Ice-Cold Ceo Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward ) Chapter 323

Ice-Cold Ceo Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward ) Chapter 323

Chapter 323 

Hold on. I have to make it clear with your father first.Mrs. Austin was angry and wanted to say 

something more

Theresa immediately had an idea and shouted, I’m pregnant!” 

I’m pregnant!” 

These words were powerful and shocked her parents

Mr. and Mrs. Austin looked at Theresa in unison

Mrs. Austin was stunned, Youyou’re pregnant? Whose child?” 

Theresa, you can’t do anything wrong to Thomas,Mr. Austin said hurriedly

Mr. and Mrs. Austin stared at her

Theresa suddenly felt under a lot of pressure

She smiled awkwardly and braced herself to say, Well, I’m not pregnant. I just thought that your discussion was too fierce, and I want to make it more intense.” 

Everyone is in silence

One second, two seconds, three seconds

Then, two pillows flew toward Theresa at the same time

Mrs. Austin stood up

Mr. Austin immediately handed over the broom kindly, Don’t use your hand directly. You will hurt.” 

Theresa was speechless


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Chapter 323 

Theresa thought, Dad, do you know that I’m saving you?‘ 

Half an hour later




Sitting obediently on the sofa, Theresa felt dizzy because of her parentspreaching

Mrs. Austin was a little tired. She leaned back on the sofa and raised her eyebrows at Theresa. Do you have something to say? Go ahead!” 

Theresa suddenly perked up

She reached out and carefully took off her blackframed glasses

Mr. and Mrs. Austin looked at her expressionlessly

Theresa doubted, Not get it?” 

Theresa thought for a moment and flung her bangs back from her forehead

Mr. and Mrs. Austin still looked at her without any expression

You didn’t see anything wrong?Theresa hesitated

Do we need to see anything?Mrs. Austin frowned

Theresa was dumbfounded. Wait a minute!” 

She turned around and ran into her room

What’s wrong with Theresa?Mr. Austin looked at his wife

Who knows?Mrs. Austin said, Does her delayed adolescent finally reach?” 

Mr. Austin nodded in agreement. That’s possible. I heard that the more obedient one child is, the more rebellious they will be when they are in adolescence.” 

Mrs. Austin was shocked and excited


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Chapter 323 



Mrs. Austin thought, Could it be that I could finally feel the sense of accomplishment of being a mother

My Theresa was a good girl but she was too obedient

Other parents will somewhat have some difficulties when they bringing up their children

But I didn’t, she had been wellbehaved since she was a child. Besides, she was a top student

As a mother, I didn’t worry about her at all. Although it saved me a lot of trouble

But occasionally, I still felt a little regretful

Could it be that I could finally make up for this regret now?” 

As Mrs. Austin was getting excited, Theresa opened the door and walked out

This time, she made up her face, got a hairstyle, and put on an exaggerated trench coat

Mr. and Mrs. Austin looked at Theresa, their mouths agape

They wondered, Isis this our daughter?” 

Do you see anything?Theresa asked cautiously

Mrs. Austin covered her face and cried without saying a word

Mr. Austin’s eyes were also slightly red

Theresa suddenly panicked

She knew that her parents might have a big reaction

But she didn’t expect that they would react so strongly

Theresa walked over anxiously and said, Mom, Dad, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hide it from you. At that time, I just wanted to have a try and signed upfor the model interview. I didn’t expect that I could enter 

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Chapter 323 

the shortlist and make a name for myself. If you’re not happy, I” 

Wait.Mrs. Austin wiped her tears, Model?” 

Theresa was stunned for a moment, Model Rose. Didn’t you recognize her?” 

Mr. and Mrs. Austin looked at each other in dismay

Theresa asked, Then why were you crying just now

She thought the reason why her parents cried was that they couldn’t accept her job

Oh!Mrs. Austin wiped her tears again and said happily, We’re crying with joy.” 

Theresa was confused and stunned



Mrs. Austin said happily, I’ve been sickened with that suit for a long time. You’re a young girl. You shouldn’t wear your big glasses all day long. You were dressed either in black or in grey. No one would fall in love with you but for Thomas! Now you’ve finally changed your black and gray clothes. How can I not be happy?” 

Theresa was speechless

She looked at Mr. Austin silently

Mr. Austin chuckled and said, Darling, trust me. You look better now.” 

Theresa was stunned

After a long time, she said, I thought you would like what I was before.” 

Mrs. Austin suddenly showed a look of disgust. We’re not blind. How could we like your ugly clothes? It’s just that we saw that you liked that kind of dress, so we just went along with you and spoke highly of 



Theresa was amazed at the answer from her mom

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Chapter 323 

Theresa couldn’t help but cry and laugh at the same time

She thought that her parents liked her dressed like that

Her parents also thought that she liked to dress herself in that way

Therefore, they all tried their best to hide their true feelings for each other




Thinking of this, Theresa had a strange feeling in her heart. She leaned against the lap of Mrs. Austin and suddenly burst into tears

What…. what’s wrong?” 

Mrs. Austin was at a loss and patted the back of Theresa

Theresa cried heartily and then said, Mom, I’m sorry, I thought you would always like me to be a good 


Mrs. Austin softened her eyes and said, Silly girl, you are my daughter. I love everything about you. You just said that you are actually a model?” 

She’s quite a famous model!Mr. Austin had already gone online to find the video of Theresa on the show and showed it to Mrs. Austin like presenting a treasure

Is that Theresa? She looks so cool.Mrs. Austin said with her eyes lit up

That is just when I was at the start of my career. Later, my stage presence became more and more stable, and my aura became stronger and stronger.Theresa said proudly

Really? Quick! Find all the videos of your fashion show. I want to watch them the whole night,Mrs. Austin said excitedly

Don’t you want to watch soap operas?Mr. Austin asked

How can soap operas be as wonderful as my daughter?Mrs. Austin complained as she watched. It’s a good thing. Theresa. Why did you hide it from us? If you had told me earlier, I would have watched these videos earlier.” 

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Chapter 323 

Theresa smiled brightly and said, It’s my fault. I’ll let you know at first as soon as I can if there’s any 

condition in the future.” 

Only then did Mrs. Austin let her go with satisfaction

Theresa was sitting next to her parents, accompanying them to watch the video of her show

Theresa couldn’t help smiling

Theresa didn’t panic at all because she was convinced that her parents would not be unhappy with her 


The next day

When she was waiting for the school’s announcement, her agent suddenly called her in a hurry

Theresa! Take a look at the trending topic. Early this morning, a lot of negative news about you suddenly appeared on the Internet. Now, many pieces of negative news have been at the top of the trending search list.” 

Theresa was devastated

She wondered if she was during the period of Mercury retrograde and why was everyone slandering 


Ice-Cold Ceo, Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward )

Ice-Cold Ceo, Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward )

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Ice-Cold Ceo, Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward ) A decade ago, the mastermind behind the Storm Group suddenly passed away, leaving his son, Edward Landor, to take the reins at the tender age of 18. Over ten years, Edward transformed the then-mediocre Storm Group into one of the world's leading financial powerhouses. Rumor had it that Edward was capricious and ruthlessly cruel, with a dark reputation for being a wife's worst nightmare.

Ice-Cold Ceo, Crazy Love By Christin Donald

Susian Miller, accustomed to tolerating misfortunes quietly, led a starkly different life compared to her fraternal twin sister, whose appearance and experiences couldn't be more divergent from hers. Not only was she the perpetual blood supply for her sister, More Read

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