it. We all believed it


But now… 

I have to take pity on that poor boy. Theresa refused him at that time not because she paid all her attention to her studies, but because she was not interested in him

Theresa seems to be a standard nerd, but no one knows that she is actually a master in love

While dating her boyfriend, Theresa has also hooked up with the most handsome guy in her 


The guy was fascinated by her and couldn’t help confessing his love to her in public

However, Theresa refused him! She even humiliated the guy with her boyfriend

There were quite a few people who observed these events

If you are one of the witnesses, please come forward and prove that I’m not lying

Today I post on the forum for the following reasons





Emergency calls only

Chapter 322 

101099% 09:57 

On the one hand, I admire Theresa for her great ability to hook up with men. She is an expert at studying, and she, with a mediocre appearance, can also hook up with two handsome men. I don’t believe that she doesn’t have any unique skills. I only hope that she can share her skills with us as soon as possible to save us, a group of girls who maintain integrity and know nothing about how to hook up 

with men

On the other hand, I also want to know if Theresa is eligible to be enrolled in the Direct Entry Ph.D. program! Although grades are important, morality should never be ignored. Theresa is a twotimer and plays with men’s emotions. Is she capable enough to be a student of our university? Besides, I find that Theresa has asked for four monthsleave on the grounds of going out to work. Did she really go to work at that time? How could it be so coincidental that Director Smith also mysteriously disappeared in the past four months

In this case, I suspect that Theresa secretly hung out with her boyfriend in the name of work

It means that she deliberately deceived our school

Do you think such a person shouldn’t get the chance to be a doctor in our university?” 

That was the end of the post

Thomas was at a loss for words after he finished reading it all

He could hardly believe his eyes

What the hell was the student talking about in the post

He couldn’t understand it at all

Theresa sneered as she scrolled down

This post aroused a hot discussion, and there were hundreds of replies

I can testify that Evan, the most handsome guy in her department, has confessed his love to Theresa. You can see it in the attached picture. Then, Theresa’s boyfriend came out to declare that she was his girlfriend.” 


Emergency calls only 

Chapter 322 

1099% 09:57 

Evan and Director Smith are both handsome, but Theresa looksI don’t believe that she has no skills 

to seduce men.” 

Well, some girls appear to be reserved and wellbehaved, but in private, they are extremely coquettish. Some girls seem to be pretty lively, yet they even don’t know how to accost a man!” 

Those honest girls can’t attract men’s attention now. Men are so blind that they can’t find good girls. They are into those coquettish women.” 

She is not a genius. She’s just a bitch!” 

Theresa is a betrayer for her boyfriend. If she gets a place in the Direct Entry Ph.D. program, I will be completely disappointed in our university.” 

It’s not just a matter of morality now. She asked for teave for work. If she didn’t work during those four months, she’ll be suspected of fraud as she violated the rules of our university. According to the regulations, those who go against the rules will be directly excluded from the Direct Entry Ph.D


Not to mention the Direct Entry Ph.D. program, I think she should be expelled directly.” 

Most people were anonymous while discussing on the forum

After hiding their identity, everyone began expressing their ideas freely

Those people attacked Theresa unscrupulously as if they couldn’t wait to humiliate a licentious and 

immoral woman

It seemed to be a battle. And they would win if Theresa was humiliated to death

Are these people crazy?Thomas looked at the replies, which were full of malice, in disbelief

Theresa said indifferently, They’re not crazy. It’s just human nature to be this way.” 

After all, she had become so famous in recent years

Some people admired her


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Chapter 322 

Some people were jealous

Some people were even secretly waiting for her to get into trouble




Now that they finally had the chance to drag her into the mire, how could they let it go

Theresa returned to the group chat on WhatsApp

Her classmates were still enthusiastically discussing the post

There was no way to be anonymous in the group. Without those masks, everyone behaved much more gentlemanly

Instead of attacking Theresa directly, they just earnestly advised her to come forward and give an 


However, their words were filled with schadenfreude. They seemed to be pleased to see her get into 


Theresa suddenly felt extremely tired

Giving no explanation, she just calmly pressed the delete button

This group of people made her feel a little dispirited

Fortunately, this was the last semester

She hoped that they would never meet again in the future

What are you going to do about this problem?Thomas frowned. These people are just making up 


Theresa said calmly, I’ve already explained everything to Mr. Jones. I believe that an announcement will be issued in our school. At that time, the rumors will disappear.” 

Thomas was stunned for a short moment before he suddenly came to his senses


Emergency calls only 

Chapter 322 



AnnouncementIs it your identity as Rose?” 

It seems that I can’t keep it a secret anymore,Theresa sald calmly. I didn’t intend to keep it a secret from the beginning. I don’t care if the others know about it or not, but I want to talk it to my parents in 


Thomas nodded, saying, Let me send you back home.” 

Theresa turned her eyes to him and said, I’m sorry, Thomas.” 

Why are you saying sorry to me?Thomas was confused

Theresa pursed her lips and answered, We promised each other that we wouldn’t announce our relationship to the public. But if my identity is exposed, our relationship can’t be hidden anymore. You mayhave to be ready to make it public.” 

Thomas couldn’t help but laugh. He reached out his hand and ruffled her hair. Silly girl, you should know that that’s exactly what I want.” 

The leaves were rustling in the night wind

Thomas spoke to her in a particularly gentle voice

Theresa blushed and quickly said, Okay, then take me home now.” 


The two of them then returned home hand in hand

Theresa’s parents were watching TV at the Austin residence

They were discussing the plot of the show intensely

Mrs. Austin said, What’s wrong with you? This woman is obviously evil.” 

But from her point of viewMr. Austin refuted her


Emergency calls only 

Chapter 322 



Mrs. Austin immediately looked at him threateningly. From her point of view? Are you still on her side? Oh, I see. Have you taken a fancy to the actress?” 

No, don’t get me wrong.” 

Do you think that I get you wrong? You really dislike me now, don’t you? I’ve been married to you for more than 30 years. I’ve raised our children and managed the family for you. I’ve worked hard for our family. How can you treat me like this” 

Mr. Austin was stunned, and a cold sweat broke out on his forehead

Seeing this, Theresa made a prompt decision. Dad, Mom, I have something to tell you!” 

Ice-Cold Ceo, Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward )

Ice-Cold Ceo, Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward )

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Ice-Cold Ceo, Crazy Love By Christin Donald

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